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Last Post 19 Apr 2011 02:05 AM by  Blue Gumby
Free 32mm and 35mm SOLID Front bar for 2008+ STi
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19 Apr 2011 02:05 AM
    Sitting in yard for the last year. Needs new paint job, bushing and clamps (Jegs sells them for like 20) and problably shaft collar to prevent bar from walking side to side. These bar are custom bar made by some dude name Niles, don't think any vendors sell this size bar. 32mm bar is fine. The 35mm bar will problably bend and destroy the bushing clamp cause it's that awsome (happened to me), so you'll have to find an ingenius way to mount it. Bar weights like fat kid on a pizza diet. It could be the only 35mm bar for the GR Sti in existence??? I don't know if it will work on regular WRX or the new Sedan, do your homework. Location is in Brooklyn, contact me at wong917@yahoo.com if interested. Recommend using FatBoy endlinks cause its heavy duty, tried the Perrin and the nuts keep coming lose even with red loctite.