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7 Replies and 1870 Views FINAL Region Championship Points are Posted  1870  7 Started by  btschafer We have completed our 8th and final points event for the season.  Final season points and PAX points are posted.  There are two reports for each: one lists all drivers for the season and their respective points; the other ('Year End') drops all but a driver's 5 best events for the purposes of determining year end class trophy winners.  It required a minimum of five events this year to qualify for a year end championship. Please, please, PLEASE, check these results and let me know...
7 1870
by  btschaferJump to last post
17 Nov 2013 12:58 PM
0 Replies and 984 Views 2014 Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Schedule  984  0 Started by  btschafer Hot off the press is the 2014 National Solo schedule.  There are three national events to be held at the Wilmingon Airpark. It you haven't done it already please thank the people who worked very hard to make these events possible in our region, and thank your BoD for supporting all of our programs. In addition to the three events at Wilmington there are national Solo events in Peru, IN and Toledo, OH, both only three hours from Cincinnati. I'll let someone else chime in with the rema...
0 984
14 Nov 2013 05:11 PM
15 Replies and 1975 Views The Return of the F1 Thread  1975  15 Started by  lycanthrope new forum new thread. i dont remember where we left off but im pretty damn excited we are finally over the damn summer break. also very interested to see who is replacing Webber....   also i just read the New Jersey gp isn't going to happen
15 1975
by  slalomerJump to last post
04 Nov 2013 05:27 PM
6 Replies and 1953 Views 2014 Solo Program Update  1953  6 Started by  lnfftw2 Members of the Cincinnati Region Solo community,   We have heard that there are some questions and  concerns about the 2014 Solo season.  We want to clear up any misunderstanding and make sure everyone knows what is actually happening.   First, we’re happy to report that it’s all good news! It looks like our 2014 schedule will be coming together sooner than in past years and we expect to be hosting great events.    We'd like to make sure that every...
6 1953
by  ghostlyneonJump to last post
04 Nov 2013 12:46 PM
0 Replies and 762 Views October General Meeting and Board Nominations  762  0 Started by  btschafer The General Meeting on October 15th at 8pm is also our annual nomination meeting for those interested in running for a Board position for 2014. At this meeting we will finalize the ballot for the annual club elections at the November meeting. Look forward to seeing everyone at the Mill Race Banquet Center on the 15th! Also a reminder that the Board of Directors meets monthly.  The next board board meeting is just prior to the general meeting, at 6:30pm, October 15. &nbs...
0 762
12 Oct 2013 11:06 AM
4 Replies and 1384 Views Season Ending Solo Fun Event - Registration is OPEN  1384  4 Started by  btschafer Registration is now open for our season ending Solo Fun event.  Our Solo Chairs expect to throw an interesting twist into this event with some form of challenge.  Stay tuned for details...
4 1384
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09 Oct 2013 10:17 PM
2 Replies and 1030 Views Thank you Shari, Nathan, and core autocross crew  1030  2 Started by  mister2dood Thanks for another great season!  I know there is a ton of work that goes into scheduling and running each event, and the average participant like myself just sees the tip of the iceberg.  And I know the core 'crew' is bigger than Shari and Nathan, but I don't know enough to know who to recognize.  Anyhow, just wanted to say thank you!
2 1030
by  lycanthropeJump to last post
09 Oct 2013 09:34 PM
1 Replies and 1175 Views Photo Thread  1175  1 Started by  Tacti I took some pictures at the last event PE8, if anyone interested, please feel free to download any pictures i took (not that many and not that good anyways tho...) I just thought it would be nice to have a place to share pictures from the event, so that I may have someday finding my car here.. .  I'm not a professional photographer so don't expect me to take anything like Jeff takes...  just some snapshots...   Anyways, here are a few of the pictures I took, and you can find the ...
1 1175
by  lycanthropeJump to last post
21 Sep 2013 03:43 AM
32 Replies and 4100 Views Final Warning - Moving Cones/Changing the Course    4100  32 Started by  Catch-22
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Yesterday, and for the 2nd time this season, someone moved cones around after the course was approved.  Unfortunately this time we did not catch it until after the heats had started, so it got left that way. This is completely unacceptable folks.  You simply can NOT do that.  Only the course designer, chief of course, or safety steward can change a course and if you aren't one of those people you absolutely positively can NOT move cones.  So given that we now have a trend, ...
32 4100
by  MackJump to last post
20 Sep 2013 06:51 PM
16 Replies and 2190 Views Video thread v2.0  2190  16 Started by  a67ssrs I enjoyed our video thread on the old forum immensely, so I will attempt to start one here on our new forum. I'll start it off with a question: Can someone please tell me how/why this: First run after lunch   is only .049 slower than this Final run
16 2190
by  TactiJump to last post
18 Sep 2013 10:47 PM
0 Replies and 622 Views PE8/GLD Event Results Posted  622  0 Started by  btschafer Results for the PE8 / GLD Event are posted.  As usual, please let me know ASAP if there are any issues with the results. Bryan
0 622
18 Sep 2013 04:51 PM
21 Replies and 2738 Views pe8/gld event  2738  21 Started by  lnfftw2
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pre-reg is now open here this is our last points event and we are sharing it with the great lakes divisional series and WOR so this should be a good one. we are still planning to have the pax challenge but it will be on the last event....we have big plans for that so stay tuned.
21 2738
by  TactiJump to last post
18 Sep 2013 02:33 PM
1 Replies and 910 Views PE7 / Joint Event with WOR Results Posted  910  1 Started by  btschafer Results for Cincinnati Region Solo Points Event 7 are posted on Since this was a joint event with WOR handling T&S, a bit of creativity was required in order to post championship points for Cincy members.  For those people who attended this event, and had previously run at least one other Cincy event, I tried to put you in the class where you have been accumulating points.  For example, it appears that WOR did not run a Novice class so some of our novices ran in th...
1 910
by  ArachnydJump to last post
13 Sep 2013 06:40 AM
30 Replies and 4401 Views WOR joint event  4401  30 Started by  lnfftw2
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we are having a joint event with WOR at Kil Kare on the 25th. this was origonaly listed on the website at the 18th with no venue. regestration is now open here as always the WOR guys put on a good show so we encourage all to attend.
30 4401
by  lnfftw2Jump to last post
08 Sep 2013 05:26 PM
25 Replies and 3769 Views Wilmington National Tour  3769  25 Started by  lycanthrope
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i felt like this should have a thread. i think things went pretty well.
25 3769
by  F125AXerJump to last post
13 Aug 2013 02:09 PM
7 Replies and 2076 Views PDX and IT Spectacular  2076  7 Started by  lnfftw2 So this weekend is the PDX at Mid Ohio. Nathan and I are going up. Who else is planning to attend this awesome event
7 2076
by  lnfftw2Jump to last post
12 Aug 2013 12:37 PM
27 Replies and 2964 Views fun event on the pad  2964  27 Started by  lycanthrope
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is now open for pre reg this is not a points event but it is regular entry price so its a good opportunity to get some cheap seat time on the concrete.
27 2964
by  Matt DavisJump to last post
31 Jul 2013 11:58 PM
4 Replies and 1129 Views Fun Event Results are posted  1129  4 Started by  btschafer Read 'em and weep.  
4 1129
by  dpglanzJump to last post
30 Jul 2013 09:32 PM
5 Replies and 1223 Views Solo PE6 Results and Points Posted  1223  5 Started by  btschafer Results for the Cincinnati Region Points Event 6 and updated points are posted.
5 1223
by  slalomerJump to last post
24 Jul 2013 02:23 PM
6 Replies and 1198 Views Got a 3D printer have a couple of projects for the car  1198  6 Started by  lightisfast As some of you might have noticed at Turfway, I got a Solidoodle 3 and my first project was to get my tablet mounted to the roll bar so it could be forward looking and get good video with Solo Storm.  I probably overdid it a bit, but it is important to have a solid design for this as it is using the internal accelerometer too. &91;URL=;&91;/URL&93; &91;URL=
6 1198
by  lightisfastJump to last post
23 Jul 2013 08:48 PM
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