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4 Replies and 863 Views Automatic Transmission Problems  863  4 Started by  Trys_Hard Unfortunately my commute to work makes it desirable to have an AT for my 45 mile stop and go commute from Garden Grove to Sun Valley, North of Burbank. But enough of excuses already. I'm coming out of the closet because I need help. I know that some of you out there have been able to be competitive with an AT. I have an 1995 Eagle Talon NA. It's got ABS and 4 wheel disc but it's got that damned AT. As some speed slightly over 20mph it will not downshift into first no matter what I do even ...
4 863
by  Trys_HardJump to last post
16 Jan 2001 06:53 AM
1 Replies and 603 Views Trailor Hitches  603  1 Started by  CMerritt I'm looking for hitches for a tire trailor for both my ESP 300ZX and ITS 240Z. Any special super light/descrete hitch manufacturers out there Thanks.-Carl
1 603
by  Red Z06Jump to last post
16 Jan 2001 03:48 AM
1 Replies and 517 Views Tires - what works?  517  1 Started by  McRat I have a stock '00 SS Camaro running ESP for the first time.I want tires that are good enough to win (solo2), so my lack of talent will be my limit.I can run either 17' or 16' wheels, although 16' rims and tires are much cheaper.Would 16' Hoosiers be enough tire Or would I be better off with Kumho'sWhat's the narrowest tire that will work Any input from Solo/AutoX ESP guys/gals would be helpful.
1 517
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
15 Jan 2001 01:23 PM
2 Replies and 625 Views 95 Neon  625  2 Started by  Josh G What Class's will the 95 Neon Single Overhead CAM be able to run after it drops out of SSC
2 625
by  Josh GJump to last post
15 Jan 2001 09:13 AM
7 Replies and 896 Views SM2 - Is it a Possibility?  896  7 Started by  Drew00GTsc I am wondering what the status of SM2 is. Is there any opinions within the SEB of whether there should or should not be a class added What is the process of getting a new class together and submittedStreet-Mod was invented for a place for imports to come out and play. Pony cars were then added and the class seems to be growing strong. However some cars were directly excluded and others banned with displacement limits. There has been talk about a second class, SM2, that would catch all of ...
7 896
by  BryanHJump to last post
15 Jan 2001 02:36 AM
0 Replies and 641 Views Event Jan 21 New Orleans  641  0 Started by  Gail deLeon Delta Region Autocross Jan 21, Zephyrs Stadium. For details and map &91url='http://www.delta-scca.org'&93http://www.delta-scca.org&91/URL&93 Gail deLeonDelta Region
0 641
14 Jan 2001 07:40 PM
11 Replies and 788 Views Chalking a Solo2 Course  788  11 Started by  NBM LS1 M6 I'm just curious what is the personal attitude of Solo2 participants across the country and the official attitude of Solo2 officials at whatever level toward courses that are not chalked.Do some of you consider skilled negotiation of an unchalked course to be a sign that one is a good Solo2 driver Is skilled negotiation of an unchalked course a sign that one has rear hair on the chest or big ones compared to a view that chalked courses are for novices (or other more colorful words I could use ...
11 788
by  RobGJump to last post
14 Jan 2001 03:20 PM
0 Replies and 623 Views AZ Region Solo2 schedule  623  0 Started by  al8apex ------ 2001 Arizona Region SCCA Solo 2 Schedule ------All events will be at Firebird Raceway Skidpad 420000 S Maricopa Rd., Chandler, AZ 85226Information: contact Jim Rohn 480-348-9897, rohnsdoitnow.comFirebird may change a date occasionally, check &91url='http://www.autocrossing.com/'&93http://www.autocrossing.com/&91/URL&93 if coming a great distanceand for latest information.SCCA Membership not required for participation.*All* single event pre-registration will be done through this web...
0 623
14 Jan 2001 10:07 AM
2 Replies and 542 Views I am new and providing an Event  542  2 Started by  y2kws6 Hello the name is Dan, and I am one of the organizers of the &91url='http://www.geocities.com/Speed_Seekers'&93Speed Seekers Run&91/URL&93 which is an event that is non-competitive, but of great enjoyment.We have rented out &91url='http://www.roadamerica.com'&93Road America&91/URL&93 which is a 4.2 mile road course located in Elkhart Lake, WI.&91b&93There are no speed limits&91/b&93, but there is some rules.So check out our web page &91url='http://www.geocities.com/Speed_Seekers'...
2 542
by  y2kws6Jump to last post
13 Jan 2001 02:58 PM
0 Replies and 744 Views Race car rental needed for SCCA driver's school  744  0 Started by  gmicheal Here's what I need: - Rental of race car (Spec Rx-7 would be great!) for 2 SCCA driver's schools with support - including some insight into chassis setups for different tracks - Wear items included - I would be glad to help with changing pads, oil changes, etc. - Possibly guidance on buying, setting up Spec Rx-7What I have to trade:87 Mazda Rx-7 - Sports Package (better seats spoilers), 13B Rotary, 5-speed, sunroof, runs and drives but engine is weak (104K miles). Will also need brake and exh...
0 744
13 Jan 2001 12:13 PM
3 Replies and 639 Views What diff. for a 4th gen. f-body?  639  3 Started by  95 Z28 My stock differential is toast and I am looking for something that will really help me hook up. I run SM autocross, so I can put what I want in their, I am just looking for help choosing something that will help me the most. ThanksGregg
3 639
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
12 Jan 2001 08:39 PM
4 Replies and 679 Views Tire Help  679  4 Started by  Robster Today I was messing around with the car, putting ES bushings on the back and when I took the rear tire off the car I noticed a bubble, A BIG BUBBLE! HUGE BUBBLE. It was about 2 inches above the rest of the tread. I've felt the car vibrating the last couple weeks but it just doesn't seem that bad, I guess cause its been getting gradually worse. I've just assumed the tires were out of balance, This one sure is. Anyway, since I obviously need a new rear tires, I've narrowed my search down to 2...
4 679
by  RobsterJump to last post
12 Jan 2001 06:04 PM
1 Replies and 513 Views Who are official contacts for clarifications?  513  1 Started by  Steve Taylor Since this BB is not an official SCCA forum and I have some specific, esoteric questions on rotary engines and Solo II SP rules, I'm wondering to whom I should send letters to get the last word on what's legal and what's not.As I understand it, requests for clarifications and allowances should go to the Solo Events Board and the Advisory Committee for the Solo Category in question... right Can somebody point me to a link with their contact informationThanks very much...------------------ vi...
1 513
by  llonmanJump to last post
12 Jan 2001 05:34 PM
7 Replies and 660 Views American Auto-X Events.. Sacramento.  660  7 Started by  Rogue9 Does anyone have the event schedule for the American Auto-X series In sacramento.. I checked the web site but its not updated for this year yet.... Thanks..------------------Race car drivers can handle anything with soft shoulders, dangerous curves and long straight-aways.1998 Z28 Mystic Teal. HPP3/K&N/Lowered . &91url='http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/spcemanspifd&.flabel=fld7&.src=ph'&93Z28 pics&91/URL&93Stereo System &91url='http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/spcemanspifd&.flabel=fld6&.src=ph'&93P...
7 660
by  Todd Z28Jump to last post
12 Jan 2001 04:37 PM
2 Replies and 634 Views problems with Addco mounting hardware for front swaybar?  634  2 Started by  CamaroFS34 How many people using an Addco front swaybar and the mounting brackets and bushings that come with it have have problemsBy 'problems,' I meant with the mounting brackets breaking, &91i&93or&91/i&93 having the swaybar bracket on the car (that the mounting bracket attaches to) break or tear out of the frameWhile changing brake pads on my car last night, I found that the drivers side mounting bracket was only 'hanging on' by one of the two bolts, and the bracket on the car (the one that attac...
2 634
by  SilkwormJump to last post
12 Jan 2001 11:50 AM
0 Replies and 662 Views Question on FV...  662  0 Started by  NoSlow Does anyone know the ruling on having a remote shock (rebound/dampening) adjustment in the cockpit I didn't have the 2000 formula specs but the 1999 stated that ride height couldn't be adjusted from in the car but nothing was mentioned about shocks.Thanks, ------------------Darren, 32FVDelta Region, SCCA &91url='http://www.VeeRacing.com'&93www.VeeRacing.com&91/URL&93
0 662
12 Jan 2001 08:45 AM
3 Replies and 691 Views CalClub Practice/Championship Jan. 13/14  691  3 Started by  Davard Come a enjoy what California calls winter.For event info, goto &91url='http://solo2.com'&93http://solo2.com&91/URL&93 The Practice is $40, limit of 60 drivers, preregistration highly recommended. Call Renee Angel for further details, to reserve a space, find out where to send the check.... (909) 947-0644, ask for Renee and tell her you're interested in the practice Jan 13th. But hurry,as space fills fast here in L.A.Oh, and if you call her after 9:00pm, I'm not responsible for what happens t...
3 691
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
11 Jan 2001 11:51 PM
1 Replies and 569 Views National Tour in Texas  569  1 Started by  97_1LE Does anyone know if there will be a Texas National Tour Dates ------------------Jim Pernice97 1LE00 Camaro74 L-48 Corvette
1 569
by  cbrazeauJump to last post
11 Jan 2001 08:59 PM
18 Replies and 1080 Views Just got back from the Drags in New Z-06  1080  18 Started by  Dave Schotz Welp, Went to the Street Legal Drags last night. Ran a best of 12.31 114.75 Man, these cars are smooth!! Though I got suckered by a guy out there with an LT-1 with NOS! He said he ran mid 12's, and had minor mods, Cam, gears, ET Streets, etc... Well, we pull up to the line, Light turns green, I run a .026 light (.526 in other areas) He runs a .039 light, and BAM he is 4 cars in front of me!!! I was like 'What Tha' Well... After we get our time slips... I saw why... he ran an 11.66 1...
18 1080
by  Duke LangleyJump to last post
11 Jan 2001 05:09 PM
4 Replies and 673 Views Where should I store my V-700 R-Compounds?  673  4 Started by  JJTheSubeDriver 1) Inside at room temp2) Out in garage at outside temp3) Out in shed which is a little bit colder then the garage4) Does it even matterKeep in mind I live in Denver Colorado and it can get rather chilly.------------------JJ CassaCont Divide RegionSTR 26- 2000 Subaru 2.5RSwww.usawrx.com
4 673
by  Jay99Jump to last post
11 Jan 2001 12:54 PM
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