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2 Replies and 4447 Views Honda Pilot tow vehicle?  4447  2 Started by  markm91 Anyone used a Honda Pilot as a tow vehicle I need to pull a Miata on a dual-axle open trailer (with brakes) with extra tires/spares/tools. Not sure how stable the Pilot will be with that load Thanks...
2 4447
by  Joshua FJump to last post
13 Jul 2006 08:45 AM
10 Replies and 1691 Views Looking for tow van tire replacement recommendations  1691  10 Started by  cashmo We have a 2000 Ford E350 van primarily used for towing a 24 ft enclosed trailer. While I was happy with their performance, the original Goodyear Wrangler HT tires were showing signs of dry rot. Tirerack showed good reviews on the Kumho Road Venture HT and the price was right but they're not a good towing tire. I'm guessing soft sidewalls because the van bounces and the trailer's swaying like never before. The nice folks at the Tirerack are letting me return them but before I order another se...
10 1691
by  47CPJump to last post
11 Jul 2006 06:12 PM
6 Replies and 5056 Views Towing with a V6 2002 Ford Explorer  5056  6 Started by  Matt2.8NJ Looking for opinions on the following: Towing a 3200 car with a (fairly) lightweight open steel trailer. Add in about another 250 of gear and crap which can be stowed in the Explorer or locked inside the vehicle on the trailer. Tow vehicle is a 2002 Explorer. In 2WD it's rated for 5900 towing capacity. Drive will be from NJ to Kansas. How can I make a determination to find out if this would be a suitable combination without doing undue damage to the Explorer In other ...
6 5056
by  dhrmx5Jump to last post
24 Jun 2006 12:34 PM
3 Replies and 1050 Views Buying new gooseneck car hauler, good brands?  1050  3 Started by  kb_solo2 I'm starting my search for a 48' gooseneck car hauler with living quarters. Are there any brands I should focus on. Or stay away from. I will be hauling two cars, so payload is a factor. I am aware of the various axle ratings, etc. Thanks for any input.
3 1050
by  JSirotaJump to last post
14 Jun 2006 05:25 PM
22 Replies and 2513 Views Best tow vehicle available?  2513  22 Started by  Surferjer
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I got a Jeep to trade plus cash and I'm looking for a truck in the range of 12-15K. It will be used to tow a trailer/car combo plus tires and tools weighing about 4700 pounds. It will go to a lot of local stuff plus long trips to Peru, Topeka, etc. Any suggestions Anything to stay away from I'm pretty green on this stuff, but it seems like a diesel might be best. I don't know what's reliable, get good mileage, or what would be considered 'excessive' mileage. Any and all help appreciated...
22 2513
by  SurferjerJump to last post
07 Jun 2006 04:31 PM
0 Replies and 636 Views For Sale: 2002 Open trailer  636  0 Started by  dm930 locking tirerack beavertail design large weatherguard locking box up front 2 fuel container holders custom ramp extensions all lights converted to LED full weight distribution bars w/sway control spare tire mounted to tongue kept in a garage photos available $2995.00 dm930verizon.net 631-418-3260 631-423-4675 631-445-3349
0 636
24 May 2006 02:05 PM
4 Replies and 2088 Views Air pressure in trailer tires?  2088  4 Started by  bmwpwr84 Im trying to figure out if im in the right ballpark. I run 36psi in 20/75/15 with a 3000lbs load. Does that seem about right Whats everyone else run
4 2088
by  landHoJump to last post
06 May 2006 09:19 PM
0 Replies and 698 Views airflow software for tow vehicle/trailer  698  0 Started by  ken_vt Does anyone know of any basic airflow analysis software...low cost or preferrably free, that can be used to tune the shape of a tow vehicle/trailer combination. We are towing with a fairly slippery (aerowise) car, and would like to experiment with trailer enhancements, like fender skirts, rounding edges, air scoops. ken_vt
0 698
01 May 2006 12:00 AM
2 Replies and 1322 Views CRX Towing?  1322  2 Started by  Seth53 I know this sounds a little crazy, but I want to tow my tires and a container that I can put race equipment in. Something like a Miata or S2000 uses. I run autocross events so I don't have a lot of stuff, but my new bike is going to take up a little too much room inside the car for everything else. Once I get my bike and overnight luggage for two people inside there isn't much room for tires. Has anybody tried this before or am I the only crazy one that wants to tow with a CRX If it has be...
2 1322
by  BETOJump to last post
26 Apr 2006 08:28 PM
62 Replies and 5690 Views What 2005 SUV?? Such good deals now I am debating.. see my choices  5690  62 Started by  Z06 Silver Bullet
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I have a z06 vette I will likely be towing and also using the SUV for commute also. I have narrowed down to a toyota 4 runner v8 (extra coverage), Seiquia, and a Durango. Everone is offering good eals now but didn't know anyone elses thoughts. This would also be family truckster for family of 4.
62 5690
by  MugenludeJump to last post
21 Apr 2006 09:13 AM
7 Replies and 9497 Views Harbor Freight trailer parts  9497  7 Started by  wrchas Where would I get parts for a HF trailer I need a axle seal (I'll try a bearing place for this), a dust cap, and I'd like a spare hub.
7 9497
by  wrchasJump to last post
12 Apr 2006 09:10 PM
0 Replies and 793 Views Anyone need a vehicle transported?  793  0 Started by  mageep I purchased a very nice 8.5 x 20 enclosed trailer a month ago. One small problem. It's in Houston Texas, and I live in Canton, Ohio. So I am headed south next weekend to take delivery of it and haul it north. I mention this because I know often there are folks (like myself) buying southern cars up north. If you're one of those folks, and you have a vehicle, I am willing to discuss transporting it to you for a fraction of what current shipping rates are ($1.45 - $1.85 a mile! Ouch!). Of course ...
0 793
07 Apr 2006 10:21 AM
4 Replies and 943 Views Vehicle feedback  943  4 Started by  epcrx I'm looking to purchase a new to me tow vehicle and requesting some feedback regarding reliability, fuel mileage, comfort, ease of towing, etc. My objective is to comfortably and affordably tow a 16’ enclosed trailer with a 1500 race car and 500 worth of equipment. The three vehicles I’m interested in are: 1995 Dodge Ram V10 1996 Suburban K2500 7.4L V8 1996 Ford F250 7.3L Diesel V8 If anybody cares to share some of their experiences or misfortunes with any of these, I’d love to hea...
4 943
by  geewizJump to last post
26 Mar 2006 12:43 AM
1 Replies and 747 Views Dakota towing Acura  747  1 Started by  dk91ls Hello to all. I own a 1999 Dodge Dakota Club Cab with a 5.2 V8 and the tow pakage of course. I am looking to tow my 1991 Integra (est. 2400-2500 lbs.) cross country to Illinois from California. Do you all think it is do able or is there another meens needed to be looked at here. Thanks
1 747
by  Big Dawg 1966Jump to last post
08 Jan 2006 09:56 PM
4 Replies and 1032 Views Question about battery wiring  1032  4 Started by  JSirota Hi all, My enclosed trailer has a 12V light circuit wired up to the hitch connector (so the lights only work when the trailer is plugged into the truck.) It also has a generator with a starter battery. Can I simply connect the positive lead of the starter battery up to the same circuit as the 12V lights, so that the battery will charge when the truck is running, and the 12V lights will work when the truck isn't connected Or is it more complicated than that Tha...
4 1032
by  Dick RasmussenJump to last post
07 Jan 2006 04:48 PM
6 Replies and 5951 Views Towing Capacity/CGVWR - Toyota Class C  5951  6 Started by  Primetime Glick Yes, even if it's 1.00 lbs, tell me if you have a good idea what these things could do. Don't ask me why, but I got interested in Class C motorhomes. Yes, I know for the same price you could get a big-block domestic van Class C. But if all I have is a small Mod machine to tow, I'd prefer the gas savings and smaller size... if I could get away with it. I was wondering what the towing/CGWR would roughly be for a Class C Toyota (a) 22r, and (b) 3.0L V6. I guess these were mainly made in the ...
6 5951
by  Primetime GlickJump to last post
21 Dec 2005 08:21 AM
9 Replies and 2718 Views Generator for trailer -- recommendations  2718  9 Started by  boxboy We currently have a Honda portable generator (EM5000SX) that is overkill on power and noise for our trailer. Not to mention I can't get it out (have to take the car out) when we are on the road if we want A/C. So, looking for something in the 3-4 Kw range that is quiet. Both Honda and Yamaha have very quiet portables in the 3Kw range, and we could probably put one of them behind the car for easy removal since they are small enough. However, I'm also interested in an RV type generator...
9 2718
by  preparedcivicJump to last post
21 Dec 2005 06:00 AM
12 Replies and 2038 Views Towing Capacity  2038  12 Started by  DBurkhead I was wondering what, if anything, might be done to a vehicle to increase its towing capacity. Specifically, once I retire the Miata from daily driver duties, at some point I'll need to start towing it to events. Unless I actually buy a vehicle specifically for towing duty, the most likely car to give that task to would be my wife's Subaru Legacy L. However, it's only rated at 2000 lbs towing capacity.------------------David L. Burkheadmailto:dburkhuadcomcast.net'May I be just half the perso...
12 2038
by  philndzJump to last post
12 Dec 2005 08:26 PM
0 Replies and 4055 Views Used H & H Car Trailer for sale - Kansas City area  4055  0 Started by  S2kTas I am not the person that is selling this trailer. I ran into a guy here in the Kansas City area, that has a used H &H car trailer for sale. It is 22 foot long and 102' wide with a ramp and dovetail. Trailer is 2003 model and Red in color. The guy that owns it bought it new and only used it to move a few times. Don't think that a car has ever been in the trailer. If you are not familar with H&H trailers, they are one of the top of the line trailer builders, with their offices in Iowa. ht...
0 4055
02 Dec 2005 09:46 AM
7 Replies and 4515 Views anyone rent the tow vehicle?  4515  7 Started by  c4racer2 Has anyone here rented instead of purchased a tow vehicle. I've been buying and driving tow vehicles for several years and have realized that I only make it to the track 3-6 times per year. A quick search shows several rental companies - Hertz, Enterprise, etc. that rent trucks like F150's and Excursions for ~$200 for a weekend including miles. Seems that going that route would be a whole lot cheaper than owning my own and paying the mpg penalty when I don't otherwise need a truck. Has anyon...
7 4515
by  Want2raceJump to last post
06 Nov 2005 07:11 AM
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