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9 Replies and 34783 Views Trailer Tires - Load Range C vs. D, Brands  34783  9 Started by  Rich Grunenwald I have a Pace 20 ft enclosed, and all loaded up it is probably around 6500 lbs. It came with 205/75-15 Goodyear Marathons, load range C, and last time I replaced them with the same. I have had three premature tire failures (tread separation) over the years even though I am pretty diligent about inflation, bearing maintenance, and age of tires (I replace after 4 years). As best I can tell, these failures were not due to running over something in the road or a puncture. The tire sidewall indicat...
9 34783
by  Rich GrunenwaldJump to last post
14 May 2011 10:27 PM
40 Replies and 24484 Views New Ford F-150 EcoBoost Engine  24484  40 Started by  S2kTas
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Has anyone driven or own a 2011Ford F-150 with the new EcoBoost engine Looks pretty interesting in these Torture Test videos, 365 hp, 420 lb.-ft torque, and 11,300 lbs. towing capacity. Uses regular gas and rated 15/21 in the 4 wheel drive version, 16/22 for the 2 wheel drive one. Joe
40 24484
by  dmitrik4Jump to last post
03 May 2011 09:55 AM
23 Replies and 12098 Views Sierra Denali.....Transmission failure time  12098  23 Started by  David Lehman
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Ok....udate South Florida. Towing back from a local event yesterday with my buddy Hector. 'Dave, something's wrong.' Yeah truck doesn't want to go into overdrive, or even 3rd. Uh oh (184,300 miles). Not much fun drivng like 35 to 40mph on the Florida Turnpike, and then getting a TRANSMISSION HOT warning on the DIC. Truck made in back home.....barely. Have it parked in the driveway of a foreclosed home around the corner (super long driveway....longest driveway in the neighborhood..only thing ...
23 12098
by  Bullitt2954Jump to last post
19 Apr 2011 06:45 PM
6 Replies and 8343 Views Toyhauler for a race car?  8343  6 Started by  Rocwandrer I'm looking for a toyhauler to fit a sub 2000 lb 12' long race car. I'm thinking double axle 2-5/16 ball tag trailer around 6500 lb gvwr. Something light and bare bones (wet bath is the only significant 'amenity' we want, and since we only need to sleep 3, it could be added to one without it). I'm posting here because I've basically given up looking for one on the net and through local dealers. I figure if such a think exists, somebody here has one or knows about it.
6 8343
by  vreihen16Jump to last post
15 Apr 2011 02:09 PM
6 Replies and 4669 Views Financing an RV Question  4669  6 Started by  David Pintaric Anyone have any experience with this... I am buying a used RV, actually a toterhome and liftgate trailer, and decided to look into financing the package. Here's what surprised the heck out of me: the company that arranged the financing thru two seperate banks wants to charge me a 3.50 'origination fee.' On top of that the amount is calculated on the purchase price, not the amount I finance. I found this rather odd, and wanted to see if anyone knew if this was normal in that arena.
6 4669
by  FoglghtJump to last post
03 Mar 2011 04:14 PM
10 Replies and 4740 Views Roadside assistance plan that covers race trailers?  4740  10 Started by  JimD We tow our autocross Miata in an enclosed trailer behind a Class-C RV. For years we've had AAA Plus RV coverage for roadside assistance. I've just become aware that this plan does not actually cover our trailer (or any trailer that contains a car). Has anybody found a roadside assistance plan that actually covers race car hauler trailers So far I've talked to Allstate Motor Club and they would cover it, but would require the trailer to be unloaded. Since our Miata is not street-legal,...
10 4740
by  SmokingTiresJump to last post
09 Feb 2011 02:14 PM
4 Replies and 2336 Views Is it time to trade the truck ?  2336  4 Started by  David Lehman Racing a slighly heavier car (300 lbs more), with a lot of weight in the rear. My 03 Sierra Denali with Quadrasteer has 180,000 miles on the clock now, and I don't know if I want to be towing the car with this truck. Quadrasteer is AMAZING, and I have never towed with anything else. Kinda scares me to try. But a new truck, a 2500 HD would have better brakes for towing, (Diesel).....would have more than enough power. My headlights on the 03 SUCK. No XM radio on the 03, and the bluetooth on t...
4 2336
by  mwoodJump to last post
29 Jan 2011 03:06 PM
3 Replies and 3754 Views Need help selecting my first tow vehicle  3754  3 Started by  AMG-RX7 Hello. This will be my first season in Spec Miata. I have towed a few times before using Uhauls and Budgets with mixed results and know the difference between what a good and bad tow feels like. I'm looking for a competent, reliable tow vehicle. Budget is under $7k. I expect to use this to tow an enclosed 20' trailer. Won't be using it as a daily driver or anything. Basically just to tow with or the occasional odd errand. I am located in the San Francisco area. I have done some research ...
3 3754
by  Steve HoelscherJump to last post
18 Jan 2011 02:34 PM
7 Replies and 10289 Views Towing with Toyota Highlander?  10289  7 Started by  Claff93STS Any thoughts about the new Toyota Highlander 270 HP/5 spd auto, FWD, 5000 lb towing capacity. Don't really want anything bigger than that and not willing to go pickup truck. It'd be occasionally towing a NA Miata on an open trailer but also doing around-town driving and stuff.We had been looking at Santa Fe and Sorento but don't know if their 3500 lb tow rating would be adequate.
7 10289
by  mwoodJump to last post
11 Jan 2011 12:31 AM
5 Replies and 3111 Views Trailer TPMS  3111  5 Started by  EWCMR2 Looking for info on which systems work/don't work, are good/junk.Driving at night with my 36' gooseneck tripple axle trailer always makes me nervous. If one tire goes down the remaining two wouldn't survive too long carring the extra weight. During the day you get to see the smoke and bits of rubber flying...
5 3111
by  kb_solo2Jump to last post
06 Jan 2011 12:25 AM
2 Replies and 1945 Views montero  1945  2 Started by  thewelder Does anyone on here tow with a Montero. I just bought one for the wife but it will also be my tow rig. Any advise would be nice. Thanks Chad
2 1945
by  TeamRX8Jump to last post
02 Dec 2010 04:50 PM
6 Replies and 2526 Views My towing setup.  2526  6 Started by  Gword256 See here 99' Ram 2500 6l Turbo Diesel -2x4 w/ Open Diff :-( , 5 speed, very few options 99' Real-Lite Pop-up Truck Camper -w/ Bathroom & Shower!!! '07 Infiniti G35 -Not Very Stock The open differential really bugs me. I'm hoping new wheels will reduce wheel spin on that truck. I'll get 12mpg as shown and about 16mpg without the camper. I'm sti...
6 2526
by  BigEnosJump to last post
07 Nov 2010 07:03 PM
2 Replies and 1691 Views Ford air suspension  1691  2 Started by  RX555 Hi, I've got a 99 Expedition with the rear air suspension that seems to be riding rather low lately while towing. Just wondering in anybody else out there has any similar experience with this and what you think about switching the rears to regular struts/springs. The truck seems fine on regular driving, but loaded down with gear and the car on the trailer the rear really sags (didn't use to or not as much at least). It doesn't seem to affect the truck, just looks bad and seems like a bad idea...
2 1691
by  RX555Jump to last post
05 Nov 2010 02:27 AM
12 Replies and 3005 Views Towing Problem with Car on Trailer  3005  12 Started by  David Lehman Here's my problem....... Towed out to Blytheville for the tour with my 03 Sierra Denali, Featherlite open car trailer and with 911. When I towed my ASP Vette, I would have the rear bumper of the car at the end of the trailer and towing felt real issues. However, with the 911 I figured to move the car up about 20' or so due to the rear weight bias of the car. The problem is that the front trailer axel brakes seem to be locking up prematurely, at at least overworking, because the fro...
12 3005
by  Bullitt2954Jump to last post
24 Oct 2010 03:31 PM
9 Replies and 4366 Views Ford 4R70W  4366  9 Started by  atcovan 2003 Lincoln Town Car, is this a durable transmission and what can I do to prolong it's life, aside from a BAC (big-ass cooler) Any comments welcome. Mr Hoelscher
9 4366
by  Steve HoelscherJump to last post
11 Oct 2010 01:49 PM
14 Replies and 3762 Views A towing quandry  3762  14 Started by  Foglght So, I have choices, I just don't know which one to make. 1. Buy a class A motorhome (or class C), and purchase an 18' enclosed trailer for all the stuff. Car is 2,700lbs. Buy a different DD. 2. Buy a 5'th wheel toy hauler (found a few that will fit a car), and a 3,500 used truck. Use truck as DD. My one problem with option 2 is the towing capacity of a 3500. Max on a brand new dodge ram 3500 diesel 2wd is 14,400lbs. The 5'th wheel unloaded (dry) is 10,500lbs. Add a car, tools, tires, etc etc...
14 3762
by  FoglghtJump to last post
13 Sep 2010 06:17 PM
27 Replies and 14165 Views Trailer tires Please school me  14165  27 Started by  Joe_914
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24 ft pace enclosed trailer. it has 205/75-15 load range C (radial) trailer tires on it. build dates are in 05 so they are a bit old. Blew out two of them since Blytheville NT. Getting pretty old changing tires out on the road side. Is there a better option like 225 series load range D tire in radial or bias ply. We seem to haul a pretty good load in the trailer. 2 heavy shifter karts a Miata monster ice chest tires tools etc.
27 14165
by  Joe_914Jump to last post
18 Aug 2010 06:50 AM
7 Replies and 7459 Views What's a good deep cycle battery for RV?  7459  7 Started by  mwood I need to replace the house batteries in my 'bago. Right now, they're 24 size, RV/Marine deep cycle 12v and I'm looking to just go the same, basic route with the replacement, although I am going to see if a 27 series fits. I've also heard good things about going to 6v golf cart type deep cycles, but am unsure how much modification and maintenence (water levels, sulfation etc) is required. So, what I'm looking at are specific brands and capacities. I know I don't need CCA (cold cranking), as the...
7 7459
by  Andy HollisJump to last post
17 Aug 2010 04:20 AM
6 Replies and 17754 Views Retractable Awning for Car Trailer  17754  6 Started by  toy4speed Hi All, I'm shopping for one of those retractable awnings that can mount on the side of my 20ft enclosed car trailer. Nothing too fancy, just tired of breaking ez-up canopies every few years (wind, etc). Bunch of RV type websites available, so anyone have a good recommendation on a source Good experiences, tips on install Pros and cons It would stay mounted on the trailer year round, not sure how long that awning fabric would last, maybe a strap on cover for it Thanks for any help. Th...
6 17754
by  snookwheelJump to last post
09 Jun 2010 05:36 PM
7 Replies and 8305 Views More Class RV/Motorhome towing questions  8305  7 Started by  bjo My inlaws have 94 27ft class C coachmen RV (ford e350 based) with the Ford 460 V8 and E40D trans which I am debating to use as a tow vehicle. It has low miles (33k) and has had regular maintenance done to it. I'm the main driver/mechanic of it was well. We have taken a short 400 mile round trip with it and it was interesting driving it. 65 is about the fastest I can go to balance fuel mileage and vehicle stability. I have already changed out the worn shocks, steering stabilizer, bled the brak...
7 8305
by  bjoJump to last post
05 Jun 2010 05:20 PM
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