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5 Replies and 806 Views SCCA Divisional at Phoenix - Feb. 24/25  806  5 Started by  lowflyer How many of you 'warm weather' solo types are going to make the trip to Phoenix for the Divisional this month Especially looking for some FF drivers.
5 806
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
15 Feb 2001 05:23 PM
5 Replies and 752 Views Im a newbie  752  5 Started by  hennessey I have talked to a guy on a lot and he has helped quite a bit but i hope to get to know more folks so i can get more info. Im goin to be in my first solo II event this spring, i hope, and i was curiuos if you guys could give me some tips. I will have illumina's, pro kits, and a stru bar on my 2000 civic ex if that helps.
5 752
by  Jeff95pgtJump to last post
15 Feb 2001 05:04 AM
3 Replies and 763 Views solo 2 events in/around NJ PA MD DE?  763  3 Started by  tool could you guys post of when/where these events may be commingthanks in advance
3 763
by  GarfieldJump to last post
15 Feb 2001 12:37 AM
4 Replies and 728 Views Need help classing my car  728  4 Started by  Black99Si Ok, I need some help classing my car for SOLO II. The car is a 1999 Civic Si with the following mods: Skunk2 coil-overs, KYB AGX shocks, z.speed rear lower tie bar, Civic Type R cams, AEM cold air intake, VAFC fuel controller, 15x6.5' wheels, 205/50/15 Bridgestone RE 730's, Sparco Sprint seat (fixed seat). I'm afraid to hear what class I'll be in but I want to be racing in the right class. ThanksBrian
4 728
by  Crack MonkeyJump to last post
14 Feb 2001 09:57 AM
7 Replies and 834 Views who's upset about the "NE" pro site?  834  7 Started by  CamaroFS34 Who else in the 'Northeast' is upset about the location of the so-called 'Northeast' ProSolo in Oscoda With a 15 hour trip to Ft. Myers already out of the question (because I used all of my leave for Nationals in September), I am now limited to just two ProSolos in the 'East' that I will be able to make within reason -- Petersburg and Peru. Peru is still 9 hours away, but it's in the summer, so it's not a big deal. The 11 hour drive to Oscoda is going to be impossible for me since it's during...
7 834
by  TeamZ06Jump to last post
13 Feb 2001 07:50 PM
0 Replies and 701 Views Miata Solo I classification  701  0 Started by  Steve46 Ok, I'm finally going solo I and need to know what class I will be running in. My butt is too big so I have to put a racing seat in an otherwise stock '94 Miata R to clear the 2 inch helmet rule for the roll bar. I don't have a hardtop and don't plan to be a spec. Miata.
0 701
12 Feb 2001 07:20 PM
11 Replies and 3017 Views Novice Class Question  3017  11 Started by  Anubis What do y'all think the best option is Run novice class for a solo event to get a feel of things or jump straight into class competition I am kinda up in the air, I kinda want to go for class points but with only a couple of other cars in the class so missing an event may not be much of an issue. Any other first timer advice would be helpful. I am gonna try not to make a total fool out of myself, I already do enough with makin a partial fool out of myself ------------------Lance SnyderAtlanta...
11 3017
by  The Bow Tie BoyJump to last post
09 Feb 2001 04:33 PM
4 Replies and 773 Views This is going to be one of my Favorites!  773  4 Started by  Dave Schotz Ok... Pro Solo Family... here we go!! Take Care, Dave Schotz------------------Weapon: White 2001 Z-06 Class: SSCar No: 39
4 773
by  TeamZ06Jump to last post
07 Feb 2001 06:26 PM
1 Replies and 687 Views Solo I license  687  1 Started by  lictor I want to join the SCCA to do some racing,and have it legal :P . I don't want to do Solo II as i dislike pylons for some reason so my aim is for Solo I. But what is needed to hold a Solo I license------------------drive fasterroll the windows downthis cool night air is curiouslet the whole world look inwho cares who sees anythingI'm your passenger
1 687
by  Ken GrammerJump to last post
06 Feb 2001 08:19 PM
2 Replies and 650 Views Tires  650  2 Started by  lolat-320 I have 2 sets of tires for my formula car. One set is an inch wider, but it has grooves in them. The other set is an inch narrower than the grooved set, but this set is slicks. Which set would be better for autocrossing------------------Jason MorrisLola T-320 SuperVeePorsche 911
2 650
by  thedocJump to last post
06 Feb 2001 11:02 AM
4 Replies and 914 Views Classification for Dinan E36 M3?  914  4 Started by  JimH What is the classification for a Dinan modified E36 M3. I have seen both CSP and ESP on different websites. Which is correctThank-you
4 914
by  JimHJump to last post
06 Feb 2001 04:27 AM
29 Replies and 1982 Views New solo2 classes  1982  29 Started by  Impreza Wagon Driver
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
With all the new cars being moved around, especially faster cars being moved into H-stock, I'm looking to purchase another vehicle to compete with.I'm thinking about purchasing a Miata 1.6 liter to run this next year in Stock class.2 questions:1) When will the classes be finalized2) Which cars look best in each of the new proposed stock classes-BG------------------1995 Subaru Impreza L wagon AWD, 1.8 liter, 5-spd.Production GT & H-Stock
29 1982
by  randychaseJump to last post
04 Feb 2001 08:56 AM
15 Replies and 1503 Views Solo 1 tracks  1503  15 Started by  Dave B What tracks do you run in Solo 1 in the U.S.In Canada we run at Shannonville and now Cayuga which is just 40 min from Niagara Falls . Since these tracks are a bit slower than say Mosport or Watkin's Glen we do not require a roll cage . I assume the reason you need a cage in the USA is due to some very fast tracks .------------------
15 1503
by  RickRacerJump to last post
31 Jan 2001 03:07 PM
10 Replies and 986 Views How does your region support novices?  986  10 Started by  Sphinx We were having this discussion on our local list and I was just curious what sorts of things clubs have done that have been successful.Maybe I can pass on a couple of ideas to our leaders to steal! ------------------2000 Pontiac Formula WS6 (1 of 232)Black/Taupe leatherSolo2 - ESP
10 986
by  Toms6893Jump to last post
30 Jan 2001 08:28 PM
2 Replies and 1385 Views The Cut/Vilven tire info needed  1385  2 Started by  Richard A Need a contact or e-mail address.I'm told they do the shaving for Tire Rack
2 1385
by  Alex TziortzisJump to last post
30 Jan 2001 10:08 AM
9 Replies and 1220 Views SE Div Solo 1 Schedule  1220  9 Started by  Car 27 Hot Solo 1 News....straight from the annual SCCA - SE Div Meetings:Here's the latest SCCA SE Division Solo 1 Schedule for 2001-March 24-25 Bronson Field (Pensacola, FL)April 6-7-8 Talladega Solo 1 & Solo 1 SchoolMay 18-19-20 Beech Mnt. HillclimbMay 26-27 Skelly Field (Opp, AL)June-July-August 4-5 Roebling Road (Savannah)Sept 8-9 Talladega Solo 1Oct-Nov 17-18 Roebling Road (Savannah)(S. Carolina Region)more events may be scheduled....Steve TompkinsSE Division Solo 1 Steward
9 1220
by  Car 27Jump to last post
27 Jan 2001 05:27 PM
0 Replies and 708 Views Meridian Warm-Up  708  0 Started by  Miata95Racer Hey folks.Do you want to shake out the cob webs before the season starts.Well the TRSCCA in hosting a 'Meridian Warm-Up'It will be Sat Feb 17th Music City Raceway in Goodletsville, TN.For more info Email me, check out the schedule &91url=''& or call the hotline (615) 366-7928.thanks
0 708
26 Jan 2001 04:18 AM
4 Replies and 898 Views SuperVee Safety requirments  898  4 Started by  lolat-320 What updates need to be done to a 73 Lola T-320 SuperVee in order to make it legal for Solo I competition.Thanks------------------Jason MorrisLola T-320 SuperVeePorsche 911
4 898
by  lolat-320Jump to last post
25 Jan 2001 10:16 AM
2 Replies and 810 Views Event insurance question for you organizers ...  810  2 Started by  mitchntx Can anyone post a contact name and number of an insurance carrier for AutoX eventsCan anyone educate some first-timers on the pitfalls of trying to obtain insurance for an eventThanks
2 810
by  mitchntxJump to last post
18 Jan 2001 07:18 AM
4 Replies and 976 Views 2001 PAX Index  976  4 Started by  Dave Schotz Hot off the presses...'2001 PAX Index: SS .830 AS .817 BS .813 CS .804 DS .796 ES .786 FS .807 GS .789 HS .781 ASP .852 BSP .847 CSP .844 DSP .819 ESP .822 FSP .815 AP .874 BP .872 CP .856 DP .853 EP .873 FP .865 AM 1.000 BM .955 CM .924 DM .900 EM .907 FM .904 F125 .946 STS .782 STR .809 SM .842 Dave Beck PAX Administrator'Hope ya like, Dave Schotz
4 976
by  NoConesJump to last post
17 Jan 2001 06:11 PM
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