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Last Post 27 Jul 2017 12:07 AM by  jack112286
Noise Limit
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27 Jul 2017 12:07 AM

    It seems that there are lost of noise concerns in recent years and have heard risks to losing sites. I am not sure how much of a problem it is for your local region, but I do know that the SCCA upper limits (100db) seems rather high. I do know that some sites runs lower even for tour/pro. But I am just seeing how competitor would feel about lowering the sound limit.

    I have couple of ideas a questions, feel free to discuss / comment / object / etc.

    My first question is, would it be feasible to limit street class to stock exhaust only (even after cat)? My guess is, this rules was implemented because back in the old days (90s), muffler would rust after few years and guys would wanna put in aftermarket exhaust. This seems no longer the case as newer vehicle exhaust have better corrosion protection.

    My other question is, how would competitor feel, if we ran different sound limits for different class? sure, some will run a higher class just to meet sound limit, but I feel the bulk of the people wont. It doesn't sound reasonable that Street / street touring cars are allowed to make the same sound as mod cars and vise versa.

    So I want to see how member would feel if the following 2 rules are proposed:

    1. full stock exhaust in street class

    2. Different sound limit for different groups, for example,
         Street, street touring/prepared, and all mod/prepared.

    Flame suit on,