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4 Replies and 724 Views Pick a Car/Pick a Class  724  4 Started by  NBM LS1 M6 I was wondering. . . If I wanted to cruise the dealer lots for a compact or subcompact car that I might trade for my daily driver Z28 and chose to run in a stock class, what used car would you look to purchase for, let's say, under $10K, that would be competitiveI would be interested in a car I could use as a daily driver with corresponding lower insurance rates, excellent gas mileage, and competitive as an autox car in a class with compact cars. Something that would kill several birds with on...
4 724
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
19 Jan 2001 11:05 AM
3 Replies and 640 Views '86 Saab 900S???  640  3 Started by  donalson hello,a friend of mine is selling an older saab, it drives well, not perfect but not bad for 15 years is a 2dr, 2.0 16valve (non turbo) engine, has Falken 195/60R15 88h ZE-502 tires, it's all stock and runs well...what class would it run in and would it be semi competative i found a nice little 87 mr2 for $300 would i be better w/ the mr2 thanksmark
3 640
by  donalsonJump to last post
18 Jan 2001 03:22 PM
11 Replies and 939 Views Share your personal secrets about fast Autocrossing...  939  11 Started by  Rob Lay I only have 4 autocrosses under my belt, but here is how I developed through those...1) No coasting, be either on the brakes or on the gas.2) Picking the correct line, I bought several racing books.3) When understeering bad, do little quick steers back straight and then back into the turn to get traction under control.4) I'm thinking that for the most part, late apex turning is the best.Tell me your advice
11 939
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
18 Jan 2001 01:30 PM
12 Replies and 1183 Views RWD vs FWD for auto x ?  1183  12 Started by  donalson ok i'm still looking for a daily driver that i can auto x, i'm looking for something under $7000 ish, the cheaper the beter but if teh car is right i'll pay the price. my biggest question is should i shy away from RWD or go to it...snowy weather isn't an issue down here in FL.given teh same driver (i.e. me) which car would place more competativly in its class (2g crx si, 92-95civic si, or a 93 240sx)i know the 240sx is Stock Class Ethe 2g crx si is Stock Class Dand 92-95 civic si is Stock Cl...
12 1183
by  AxoidJump to last post
18 Jan 2001 01:35 AM
4 Replies and 950 Views Thermostat and ECU?  950  4 Started by  Axoid Being new to autocross and it being the off season here. I have loads of questions.In stock it is permited to change the thermostat. But if I replace the thermostat with a 160 degree model it is recomended for my car that the ECU's programing is changed to keep the engine running propery at the lower tempature. Since stock rules make no mention of the Engine Computer this appears to be illegal. Am I correct on thisThanks
4 950
by  AxoidJump to last post
16 Jan 2001 08:28 AM
3 Replies and 1243 Views Rules for a 92 Camaro RS?  1243  3 Started by  Axoid I own a box stock 92 Camaro RS w/305 V8. As I read how the classes are setup it falls in F-stock with the Z-28's or should it be in G-stock with the other base level Camaros If it is a F-stock car, can options for that year's Z-28s be installed on itThe RS's 305 only produces 170hp verses the the Z-28's 230hp. 2000 Z's are topping 320hp. I'm going to drive it one way or another, I'm wondering if I can level the field a little.
3 1243
by  AxoidJump to last post
16 Jan 2001 01:01 AM
2 Replies and 760 Views Accord in GS?  760  2 Started by  Walter I am new to the Solo game and am told that my 4 door, auto-only transmissioned, family -style 2000 Accord is classed in GS with the Acura ITR, BMW 3 Series, new Celica GTS, Audi TT, etc. Can this be true If so,is there anything one can do to have a whiff of success against these cars Why is this car in this class Is a class change in the wind
2 760
by  DavardJump to last post
15 Jan 2001 09:10 PM
6 Replies and 719 Views Drop in K&N air filter...  719  6 Started by  Rob Lay Ok, all my parts are ordered and my car should be about maxed to the rules for stock. I ordered a drop in K&N air filter, but wanted to discus not using any filter. I think I've heard this is legal, as long as the stock air box remains the same. Is there too much risk with not having an air filter just for the AX Thanks.
6 719
by  Andy 02Jump to last post
15 Jan 2001 10:00 AM
6 Replies and 802 Views Cost for install of new shocks?  802  6 Started by  Rob Lay 4 shocks, same springs, 2 new shock mounts for rear.How much or how many hours laborThanks
6 802
by  Patrick WashburnJump to last post
14 Jan 2001 03:48 PM
7 Replies and 844 Views This sucks...ohh well  844  7 Started by  Mac-TEC Anyone else pissed about all the faster cars in HS I am. Integra GS and the DelSol VTEC....crapp!! I don't even know about other makes other than Honda/Acura.------------------95 Civic Ex Coupe auto H-Stock
7 844
by  Jack boelteJump to last post
14 Jan 2001 01:25 PM
5 Replies and 892 Views Battery in the back on a FWD car? void running stock?  892  5 Started by  donalson hello,i'm cerious about putting the battery in the back of the car, would it help preformance or handeling on a FWD car at all...or hinder it. would it make it so a car could no longer run stock thanksmark
5 892
by  Peter OlivolaJump to last post
14 Jan 2001 12:16 PM
6 Replies and 914 Views MR-2 1st and 2nd gen  914  6 Started by  donalson anyone race these stock either gen 1 or 2 i've seen the turbo versions going for a decent price and it seems to be pretty sweet, mid engine, and all, how do the take to solo 2 thanksmark
6 914
by  Tom DJump to last post
14 Jan 2001 07:02 AM
7 Replies and 832 Views Problem with strict Spring rules...  832  7 Started by  Rob Lay Ok, last year I just did autocross as a newbie to have fun and learn. This year I've decided to get a half-way competitive car. I've got cat back. I'm getting, Kumho V700 tires, K&N filter, and Bilstien shocks (Koni's were twice as much). Since I'm replacing the shocks, I thought I would replace the springs as well. The car has 120k miles on it and could use springs anyway, even if I wasn't AXing. Well, BMW charges $500 for a set of stock springs. I can get similar height and rate springs...
7 832
by  Norm PetersonJump to last post
10 Jan 2001 07:57 AM
1 Replies and 720 Views Anyone know where to get KD's?  720  1 Started by  JackH Tirerack is out of stock on KD's and they tell me that BFGoodrich is getting out of the G-force business. Any idea where to get some
1 720
by  Patrick WashburnJump to last post
08 Jan 2001 07:03 PM
6 Replies and 906 Views 01 ACR for DS  906  6 Started by  wrchas Has anyone autocrossed a new ACR yet How does it compare to the 1st generation ACR's.
6 906
by  Patrick WashburnJump to last post
08 Jan 2001 06:56 PM
7 Replies and 1204 Views Is the '96 Z28 competitive in FS?  1204  7 Started by  Impreza Wagon Driver Is the '96 Z28 competitive in FSAlso, what is the typical (stock legal) mods done to this carThanks,-BG------------------1995 Subaru Impreza L wagon AWD, 1.8 liter, 5-spd.2000 H-Stock Champion, Sacramento Chapter
7 1204
by  Rogue9Jump to last post
08 Jan 2001 03:34 PM
10 Replies and 926 Views The Spirit of Stock  926  10 Started by  WildManPiet My First year of autocrossing I was in C Stock with my normal Yoko S306 tires.Now when I think of Stock I do NOT think of a set of Hoosier's where the tread was drawn on with a sharpie (which I got for this season and really killed my wallet).Call me wacky but I would think in the spirit of 'stock' a tire legal in stock class should be something comparable to a tire that the car came with.In essence I guess I think STS tire rules should be in stock.Am I alone------------------Region 7247 CSP19...
10 926
by  Mark HirtJump to last post
07 Jan 2001 02:27 PM
18 Replies and 1154 Views Legality of Removing Parts  1154  18 Started by  StageOne Would removing a Rear wiper on an Integra Type R be legal The wieght savings is minimal and the 97 R did not come with one.Any ideas.------------------KillBugsFastGS - '00 Type R
18 1154
by  Patrick WashburnJump to last post
07 Jan 2001 01:53 PM
5 Replies and 862 Views New to SCCA stuff... Stupid question requiring serious answer within....  862  5 Started by  Derrick Pewter 99 SS Okay... I've never been autocrossing before, but I know a few people that do, and I'm dying to kick their teeth in. I've got a 99 Camaro SS and a 94 Formula Firebird, I'm not sure which I'd like to compete with. What classes would these cars fall in (The SS is bone stock, the 'bird is slightly modded) and how do I get in------------------
5 862
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
06 Jan 2001 10:06 PM
6 Replies and 989 Views BMW 325is GS vs. STS/R...  989  6 Started by  Rob Lay I need to decide what class I'll compete in this year. I have a 1993 BMW 325is with only mods being a cat back exhaust. GS and STS have about the same PAX, so GS looks like the better choice with the ability to run racing tires in GS.Few questions...1) If I get a lower profile tire on the stock rims, while that improve low end or high end I would think low end, because it will be easier to rotate. That's legal, isn't it2) What 2 way adjustable shocks would your recomend How are they ad...
6 989
by  rosssJump to last post
06 Jan 2001 09:34 PM
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