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6 Replies and 978 Views 01 ACR for DS  978  6 Started by  wrchas Has anyone autocrossed a new ACR yet How does it compare to the 1st generation ACR's.
6 978
by  Patrick WashburnJump to last post
08 Jan 2001 06:56 PM
7 Replies and 1318 Views Is the '96 Z28 competitive in FS?  1318  7 Started by  Impreza Wagon Driver Is the '96 Z28 competitive in FSAlso, what is the typical (stock legal) mods done to this carThanks,-BG------------------1995 Subaru Impreza L wagon AWD, 1.8 liter, 5-spd.2000 H-Stock Champion, Sacramento Chapter
7 1318
by  Rogue9Jump to last post
08 Jan 2001 03:34 PM
10 Replies and 1026 Views The Spirit of Stock  1026  10 Started by  WildManPiet My First year of autocrossing I was in C Stock with my normal Yoko S306 tires.Now when I think of Stock I do NOT think of a set of Hoosier's where the tread was drawn on with a sharpie (which I got for this season and really killed my wallet).Call me wacky but I would think in the spirit of 'stock' a tire legal in stock class should be something comparable to a tire that the car came with.In essence I guess I think STS tire rules should be in stock.Am I alone------------------Region 7247 CSP19...
10 1026
by  Mark HirtJump to last post
07 Jan 2001 02:27 PM
18 Replies and 1253 Views Legality of Removing Parts  1253  18 Started by  StageOne Would removing a Rear wiper on an Integra Type R be legal The wieght savings is minimal and the 97 R did not come with one.Any ideas.------------------KillBugsFastGS - '00 Type R
18 1253
by  Patrick WashburnJump to last post
07 Jan 2001 01:53 PM
5 Replies and 958 Views New to SCCA stuff... Stupid question requiring serious answer within....  958  5 Started by  Derrick Pewter 99 SS Okay... I've never been autocrossing before, but I know a few people that do, and I'm dying to kick their teeth in. I've got a 99 Camaro SS and a 94 Formula Firebird, I'm not sure which I'd like to compete with. What classes would these cars fall in (The SS is bone stock, the 'bird is slightly modded) and how do I get in------------------
5 958
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
06 Jan 2001 10:06 PM
6 Replies and 1088 Views BMW 325is GS vs. STS/R...  1088  6 Started by  Rob Lay I need to decide what class I'll compete in this year. I have a 1993 BMW 325is with only mods being a cat back exhaust. GS and STS have about the same PAX, so GS looks like the better choice with the ability to run racing tires in GS.Few questions...1) If I get a lower profile tire on the stock rims, while that improve low end or high end I would think low end, because it will be easier to rotate. That's legal, isn't it2) What 2 way adjustable shocks would your recomend How are they ad...
6 1088
by  rosssJump to last post
06 Jan 2001 09:34 PM
8 Replies and 1053 Views Exhaust  1053  8 Started by  Mac-TEC I want to do something with my exhaust. Maybe stick with the stock back pipe and get a high flow muffler, just not a loud one. I don't want to spend too much like in the $100-$200 range and I don't really care what brand it is as long as it does the job. Any sugestions------------------95 Civic Ex Coupe auto H-Stock
8 1053
by  CrazyquikJump to last post
05 Jan 2001 04:47 PM
11 Replies and 1040 Views 2001 Miata  1040  11 Started by  Speed Racer Will the 2001 Miata remain in BS or move to AS They are up to 155 hp and can get a 6 spd manual.
11 1040
by  ConeManJump to last post
05 Jan 2001 03:59 PM
6 Replies and 1004 Views Recomendaions for GS Tires?  1004  6 Started by  ndmorespd Preparing to run GS this year (as Street Tires was a joke and I almost cuaght most of the local GS'r on my Street Tires anyway...)Anyway what do you recommend as far as track only tires legal for Stock Solo II------------------Mike2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RSSacramento Chapter 25G/ST `00 Champion!GS or STS/R `01
6 1004
by  Speed RacerJump to last post
05 Jan 2001 12:00 PM
5 Replies and 1536 Views Miata: Removing Tie-Down Hooks Legal?  1536  5 Started by  Chris M Just curious. They're used to hold the car in place on the boat from Japan. Might want to remove them for looks someday-Chris
5 1536
by  Chris MJump to last post
04 Jan 2001 05:21 PM
6 Replies and 1024 Views Street Tire Question  1024  6 Started by  JackH I run an SS Corvette in street tire classes. In the NCCC (National Council Of Corvette Clubs) autox, they allow any tire that was optional on the corvette, not jsut the tire the car came with.So, in NCCC I could run 315/35/17 rears on my '92 C4, even though the tire was only an option on certain models.Does anyone knwo what the SCCA rule is
6 1024
by  dkizerianJump to last post
04 Jan 2001 08:28 AM
10 Replies and 1694 Views New 'Shock' Rules in Stock Classes?  1694  10 Started by  Dave Schotz Hey guys, what is the detail with what we can and cannot have in Stock classes with our Shock setups No more triple adjustables right. Are external resevoirs legal, if it is Double Adjustable Is Nitrogen Charging legal Thanks in advance! Dave
10 1694
by  ndmorespdJump to last post
02 Jan 2001 05:10 AM
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