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5 Replies and 814 Views f-body hoosier tire pressure?  814  5 Started by  KOOKAMUNGA i just got a set of hoosier dot's the problem is i have the R3S03 tire and needed to know what pressures i should start with. also what i should expect from them. they are of the 275/40/17 variety for my 99 camaro. my mods are limited to the 1LE stuff xcept the shocks (a little too expensive right now) oh yea allmost forgot i was running those crappy goodyear F1's that came with the car so im expecting big changesthanxmatsu------------------1999 SS Camaro 1521Black M6,Leather, Hurst Billet Plus...
5 814
by  KOOKAMUNGAJump to last post
07 Jun 2001 03:03 AM
7 Replies and 717 Views what class ?  717  7 Started by  Road Rash I have a 2000 SVT Lightning(f150) and I would like to try auto-x. But I can't find out what class. No mods to date, stockTIA Mike
7 717
by  Trys_HardJump to last post
03 Jun 2001 08:05 PM
0 Replies and 590 Views Need seat time? (Drivers Wanted)  590  0 Started by  Lateapexer There is a test and tune weekend at Putanm Park Road Course, Mt. Meriedean Indiana July 21/22, 2001. There is also a driving school for the novice the same weekend! If you need seat time or to shake down the 2001 ride come play in traffic at the Park! ALL fendered cars are welcome from IT TO GT1. Details contact ttiede_2000yahoo.com. Rain or shine the track time's fine! Also available Thursday night Thunder at Putnam Park; June 7/21, July 12/26, August 2/16. Thursday night Thunderis desi...
0 590
01 Jun 2001 11:25 AM
7 Replies and 1155 Views strut question.....  1155  7 Started by  Ryan Ok, why is it not legal to modify a factory strut in the way of slotting the lower mounting holes to gain more negative camber (as in a mcpherson strut assy) I am under the impression that this is a no-no, while at the same time you can replace the struts with aftermarket, which may have larger mounting holes such as the KYB struts i had on my 92SC. With those i could easily get 2 degrees of neg camber, not so with stock struts as there is next to no adjustment and you need a damn good tech...
7 1155
by  Bimota GuyJump to last post
14 May 2001 10:47 PM
2 Replies and 1041 Views Swap Auto for Manual - Legal?  1041  2 Started by  The_Winch Looking at the SCCA stock rules, you can swap something if it was an option for your model. I'm not sure how much details goes into defining what is a model.My specific case is an '89 Mustang. It has the 5.0L engine, it is a convertible, it has an automatic transmission, and I believe part of the model is the letters LX (vs. GT).What parts of that description is the model Mustang, Mustang LX, Mustang convertible, Mustang LX 5.0L, Mustang LX 5.0L Convertible, Mustang LX 5.0L Convertible w/automa...
2 1041
by  bartwJump to last post
14 May 2001 04:08 PM
3 Replies and 671 Views racing in a rented car?  671  3 Started by  donalson just cerious...anyone ever just rent a car from a rental place to race...bad ideajust cerious mark
3 671
by  The_WinchJump to last post
14 May 2001 11:11 AM
0 Replies and 618 Views What happen in St. Petersburg in ES?  618  0 Started by  Trys_Hard I drove against Mark in the El Toro Pro and I was impressed with his skills. Plus since he was unbeaten this year I was suprised by his 4th place finish. Robert Carpenter in his CRX certainly looked like he was pretty good, his times were consistantly better than the others.If any of you drove in the that Pro especially in ES (8 of you) let me know how the event went.------------------&91list&93*Art Rinner*92 Sentra SE-R*95 Eagle Talon ESi*823 ES (Team No $)&91/list&93 At the NT San...
0 618
13 May 2001 10:18 AM
5 Replies and 745 Views My first Championship  745  5 Started by  Trys_Hard I debated with myself about the wisdom of posting a topic such as this, but since it's my very first championship and if I could describe it with the proper respect to my competitors that maybe some of you might find it interesting to read! It was May 6th at the LA Region Championship at the California Speedway. The course was designed by Craig Angel. I helped out in the set-up on Saturday and I remember thinking that it would be a good course for my 92 SE-R. They changed it a little after t...
5 745
by  Trys_HardJump to last post
13 May 2001 10:03 AM
26 Replies and 1855 Views 2002 Reclassification  1855  26 Started by  GSBMW325is
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
What does everyone think of the big reclassification currently scheduled for 2002 (pending member input) Does it affect a lot of you, like it does myself, or have little affect Good or bad ideaJust curious...------------------ Keith White95 BMW 325is19 GS Utah Region SCCA&91url='http://www.team-arg.com'&93Team-Arg&91/URL&93
26 1855
by  jeff parkerJump to last post
10 May 2001 06:40 PM
26 Replies and 1931 Views Cobra in FS, SS Camaro not why:  1931  26 Started by  The Bow Tie Boy
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Ok, I posted this once before BUT I have new information. They (the ivory tower) state that the Cobra is allowed in FS because its a 'in house' built car, which is true. They also state that the SS Camaro is a 'jobbed out' car, which is true when your talking about the SLP version. Now, heres my query. They say that the SS is not allowed in FS but the NON-SLP SS is the same thing as the Cobra! Its all in built in house and therefore should be a F Stock approved car. Whats funny is that you could...
26 1931
by  Speed RacerJump to last post
09 May 2001 07:40 PM
22 Replies and 1781 Views Subaru WRX Stock Class Eligibility?  1781  22 Started by  Dave Schotz
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Hey Guys & Gals, have some questions pertaining to the WRX... I have a couple friends interested in purchasing one.First Question: Is the car classed for G-Stock this year Is it classed at all for this yearNext Question: The (I Believe) STi package, is a dealer installed option, but is located in the literature... Are these options legal Or is just the Base WRX legal I think that is it for now... Any help would be appreciated,Help spread the word... &91url='http://www.SCCAForums.com...
22 1781
by  Patrick WashburnJump to last post
08 May 2001 08:17 PM
8 Replies and 867 Views What class is a very stock 95 del Sol Si in?  867  8 Started by  T2Racer Anyone knowI don't have an up to date Solo II rulebook.Thanks.
8 867
by  RyanJump to last post
04 May 2001 07:53 AM
11 Replies and 997 Views Got a new ride saturday.... ES here i come  997  11 Started by  Ryan Picked her up at saturn of sterling on saturday 28 april I should have the Stock-class prep done by the end of the month.
11 997
by  Mark HirtJump to last post
03 May 2001 09:41 PM
7 Replies and 807 Views Question and a Theroy?  807  7 Started by  donalson ok...i've yet to autox but just ceriousQ. i know you must keep stock wheel size and such but how bout tires can you have wider tires maybe a shorter (low profile) tireTheroy. if you can have a lower profile tire wouldn't that up the tourqe or something along that line...i know it would lower overall speed in a given ger...but wouldn't it be somewhat like putting a taller differntal on just ceriousthanksmark
7 807
by  Trys_HardJump to last post
01 May 2001 11:12 AM
4 Replies and 857 Views onto 'short-shifters'....  857  4 Started by  Ryan well, i'm getting a new ride, i have deposit on it and i just need to go pick it up. A black-gold 95 SC2 (saturn), and (of course) its bone stock. I'll be running ES this year for a while, and i guess aftermarket pedals are 'illegal', are short-shifters illegal also One of the tech guys in the areas makes some really slick short-shifters and the car will eventually find its way to STS/STR/DSP however ES for this year, and i'd like to throw in a shifter more for the street than autoX. Thx gu...
4 857
by  RyanJump to last post
26 Apr 2001 08:23 PM
5 Replies and 861 Views Will new pedals take me out of CS?  861  5 Started by  CMM83 I want to get a new set of Momo pedals for my Miata, but I'd imagine that this would bump me outta CS. Am I correct in thinking this or are new pedals and acceptable modThanx-Chris------------------Real Men Drive Miata's1993 Red B-package
5 861
by  Jan in OmahaJump to last post
24 Apr 2001 07:33 PM
0 Replies and 640 Views Evolution AX School was great...  640  0 Started by  Rob Lay I attended the Evolution Phase I AX school this past weekend in Salina, KS.I recomend this, it's defenitely worth the cost. I got about 25 thirty second runs in, so that alone was almost worth the money. The best part is the timed segments and comparison with the instructor runs in your car. When they aren't in the car giving you advice, they are watching you from outside giving you advice. After doing 10 autocrosses before the school I am to the point where I'm looking for fractions of a s...
0 640
24 Apr 2001 11:22 AM
25 Replies and 1898 Views whats a competative car for under 5,000ish?  1898  25 Started by  donalson
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
hello,i'm in the market for a new USED car. this car will be my daily driver so it needs to be reliable and get decent gas milage, anyone w/ some sugestions i plan on putting some $$$ into it as i can but right now i just want a car that will run the track in STOCK FORM and be worth puting mods into for use on the track later...i'd love some input, thanksright now my list of consideratings is,Honda crx sihonda civic si (92-95 model) honda del solnissan 240sx1st gen eclipse GS_T or XMiatathast t...
25 1898
by  cashmoJump to last post
20 Apr 2001 11:10 AM
19 Replies and 1405 Views Mini Cooper Vs N/A MK1 MR2?  1405  19 Started by  donalson well just out of the blue a friend of mine was talking about mini coopers, a car that i never thought a lot about but thought was neat, after talking bout it i decided to reserch it some, seems i can get a 1.3efi stock mini imported to the USA for a pretty good price, and not to mention they have a back seat,this is all comparing to the mr2 MK1(1st gen) that i've been looking into and serching for.stock for stock which would likely be the more competative car...i think that a mini would just be...
19 1405
by  GarfieldJump to last post
20 Apr 2001 02:48 AM
3 Replies and 818 Views Need New Radiator, Rules?  818  3 Started by  Axoid My car has started running hot, currently hitting 240-250 degrees on the highway. I figure it's ether a stuck thermostat or a plugged radiator. If it's the radiator I would like to replace it with a heavy duty model. The rules make on mention of the radiator any where. What guidelines should I follow on replacing this part------------------BillOhio Valley Region SCCA92 Camaro RS305 M5 Kumho 712
3 818
by  AxoidJump to last post
19 Apr 2001 03:08 AM
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