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Last Post 19 Nov 2016 12:34 AM by  mcynet
2016 Camaro SS for FS
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10 Nov 2016 06:47 PM

    Hey everyone, I was wondering for anyone who had autocross a 2016 Camaro SS this year if I could pick your brain.  I am looking to keep it running in FS for the 2017 season.  What kind of tires would you recommend?  What size wheels/ tires? Sway bar?  Just anything that would help make the car really competitive for FS. Thanks.

    lost won
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    13 Nov 2016 11:45 PM
    Okay, Sam - Welcome to the forum.

    First, find everything Ryan Otis of Oregon Region has written, where ever it is; and READ IT.
    Start with Camaro6.com on their "Road Course/Track and Autocross" threads.
    If I remember correctly, he may have posted once or twice on the Mustang S550 forums' Autocross threads.
    Anyone can answer your first question. Bridgestone RE-71Rs, 19" or 20"; widest your wheels will support. 
     Then there is also the trio of GM guys who also ran Nats: Nathan Sumner, Shaun Bailey, and Jason Kolk  From Detroit.
      Found most of this from SCCA 2016 Tire Rack Nationals Results.   Good Hunting.
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    19 Nov 2016 12:34 AM
    the GM Guys are running 285/35/19 Square, Ryan was Running 275/ 35/19 ... RE71r is the only tire... the front bar you'll find at strano parts run it on full soft, other than that drive and have fun