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16 Replies and 960 Views Looking for rules opinions...  960  16 Started by  dgarvich Just a quick check minus details, how many people who race in street prepared classes think that allowing aftermarket radiators would be a good idea/bad idea. Thanks a million in advance for your time!------------------Donnie Garvich1993 RX-7 - 33 ASP ALSCCAhttp://www.geocities.com/dgarvich/RX-7/
16 960
by  Pure EnergyJump to last post
26 Aug 2001 09:08 PM
1 Replies and 685 Views hood pins SP legal?  685  1 Started by  solorexer Is the use of aftermarket hood pins legal for SP The reason I ask is my factory hood release has broken and I think it would be far simpler to install aftermarket hood pins than to snake a new hood release cable. THe stock class rules say in section 13.2B 'hood straps or fasteners may be used', if SP is built off of the stock rules, I would interpret this to mean the pins ('fasteners') would be legal. Am I correct I don't plan on removing the stock mechanism, so it isn't like the weight of ...
1 685
by  stackfaultJump to last post
22 Aug 2001 01:48 PM
5 Replies and 705 Views Power steering cap for fluid blow out?  705  5 Started by  TAZ28 A friend said that there was a post with a part number for a replacment cap for the power steering fluid for a 3rd gen f-body. I tried several searchs and could not find anything. Does anyone know what I am talking about and what the part number is Thanks Ray
5 705
by  TAZ28Jump to last post
13 Aug 2001 05:33 PM
11 Replies and 723 Views C5 to ASP?  723  11 Started by  Red Z06 Anyone care to comment on this proposalThere is a thread in the 'Stock' section on this topic.I am curious about the justification/logic/reasoning for such a proposal.See ya!Jim------------------2001 Red Z062000 Red Lightning
11 723
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
01 Aug 2001 07:57 PM
2 Replies and 549 Views WRX Street Prep = DSP?  549  2 Started by  Jan in Omaha Greetings... The title says it all. We have a WRX registered for our event tomorrow and he classed himself in DSP. It 'seems' like the right class to me... but I can't seem to find it anyplace in the Solo regs or in FasTrack on &91url='http://www.scca.org.'&93www.scca.org.&91/URL&93 Anyplace where I can confirm he is correct------------------Whoomah! (tm)Jan GerberOmaha, NE92 Civic Si - daily driver, STS95 Neon Sport SOHC sedan - daily driver95 Neon ACR DSP,SSC
2 549
by  Jan in OmahaJump to last post
18 Jul 2001 06:16 AM
1 Replies and 481 Views Pics of my 335/18f 335/17r combo  481  1 Started by  BrianCunningham ------------------&91url='http://www.corvetteforum.net/c4/bcunningham/'&93Polo Green 95 LT1 6-spd&91/URL&93 /&91url='http://homepages.go.com/~briancunningham/MeVetteSmall.jpg'&93Photo of me&91/URL&93 &91i&93Noise & Vibration Engineer&91/i&93 contracted out to &91b&93General Motors&91/b&93 &91b&93Member:&91/b&93 &91url='http://www.corvetteclubmi.com/'&93Corvette Club of Michigan&91/URL&93&91url='http://www.corvettesnccc.org/'&93NCCC&91/URL&93 - &91url='http://www.co...
1 481
by  BrianCunninghamJump to last post
21 Jun 2001 04:34 PM
1 Replies and 460 Views Tire pressure recomendation??  460  1 Started by  BrianCunningham Any tire pressure recommendations for my new setupTire Hoosier A3S03 autocross tiresFront P335/30ZR18 on 18x12 rimsRear P335/35ZR17 on 17x12 rims------------------ &91i&93Noise & Vibration Engineer&91/i&93 contracted out to &91b&93General Motors&91/b&93&91url='http://www.corvetteforum.net/c4/bcunningham/'&93Polo Green 95 LT1 6-spd&91/URL&93 /&91url='http://homepages.go.com/~briancunningham/MeVetteSmall.jpg'&93Photo of me&91/URL&93&91b&93Member:&91/b&93 &91url='http://www...
1 460
by  CrosserJump to last post
05 Jun 2001 07:29 AM
4 Replies and 519 Views Got to try out my 335/18f 335/17r combo.  519  4 Started by  BrianCunningham Yesterday was a Detroit Counsil of Sport Cars event.I ran the car in BSP. I finally got some race tire under me. In NCCC Group II you can run _any_ width wheel you want and only a _minimum_ diameter is specified. With all the power our cars have I wanted to get as much rubber under me as I could. So I called up &91b&93RaceWheel&91/b&93 &91EMAIL&93JP8493aol.com&91/EMAIL&93 ( john at CCW ) and ordered up some 18x12 front and 17x12 rears. I got them used, but they look brand new! I shod t...
4 519
by  97SSerJump to last post
04 Jun 2001 07:30 PM
4 Replies and 744 Views Corvette BSPers!  744  4 Started by  VettesRule New to BSP. What do I do What are the best shocks Too many questions...any tips------------------Danny CastilloEmail me at: &91EMAIL&93VettesRuleaol.com&91/EMAIL&93 Visit my webpage:&91url='http://www.corvetteforum.net/c4/vettesrule1'&93www.corvetteforum.net/c4/vettesrule1&91/URL&93
4 744
by  RobGJump to last post
02 Jun 2001 01:54 AM
0 Replies and 511 Views Need seat time? (Drivers Wanted)  511  0 Started by  Lateapexer There is a test and tune weekend at Putanm Park Road Course, Mt. Meriedean Indiana July 21/22, 2001. There is also a driving school for the novice the same weekend! If you need seat time or to shake down the 2001 ride come play in traffic at the Park! ALL fendered cars are welcome from IT TO GT1. Details contact ttiede_2000yahoo.com. Rain or shine the track time's fine! Also available Thursday night Thunder at Putnam Park; June 7/21, July 12/26, August 2/16. Thursday night Thunderis desi...
0 511
01 Jun 2001 11:26 AM
4 Replies and 627 Views ASP Rules && brakes  627  4 Started by  karkar Hello,I am currently running in ASP with my 2000 BMW M Coupe in SoCal CSCC.I have done extensive mods to my car, all SCCA ASP legal, but I was wondering if there was anything I could do to my brakes besides changing brake lines. Can I put a big brake kit w/ upgraded pads Or can I just replace the rotors w/ OEM ones How about pads The SCCA rule book is very unclear about this, it only states that one can do mods to brake line. Nothing else is stated there, which I find strange.Thanks for any...
4 627
by  karkarJump to last post
18 May 2001 11:17 AM
1 Replies and 502 Views who is running BMW in SP ?  502  1 Started by  HARTGERACER just currious wes------------------HARTGE RACER
1 502
by  karkarJump to last post
18 May 2001 09:20 AM
1 Replies and 557 Views Who's running CSP at the Oscoda ProSolo?  557  1 Started by  CSP137 Who's running CSP at the Oscoda ProSolo Would like to have a class.
1 557
by  CrosserJump to last post
17 May 2001 10:06 AM
7 Replies and 669 Views Wheel Options 17X11  669  7 Started by  Iron Butt What other wheel options are available for 17X11 for a VetteI was hoping that there's a more affordable option other A-Molds (out of hand expensive) or good aftermarkets, or worse, heavy alum. aftermarkets that are still $200 a wheel.Bueller Anyone
7 669
by  RobGJump to last post
12 May 2001 04:30 PM
10 Replies and 726 Views Sentra SE-R  726  10 Started by  Trys_Hard Where would the Sentra SE-R fit in Street Prepared I looked and only the 300zx is listed for Nissan. Wonder Why------------------&91list&93*Art Rinner*95 Eagle Talon ESI*823 ES (Team No $)&91/list&93 At the NT San Diego Sunday&91This message has been edited by Trys_Hard (edited April 05, 2001).&93
10 726
by  RyanJump to last post
11 May 2001 10:52 AM
1 Replies and 491 Views ASP  491  1 Started by  ebsalem Anybody here playing in ASP In a 911 I'm planning on doing my first Nats this year and have some rule interpretation questionsthanks,enrscca, 72
1 491
by  jeff parkerJump to last post
10 May 2001 06:52 PM
4 Replies and 547 Views What class should I be in??  547  4 Started by  lupin I've went to 2 autocrosses in Indy, and I'm classified into ASP. My car is an '88 M3. I looked up the classification in scca.org page, and the only BMW in ASP is M3 LTW. They listed my car under CSP. Who's right I do have some mods in my car though. Suspension, Exhaust, Chip, Cam Gear, and Brake Lines.
4 547
by  lupinJump to last post
03 May 2001 04:26 PM
20 Replies and 1336 Views BSP'ers!  1336  20 Started by  RobG
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Hadn't seen any new traffic in this area for a while, so I figured I'd try to start something up.I wanted to see how many BSPers were here, and what you're driving. I was on a BSP mailing list, and found it absolutely worthless because all people ever did was socialize and keep their car setups to themselves. Perhaps we can get a better information exchange going here.Rob------------------- 86 Corvette BSP 42
20 1336
by  BrianCunninghamJump to last post
30 Apr 2001 01:09 PM
0 Replies and 515 Views intercoolers  515  0 Started by  Thred i am curious to know if you are allowed to modify your intercooler while running in a *sp classparticularly if a 2nd gen talon TSi AWD running in ESP is allowed to install a front mounted intercoolerthanks for the help
0 515
29 Apr 2001 09:26 PM
0 Replies and 505 Views F-body hoosier pressure?  505  0 Started by  KOOKAMUNGA i just got a set of hoosier dot's the problem is i have the R3S03 tire and needed to know what pressures i should start with. also what i should expect from them. they are of the 275/40/17 variety for my 99 camaro. my mods are limited to the 1LE stuff xcept the shocks (a little too expensive right now) oh yea allmost forgot i was running those crappy goodyear F1's that came with the car so im expecting big changesthanx ------------------1999 SS Camaro 1521Black M6,Leather, Hurst Billet Plus CA...
0 505
23 Apr 2001 03:18 PM
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