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1 Replies and 844 Views Greetings.  844  1 Started by  Shaman I wonder just how many of us in ASP will really be willing to share information. &91url='http://www.rumour.com/car/'&93http://www.rumour.com/car/&91/URL&93 It's all there for mine.------------------http://racing.kos.net/Solo-1' TARGET=_blank>http://www.rumour.com/http://racing.kos.net/Solo-1 Record holder, Mosport DDT
1 844
by  ShamanJump to last post
03 Jan 2001 04:17 PM
2 Replies and 943 Views French cars in SP  943  2 Started by  PhrankenPhrog Hi all!I'm in process of building my 1987 Renault GTA for F/SP this winter -- mostly 'cause I got whipped so badly in E/S at the 2000 Nationals! I felt that the GTA was holding its own in most areas but modern sticky tires just overwhelmed the suspension to where I was three-wheeling and two-wheeling around the corners! Can't go fast when the wheels are in the air! Stock rules won't let me fix the problem but SP will so here I go in SP for 2001. I'm looking to have a lot of fun this year in ...
2 943
by  PhrankenPhrogJump to last post
03 Jan 2001 05:25 AM
2 Replies and 1304 Views 3rd Gen F-bodies in ESP???  1304  2 Started by  BumpaD_Z28 HI anyone out there running a 3rd Gen (82-92)Camaro in ESP class, That is where I plan on running next year (2001) and ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated, since I'm in Utah every performance part is mail order so I have to chose wisely. I know these cars are very capable of impressive times, even in F-stock so with some mods and LOTS of seat time I'd like to go quick, ANY Comments appreciated Thanks!------------------1967 RS Camaro w/ 454restoration in progress1982 Z28 TONS of mods
2 1304
by  01 FS Z28Jump to last post
02 Jan 2001 09:03 PM
5 Replies and 831 Views VTEC controllers in CSP??  831  5 Started by  EG2solo I know ECU mods are ok, but what about add on VTEC controllersTIA..Jeff
5 831
by  EG2soloJump to last post
02 Jan 2001 03:44 PM
5 Replies and 959 Views Fuel regulators  959  5 Started by  johng I'm new to CSP this season after coming off a second place (NWR) STS season last year. Are adjustable fuel pressure regulators allowed If piggy-back AFC computers are allowed, are under-hood, adjustable in-line regulators also------------------1993 Civic Si CSP/ICJellybean Racing 93Sponsored by &91url='http://www.NipponPower.com'&93www.NipponPower.com&91/URL&93&91This message has been edited by johng (edited December 28, 2000).&93
5 959
by  johngJump to last post
01 Jan 2001 06:11 PM
6 Replies and 1169 Views Adjustable coilovers okay in SP or not?  1169  6 Started by  Andy 02 Howdy all,I keep hearing conflicting information on the use of coilovers in SP -- the rules seem to say they're permitted (14.5 C, 14.8 A), but...I'll leave this question open ended in the interest of discussion.Andy -- '97 M3
6 1169
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
28 Dec 2000 07:38 PM
5 Replies and 1343 Views CSP Miatas  1343  5 Started by  sm2dan Very cool forum!I'd like to know who has done what with their CSP car, particularly M2 Miatas. I'm particularly interested in fuel management, any computer piggybacks, TEC II or Link upgrades.i've done just about all i can do suspension-wise and bolt-on and the car has potential, but i just need that extra *oomph*Hope to see y'all at Meridian!Dan------------------99 Miata CSP 96 Honda F125 26 Spokes Pres '00/'01www.spokes.org
5 1343
by  sm2danJump to last post
28 Dec 2000 11:36 AM
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