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6 Replies and 868 Views What class?  868  6 Started by  RSCamaro92 Chevette, no interior, custom fabricated rear supension with altered mounting points, different rear axle, SFC's with cross brace, welded roll cage, seam welding and buttressing throughout. Possible custom steering rack. Custom front suspension arms and spindles, using original attachment points.3.8L engine. 2000lbs. Standard drivetrain config. (FE/FD), altered engine mounts and possible frame notching. I see there are limits on carb/ FI. What exactly are theyWill get book soon ---------...
6 868
by  RSCamaro92Jump to last post
14 Feb 2003 02:37 PM
11 Replies and 876 Views Mod vs. Prep  876  11 Started by  RSCamaro92 What's the main difference between Mod and Prep I know, getting a rulebook soon. --------------------Adam Wosneski-Michigan State Colleges of Honors & Chemical Engineering-DetR, GS 88-'95 Neon Sport Sedan... Not by choice 'Know what dog food tastes like! Do ya It taste just like it smells! - Delicious.'-Chappelle
11 876
by  Norm PetersonJump to last post
12 Feb 2003 06:50 AM
1 Replies and 740 Views Cam Question  740  1 Started by  cjsMP3 I'm very new to engine mods, so this is probably a basics question, but I don't know it. I am looking at cams for a future SOLO SM car. What do lift and duration numbers mean The place I am looking offers 3 variotions, each with higher numbers in both categories. ANy info would be greatly appreciated.
1 740
by  Norm PetersonJump to last post
11 Feb 2003 05:39 AM
12 Replies and 980 Views classing for mod project.  980  12 Started by  steve_d Okay here goes.Subaru 360 micro car. Impreza chassis and drivetrain. AWD, shortened to 360 size wheelbase.under 2.5L, I figure coming in at about 1100 or 1200 pounds...I'll ballast if needed.the rulebook is on its way...would this thing be DM EM or
12 980
by  Norm PetersonJump to last post
10 Feb 2003 06:59 AM
0 Replies and 659 Views Limted Prep Idea?  659  0 Started by  Soloneon I've been lurking on the road racers Production classes forum checking out car prep discussions etc. I know there has been discussion on the future of the Solo Prepared classes. The recent proposal to allow cars like the Miata a choice of classes to run AP or DP depending on weight etc. gave me an idea, how about mixing 'full prep' and 'limited prep' cars in Prepared classes, full prep would be like current rules relocation of suspension pickups double A-arm conversions from strut etc. limited p...
0 659
16 Jan 2003 08:09 PM
4 Replies and 830 Views Carbs  830  4 Started by  #27-99-GSR I have a '86 corolla GT-S and was planning on swaping to Carbs. I was thinking about keihin FCR's (a motorcycle carb). but was told that slide style carbs are illegal in SCCA. is this true if so, why thanks
4 830
by  speedturnJump to last post
16 Jan 2003 07:47 AM
3 Replies and 680 Views anyone running F-mod in the midwest??  680  3 Started by  stx wgn i hear of everyone selling there cars. why
3 680
by  StormJump to last post
04 Jan 2003 09:57 AM
6 Replies and 791 Views My ongoing FP Project  791  6 Started by  FPrep2ndGenRX7 If finally runs but isin't ready for an event. A few more safety items and guages then I can run it. Proper tires and rims will come later. &91url='http://www.rotarymiata.com/fprx/fprx.htm'&93www.rotarymiata.com/fprx/fprx.htm&91/URL&93
6 791
by  Jim BaileyJump to last post
27 Dec 2002 11:08 AM
1 Replies and 731 Views Hoosier Tire Comounds??  731  1 Started by  25BP I have run 25x12x16 Hoosier 45 compound in the past and wanted to get some feed back on the 35 compound.Car weight is 2550-2300 poundsWheel is 16x12.Will a 35's heat up faster then the 45's on a car of this weightWill the 35's heat cycle out faster, or wear out the tread faster then the 45's and at what rate(est.).Can I run 45's on the front and 35's on the rear, as the front 45's are near newThanks
1 731
by  tholt29Jump to last post
07 Dec 2002 05:45 AM
2 Replies and 1031 Views questions on setting up MG Midget  1031  2 Started by  c21brian I just aquired an MG Midget 74, and would like to try to run in prepared with it. I used to have one that was pretty fast in prepared but had been already built for g prod when i aquired it. Any one know what the first 5 changes I should make to it to start competing in prepared...later I 'll be installing a rotary or for more power and move up to EMod.Brian
2 1031
by  bmwpwr84Jump to last post
02 Dec 2002 06:25 AM
1 Replies and 680 Views Where are the Prepared people?  680  1 Started by  Soloneon Why so little traffic on the Prepared forum Is there another message board elsewhere, specifically for EP
1 680
by  David FergusonJump to last post
19 Nov 2002 09:13 PM
2 Replies and 818 Views Are quick change rearends legal in C prepared  818  2 Started by  camaropaul I don't know of any CP cars that have one but it seem they would be desirable. They are relatively cheap and available at dirt track auction web sites. Could some body shed some light on this for me before I spend money on rear that I won't be happy with.
2 818
by  markaJump to last post
17 Oct 2002 08:23 AM
4 Replies and 827 Views cold weather affect on slicks.  827  4 Started by  c21brian I know most of us running modified run on slicks but is there an advantage of R-DOT over slicks in cold weather My slicks take a while to heat up to be useful, sometimes never getting warm in cold weather at auto-x events.Any one ever try switching over during the same eventBrian
4 827
by  SteveJump to last post
16 Oct 2002 10:20 AM
0 Replies and 549 Views 16" Wheels in D Prepared  549  0 Started by  mrhude I am preparing a Porsche 914 2.0 litre for F prepared. The rules in F Prepared only allow 15' x 7' wheels, however, D Prepared allows 16' x 7' wheels for 1.8 litre 914. Is this a mistake I have been unable to find any 15' diameter wheels with the correct offset. Your help or direction would be appreciated.Thanks, mike
0 549
15 Oct 2002 07:25 PM
1 Replies and 694 Views Differance between Prepared and Street Prepared  694  1 Started by  SVTCOBRA2001 What is the major differances between Prepared and Street Prepared------------------
1 694
by  msirotaJump to last post
24 Sep 2002 12:39 PM
1 Replies and 655 Views Need help.....What class am I in  655  1 Started by  Jims5543 I was going to try and stay in A-SP buy I feel I might be able to be more competative in Prepared.I think I fall into the Prepared Class E.I am not positive. I am also confused as to what mods I may run.Right now I have a 1987 Mazda RX-7 TurboIII have all the suspension mods allowed by ASPI also have a full racing exhaust.Here is where the problems start. I have a hybrid turbo and a boost controller and I am considering going to a stand alone computer. i.e. Haltech. Now, I can put on a stock tur...
1 655
by  FPrep2ndGenRX7Jump to last post
16 Sep 2002 06:44 AM
1 Replies and 652 Views Replica cars in prepared  652  1 Started by  DBurkhead In the 2000 Solo II rulebook, the last paragraph in section 15.A states:Replica cars are allowed in the respective Prepared classes occupied by the original vehicle, with required weight to be determined by the details of the replica's construction. An exact replica may run at the same weight as the original, while one constructed in a manner which exceeds the rules of the Prepared Category (while still meeting required specifications for track, wheelbase, and engine) must add 10 to its require...
1 652
by  David BordenJump to last post
05 Sep 2002 02:37 PM
0 Replies and 540 Views Couple AP rules questions  540  0 Started by  David Borden What is the weight limit for AP I thought I remebered it being around 2450lbsWhat are the rim limitations. Im pretty sure its 10x16... but is there an option for 12x10 with a weight penatltyMy wife and I are investigating preparing our Factory Five Racing Cobra replica for AP and going to the Nationals in the next year or two.From talking with Mr Duncan a while back, I understand replicas will be allowed in AP.David
0 540
05 Sep 2002 02:31 PM
8 Replies and 760 Views FrankenTruck is Having Surgery!  760  8 Started by  William Prince Egor......Egor...... Bring me another Wrench....NO!NO! you Idiot, WRENCH not WENCH!Well folks, FrankenTruck is having a transplant, gotta have him ready for Halloween ya know. Out with the Abby Normal brain Egor mistakenly got me last time and in with a new one!The 305/350 Turbo is out! The 302 DZ 450 H.P and a new Powerglid is going in. Along with that will be some 'cosmetic' surgery along with a few parts changes; a nbew 5 gallon foam lined fuel cell, a new Holley pump, some 'cute' little str...
8 760
by  c21brianJump to last post
05 Sep 2002 01:40 PM
2 Replies and 1117 Views Phantom A-Mod Car  1117  2 Started by  Swampy I'm curious about this beastie of a car and seeing that it's one of those years that the Canadians may descend on the SoloII nationals the 'Phantom' A-Mod car may be around again to whoop some booty again My question is - does anyone have any info, photos etc.... on this carMark.
2 1117
by  PhantomJump to last post
22 Aug 2002 09:56 PM
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