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1 Replies and 911 Views 85 Chevy S10 4X4 Truck E-Modified  911  1 Started by  William Prince Well guys and gals, my 85 Chevy S10 4X4 Truck E-Modified is nearing completion. Didn't make the Feb 17 Solo II at LVMS, but will likely have it ready for the Mar 17 one at LVMS (I am also Evenmt Chairman and Course Designer for that one).The motor is all but done and will be going back into the truck this weekend probably. Then all that is left is plumbing, electrical, and miscellaneous 'stuff'!See it's progress at &91url='http://www.wprince.com'&93http://www.wprince.com&91/URL&93 ----------...
1 911
by  William PrinceJump to last post
04 Mar 2002 07:43 AM
0 Replies and 779 Views CP driver, Mike Marsh of SF passed  779  0 Started by  al8apex I met Mike when I drove my 1970 Z28 to the 1983 Pro Solo in Sacramento. He was a fellow Camaro driver. We also met Mary Rice, the Glorioso's (Shauna was one still then), Rod Derrick, Mike Camicia (sp), Grant Byers, Tom Prather, Chris O'Donnell, Randy Ruhlman and a bunch of great people at my first Pro Solo.Mike invited us to his shop in SF as the throw-out bearing on my car was acting up with all the humidity we were experiencing. We did stop in SF on the way down to the next Pro the following ...
0 779
01 Mar 2002 12:38 AM
4 Replies and 952 Views Max. engine size in A-mod??  952  4 Started by  foxjet Hello,I'm still wondering what the max. engine size (cc) is for A-mod.Thank you,Alex
4 952
by  PhantomJump to last post
24 Feb 2002 07:15 PM
0 Replies and 616 Views Chart of allowed mods in Solo II  616  0 Started by  DBurkhead I've just compiled a tabular comparison of the modifications allowed in the various SCCA solo II preparation levels. It is my hope that it will become a useful tool to answer questions of the type 'I've done X, Y, & Z to my car. What class is it'It's on my web page. The direct link is: &91url='http://www.sff.net/people/dburkhead/prepcompare.htm'&93http://www.sff.net/people/dburkhead/prepcompare.htm&91/URL&93 The prep levels covered are Stock, Street Prepared, Street Modified, Prepared, STS...
0 616
24 Feb 2002 09:42 AM
1 Replies and 740 Views A-mod suspension  740  1 Started by  foxjet Hello,In the rules for A-mod, it states that all wheels shall be sprung from the main body.Of course the front wheels have an independant suspension, but does that mean that the rear must have an IRS, or is a semi independant rear okayThank you,Alex
1 740
by  vee5Jump to last post
23 Feb 2002 08:46 PM
1 Replies and 756 Views A-mod rule book question  756  1 Started by  foxjet Hello,I am with a group developing an A-mod car. While going through the SIIR rule book, in the bottom of the section discussing Formula cars, it says to also refer to Appendix this and that for further specs. When you go to that other appendix it says:A-mod: 700 lbs. min. plus following the rules of FSAE. FSAE states that the maximum engine size is 600cc.A few pages after the formula car description there is a paragraph on engines, and it says if an engine is turbo or supercharged add 1.4 x the...
1 756
by  vee5Jump to last post
17 Feb 2002 04:31 PM
0 Replies and 582 Views Wheels?  582  0 Started by  HARTGERACER what is the current width and diameter for wheels on a prep's bmw e30 325H
0 582
09 Feb 2002 07:49 PM
1 Replies and 812 Views Prepared class rules  812  1 Started by  mdooner Does anyone have a copy of the prepared class rules and regulations or know where i can find them online
1 812
by  FPrep2ndGenRX7Jump to last post
24 Jan 2002 01:27 PM
3 Replies and 873 Views Need Modified Car Class Pics for this forum...  873  3 Started by  Dave Schotz Hey guys... need pics of AM-FM cars in ACTION... to replace the WS-6 Firebird in the corner here... representing the Modified Forum...Please post your pics... preferably ones that have all SCCA decals, class, and numbers... to help...Thanks!Dave------------------Weapon: True Blue 2001 CobraClass: FSCar No: Undecided
3 873
by  129STSJump to last post
18 Jan 2002 09:22 AM
1 Replies and 819 Views Kit car replicas  819  1 Started by  DBurkhead Would a kit car replica (say of a Cobra or a GT40 or what have you) come under the 'Modified Production' classes (D and E) or would one fall under the class for Sports Racers (although most of the one's I've seen exceed the 3000 cc displacement limit)------------------David L. Burkhead 'May I be just half the personmailto:dburkhuadhome.com my dog thinks I am.'Science Fiction -- Judo -- Space -- Science -- Carshttp://www.sff.net/people/dburkhead
1 819
by  PhantomJump to last post
13 Jan 2002 03:44 PM
1 Replies and 815 Views just an idea  815  1 Started by  c21brian With the recent reclassification logic in bringing cars and classes together that are competitive wih one another, has any one noticed how D and E Mod times at National level on down seem to be neck and neck. At least in my area it would make things more competive with more than 1 to 2 entries in each class.BrianBrian
1 815
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
30 Dec 2001 09:42 PM
2 Replies and 996 Views 260Z  996  2 Started by  c21brian I drive a Datsun 260 z with a roller ford 302 out of a 85 mustang gt. in e mod auto cross. I'm looking to swap information and ideas with anyone else racing a modified Z.
2 996
by  74_5.0L_ZJump to last post
17 Dec 2001 11:23 AM
1 Replies and 1455 Views need help with building 82 mustang for CP class autocross  1455  1 Started by  82 stang I am new to autocross and mustangs but I am interested in running a car in the CP class.Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I have purchased a 82 mustang for $700. The floor is rusted out and the 4 speed manual tras. is no good. The motor is '85 302 roller motor with performer RPM manifold and headers.It seems to run very strong.I plan on gutting car and installing a rollcage and sfc. My plans include rebuilding or replacing:rear diff.,trans,front and rear suspention parts,brakes. The m...
1 1455
by  markaJump to last post
01 Nov 2001 02:01 PM
0 Replies and 704 Views Building an '89 BP Corvette  704  0 Started by  ksevern I am in the process of building a new engine for my vette that should be putting out about 450 hp & 500 ft/lbs. Does anyone have a suggestions on what the optimum rear end ratio should be for an L98 w/ ZF 6-speed I've got the GT7 option 3.33 in the limited slip Dana 44 now. Second gear pegged at 5K rpm puts the car at about 60 mph right now.Also, do I understand I will be AP next year------------------Ken Severn1989 Corvette Z51 Coupe189 BSPSCCA-CenDiv-Milwaukee Region&91url='http://webpages...
0 704
02 Oct 2001 07:58 PM
1 Replies and 750 Views This is a quiet area, however, question...  750  1 Started by  Penske I'm debating getting an old F440 to run both road racing and Solo. But having seen the concessions that Solo Vees have (1600s, free cams, huge rubber), I don't know that a 440 would be competitive. I KNOW I won't be competitive on a National road race level, but I would hope I could run at a National Solo level.I don't get the allowances for Vees to have bigger rubber and nearly as much power as a Formula Ford.
1 750
by  vee5Jump to last post
10 Sep 2001 06:19 PM
8 Replies and 1069 Views Running Slicks without a Rollcage - Wasting my time?  1069  8 Started by  FPrep2ndGenRX7 It is my understanding that racing slicks need a very solid platform from which to work properly(hence the other thread in here about torsional stiffness). Since the car is getting ready for the paint shop, now is the time to make the decision as to having a roll cage or not.Let me know what you think about running racing slicks on the stock chassis with nothing more than strut tower bars. Is it worth my time or will I be chasing the setup so much that the slicks are a waste of time and money ...
8 1069
by  FPrep2ndGenRX7Jump to last post
09 Aug 2001 07:18 AM
2 Replies and 849 Views E-Mod floorpan?  849  2 Started by  thedoc My next project idea seems to be evolving and solidifying a bit. I'm now looking at building an E-Modified/Super Production car. It would be geared more towards the high-speed stuff, but I want it to be autocrossable as well.One place the rules are vague is in regards to the floorpan. They say that it must be retained for the length of the passenger compartment.My first question is 'What is the passenger compartment' This definition seems to very depending on the context, sometimes it seems...
2 849
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
03 Aug 2001 10:38 PM
7 Replies and 884 Views Going Mod..  884  7 Started by  johnniedollar Is anyone running Thunder Roadster or Baby Grands in Solo 2 I've seen some Legends but was not really impressed. I want to move to Mod. and looking for a competitive ride.
7 884
by  P225Jump to last post
03 Aug 2001 08:16 AM
5 Replies and 1487 Views Increasing torsional stiffness in a unibody car  1487  5 Started by  FPrep2ndGenRX7 I'm building a 1987 RX7 to run in FP. When I finally get my car running it will still be without a roll bar much less a roll cage. The chassis will not be any stiffer than a street driven car. Pretaining to the body panels that are only tack welded together, will there likely be any improvement in the stiffness of the chassis buy completely welding these panels together I'm mostly concerned with the major structural areas like the door openings, strut towers, roof, etc......Hopefully there ...
5 1487
by  FPrep2ndGenRX7Jump to last post
23 Jul 2001 06:12 AM
0 Replies and 862 Views B Mod / DSR information  862  0 Started by  racer_tom If you're curious about road race legal DSR cars, which can also compete in the B Mod Solo II class, then check out my DSR web site. &91url='http://dsr.racer.net'&93http://dsr.racer.net&91/URL&93 If you have a B Mod DSR, please send me your information and photos and I will be happy to add them to the site and archive.Tom Clayton
0 862
09 Jul 2001 05:13 PM
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