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Last Post 10 Dec 2015 05:08 PM by  sgt_g
Converting to coil-over shock
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10 Dec 2015 05:08 PM
    Ok car in question is a 2010 ford fusion awd sport. Factory configuration has a shock mounted to the hub and then at the normal angle to the car chassis. Then the spring is mounted on a control arm inboard of the hub about 3 inches. I have a set of Koni 30 series shocks to go in place of the factory shocks that I plan to mount inverted and I am thinking of getting the kit to convert it to a coil-over shock. But I don't know enough about suspension dynamics to know what that would do to the handling. Everything I can find online says it would be stiffer and better but I wanted to make sure before I did the change.

    Also can you recommend some good books on suspension design and building.