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0 Replies and 626 Views Texas Tour  626  0 Started by  SoloVR6 Does anyone know Dan Maloney He won STS at the N.T. in San Diego and I am wondering if he will be in Texas for the tour.Anyone else going to Texas------------------Pete BertaSolo2 VW GTI VR6Chicago Region 18 STS (18 like... in the top 20)
0 626
28 Mar 2001 07:13 AM
0 Replies and 625 Views 84' BMW 533i ?  625  0 Started by  donalson just cerious is the BMW 533i ok in modifiedit seems as if this is the only possable place to have this car semi competative (local level) assuming it's alowed in this class, thanksmark
0 625
27 Mar 2001 07:34 PM
4 Replies and 646 Views Check out my new STS ride for 2001  646  4 Started by  RonConrad The old 400,000 Civic Si is being temporarily retired because I bought a replacement without the body rot problems we suffer in North East Indiana.Check out the photos: &91url='http://fwrscca.fwi.com/RonConradSTS.htm'&93http://fwrscca.fwi.com/RonConradSTS.htm&91/URL&93 Still have to do the lettering and race numbers. My helmet now matches my car. Check back to that site for more photos as the car progresses.------------------Ron ConradSTS - 86 Honda Civic Si
4 646
by  gsrrogerJump to last post
27 Mar 2001 07:21 AM
12 Replies and 840 Views How about a STS/STR Website?  840  12 Started by  RonConrad Street Mod has their site. Maybe there should be &91url='http://www.streettouring.com'&93www.streettouring.com&91/URL&93 A site where we could feature STS/STR cars and drivers, explain the rules, promote the class, etc.We could sell ad space to anyone who wanted to promote their products to the class. If it was a FrontPage site, I could help maintain it.Anybody up for this------------------Ron ConradSTS - 86 Honda Civic Si
12 840
by  DanTimkoJump to last post
23 Mar 2001 09:46 AM
0 Replies and 621 Views F-body diet  621  0 Started by  97SSer what kind of weight savings mods are my fellow f-bros runnin' out therewhat does a typical ESP f-body weigh vs. a SM f-body(4-gen car)
0 621
22 Mar 2001 09:28 PM
6 Replies and 639 Views Whose running SM2?  639  6 Started by  Drew00GTsc So which local regions are running SM2 Just curious if we are going to get enough support locally to push it to the next level (national hopefully).We are running SM2 up here in the pacific northwest. Anyone else-Drew00gT s/c
6 639
by  ColinLJump to last post
21 Mar 2001 05:45 AM
2 Replies and 673 Views What about 2 seaters???  673  2 Started by  BrianCunningham Any change that the SCCA will start allowing 2 seaters to run in this classI'd like to modify my Vette more, but I also want to keep in on the street.------------------ &91i&93Noise & Vibration Engineer&91/i&93 contracted out to &91b&93General Motors&91/b&93&91url='http://www.corvetteforum.net/c4/bcunningham/'&93Polo Green 95 LT1 6-spd&91/URL&93 /&91url='http://homepages.go.com/~briancunningham/MeVetteSmall.jpg'&93Photo of me&91/URL&93&91b&93Member:&91/b&93 &91url='http://...
2 673
by  BrianCunninghamJump to last post
19 Mar 2001 01:05 PM
11 Replies and 732 Views Irvine pro-solo attendance  732  11 Started by  arg33 Just wanted to see who all was going to be at the Irvine pro solo March 24-25, looking foward to seeing you all there!------------------Matt Guiver33 STS
11 732
by  dmark101Jump to last post
19 Mar 2001 02:04 AM
3 Replies and 626 Views Product of my environment...  626  3 Started by  Scooby South Well I must say these are products of my environment...hehehehehe conedancing &91This message has been edited by Scooby South (edited March 15, 2001).&93
3 626
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
16 Mar 2001 06:25 AM
1 Replies and 609 Views Mini in Street Mod???  609  1 Started by  Garfield Is there any reason a Mini would not be allowed in Street Mod Maybe weight
1 609
by  DavardJump to last post
15 Mar 2001 07:22 PM
4 Replies and 687 Views AT Shift Kit  687  4 Started by  Trys_Hard I posted this in Ask SEB but Dave S. suggested I post it here.Quick shifters are allowed in STS so my contention is that a shift kit for an AT would also be legal. Because I am a totally legal kinda guy I won't put one in until I get a ruling. (Although I don't know how anyone would figure out that I had it done!)------------------&91list&93*Art Rinner*95 Eagle Talon ESI*823 ES (Team No $)&91/list&93
4 687
by  Trys_HardJump to last post
15 Mar 2001 06:36 PM
8 Replies and 837 Views STS motor parts?  837  8 Started by  acuraracer111 Hmm, searching for a little more power in my B18B1 Honda motor... I don't have my rulebook handy here, can anyone help me outLooking at legality/usefulness of:cam-gearsfuel pressure regulatorupgraded fuel raillarger/bored throttle bodyAre ANY of these legal or not
8 837
by  acuraracer111Jump to last post
15 Mar 2001 02:04 PM
6 Replies and 908 Views MSD Ignition Rules  908  6 Started by  Racing Addict I was in STS class, and have recently installed an MSD 6A ignition. Is this allowed in STS If not then what class does it put me in nowThanks------------------95 Ford Probe GTSCPOC MemberSCCA Solo2-SDR123 IS2
6 908
by  SpectreJump to last post
12 Mar 2001 11:19 AM
3 Replies and 750 Views 3.8 turbo ta fourth gen?  750  3 Started by  97SSer would this be legal for street mod3.8 turbo TA in a fourth gen
3 750
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
10 Mar 2001 06:50 AM
6 Replies and 877 Views Update\Backdate Guidelines  877  6 Started by  NE_Hatch SCCA.org says that you can updat/backdate in the STS class. What all does this include Suspension,Interior,Electronics,Engine------------------1995 Civic DX B18C1My Mind Is Always Racing
6 877
by  NE_HatchJump to last post
09 Mar 2001 04:53 AM
30 Replies and 1758 Views ST= Subaru Touring in ProSolos?  1758  30 Started by  GSBMW325is
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Looks like the Ft. Meyer ProSolo results are up for Saturday. 8 cars, 4 subies, all of them in the top 5. Only a Neon trying to spoil the party! Honda/Acura struggling. No surprise who's winning, though...------------------ Keith White95 BMW 325is19 GS Utah Region SCCA&91url='http://www.team-arg.com'&93Team-Arg&91/URL&93
30 1758
by  pleiadesJump to last post
07 Mar 2001 06:18 PM
2 Replies and 683 Views What about bolt-in 6-point Roll Hoops?  683  2 Started by  ramcharger This would be permissible for weld-in per the SP guidelines, but does not mention bolt-in or weld-in and whether it matters.Anybody know I'm new. &91url='http://narcszm.www8.50megs.com/sixpoint.html'&93http://narcszm.www8.50megs.com/sixpoint.html&91/URL&93
2 683
by  ramchargerJump to last post
06 Mar 2001 05:57 AM
4 Replies and 716 Views Subaru AT in STS?  716  4 Started by  llonman I have a question about the 4EAT in the Subaru cars. In vehicles with the 5-speed manual transmission, the All-Wheel Drive uses a viscous coupling in a center differential inside the transaxle case. Instead of a viscous coupling center differential, an automatic transmission-equipped Subaru features an “electronically managed variable transfer clutch in the transaxle tailshaft”. It seems that the intent of the rule 'No limited slip differentials except factory viscous coupler type units' was mea...
4 716
by  llonmanJump to last post
05 Mar 2001 04:18 PM
0 Replies and 598 Views Post lowering of a Stealth  598  0 Started by  SUPER-STEALTH I have a 91 Stealth, I plan on putting some 17' rims with low pros on it, whats the max i can slam the back end without the tires hitting the wall.... Im using coil-overs&91This message has been edited by SUPER-STEALTH (edited March 03, 2001).&93
0 598
03 Mar 2001 11:22 AM
16 Replies and 1063 Views Street Mod Added!! Due to popular demand!  1063  16 Started by  Dave Schotz Thanks guys! Here ya go! Dave
16 1063
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
02 Mar 2001 10:21 AM
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