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5 Replies and 928 Views What's the best 14" tire for Neon?  928  5 Started by  Jan in Omaha Greetings and Whoomah!! I am looking for some tires to put on the OEM 14 x 6 alloys for our Neon. These will be for Summer useage only as we have Blizzaks for the snow. I am not looking at 'R' tires (I have enough of them) but tires to drive on to get to events and run the occasional Street Tire class of treadware 140. The car is a Neon sedan with a full SSC ACR trunk kit on it. I have been veto'd on the issue of getting new larger wheels.What size is best 205/60 or 195/55 The Yokohama AVS...
5 928
by  Jan in OmahaJump to last post
28 Feb 2001 06:20 PM
5 Replies and 669 Views Alignment  669  5 Started by  Scooby South Getting ready to put my car on the ole alignment rack...after I get all my stuff installed...Since I have adjustable camber plates and Coilovers...I should get two alignments then...right One for normal driving (setup for agressive)...and then the one I would use for race day...CorrectAnyways..The Question is...What are the better alignment specs for Race day...My plan is: 1/8th toe out front-2.5 to -3 degrees front Camber-2 degrees rear camber1/8th toe in Rear (to help rotate)As much Cas...
5 669
by  ThredJump to last post
27 Feb 2001 08:35 PM
2 Replies and 672 Views What is STS & STR & can i come out & play  672  2 Started by  HEMIDAYTNA What exactly is this class I have a chrysler neon that is a european car. yes, right hand drive. i have completely reworked the suspension, motor, ect... is this a class for me or should i go elsewhereif i can play what region has this class
2 672
by  Jan in OmahaJump to last post
27 Feb 2001 07:15 PM
10 Replies and 978 Views Are Cat's Required in SM?  978  10 Started by  Dave Schotz Anyone know... there is heavy debate going back and forth. I believed they 'were' not required. Dave------------------Weapon: White 2001 Z-06 Class: SSCar No: 39
10 978
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
26 Feb 2001 01:08 PM
8 Replies and 840 Views Fort Meyer Pro  840  8 Started by  NE_Hatch So how many cars ended up attending More or else then last year------------------1995 Civic DX B18C1My Mind Is Always Racing
8 840
by  acuraracer111Jump to last post
23 Feb 2001 12:45 PM
4 Replies and 669 Views Rules Question...Suspension....  669  4 Started by  dkizerian Hey gang...Are shocks with external reservoirs legal in STS! I can't find a clear-cut rule.. I'm thinking yes based on this rule from the STS/R rules from the 11/2000 SEB Tech Bulletin ------------------------------------3 -- B. Any shock absorbers may be used, provided they attach to the original mounting points. The number of shock absorbers shall be the same as Stock. No shock absorber may be capable of adjustment while the car is in motion, unless fitted as original equipment. MacPherson ...
4 669
by  GSBMW325isJump to last post
22 Feb 2001 08:18 PM
25 Replies and 1727 Views Go away ST!!!  1727  25 Started by  Rob Lay
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Just joking, I knew that would make you look.In a AX here in TX yesterday we only had 3 cars in GS. If all the GS cars that were in a ST class had been in GS it would of been great competition. That's just my first thought.My second and overruling thought is that it doesn't mater what class you're in or how many competitors you have, you can still compare yourself to everyone else. Of course the PAX does that as well.Let's go STS and STR and even SM, I'm coming to get your cut stiff springed ...
25 1727
by  topless98Z24Jump to last post
19 Feb 2001 10:11 AM
3 Replies and 873 Views Highly Modded DSM's  873  3 Started by  Trys_Hard I've been trying to convince some of the DSM drag racers to come and try Autocross. Most of them have extensive modifications to the engine including bigger turbo's and intercoolers. Can they run in this class------------------&91list&93*Art Rinner*95 Eagle Talon ESI*823 ES (Team No $)&91/list&93
3 873
by  NE_HatchJump to last post
19 Feb 2001 09:10 AM
1 Replies and 642 Views You guys will still let me run in STS right?  642  1 Started by  Spectre Looks as though my engine is toast due to a dealer screw up so I am thinking of upgrading to an STi engine and tranny combo. That OK for STS rightYes I am just kidding. Looks like SM this year ------------------'98 2.5 RS38 STS Utah Region&91url='http://www.team-arg.com'&93
1 642
by  ColinLJump to last post
19 Feb 2001 07:07 AM
36 Replies and 1940 Views Subaru Drivers come in here!  1940  36 Started by  ImprezedRS
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Hello all you Subaru drivers, well now that this forum is up lets show them all what we got, here is my car: &91This message has been edited by ImprezedRS (edited December 28, 2000).&93
36 1940
by  StreptoJump to last post
16 Feb 2001 07:25 PM
7 Replies and 874 Views SM rule question  874  7 Started by  Big Money Mike The back seat is gone in my Firebird, now Im wondering if there is anything else I can remove from the car. Doesnt the rules say there is a 2500 limit for 6 liters How am I gonna get my car to that kinda weight if you cant remove anything What about radio, speakers, speaker covers, etc The AC stuff will not go in the car when my new motor goes in, so thats more weight. Let me know everything that I can possibly remove leagally.Mike D.
7 874
by  Crack MonkeyJump to last post
16 Feb 2001 06:27 AM
2 Replies and 793 Views Spring rates for Civic Si  793  2 Started by  Black99Si Hey guys, I would like to get some input on what spring rates you guys are using for Civic coupes. Right now I have Skunk2 coil-overs rated at 500lb/F 400lb/R and KYB AGX shocks. ThanksBrian
2 793
by  Black99SiJump to last post
14 Feb 2001 12:15 PM
2 Replies and 746 Views my decision  746  2 Started by  floridaracer Lately ive been doing A LOT of thinking as to what class I should be in. Ive finally made the decision to get my heater/ ducting back in and put the carpet back in my car and run Street Mod. CPrepared is just way too far of a total race car class, and im looking for something inbetween street prepared and modified.and for those that dont like the idea of Camaros/firbirds in Street Mod im here to stay (legally)------------------Mike - 80 Z/28Solo2 CP Street Mod where do i go&91url='http://...
2 746
by  NE_HatchJump to last post
14 Feb 2001 05:59 AM
5 Replies and 794 Views Rules clarification  794  5 Started by  73celica I have a '73 Celica with JDM engine (18RG bored to 2.2L) that I might think of running in SM from time to time (or EM if I have to).Anyhow, I was wondering the legality of removing the back seat. It interferes with the roll bar and is usless because of that same bar. I wanted to pull it out and just get the rear of the car carpeted so it looks nice.I am guessing removing the back seat will not be legal for street mod If so, no biggie, it isn't going to be overly competitive in any class it runs...
5 794
by  NE_HatchJump to last post
14 Feb 2001 05:41 AM
1 Replies and 629 Views Who will I get to meet in Meridian?  629  1 Started by  SoloVR6 I will be making the annual trek to Meridian Mississippi for the National Tour (My 3rd year running) Anyone else------------------Pete BertaChicago Region SCCA
1 629
by  pylonJump to last post
12 Feb 2001 03:42 PM
2 Replies and 783 Views Pirelli P7000  783  2 Started by  gsrroger I was just looking at tirerack.com and it seems that the P7000 has come down quite a bit in price. They're $88/tire now in the 205/50-15 size, as I recall they used to go for over $100/tire in that size.Has anyone ever used the P7000 I've used the P700Z before, and it was a pretty nice tire.
2 783
by  gamerxeJump to last post
12 Feb 2001 12:40 PM
19 Replies and 1190 Views STS out west?  1190  19 Started by  priebe Whoever is running out west in STS will have a subie to contend with now. Since Subies are looking a little east coast dominated.IF no one has seen Billy Brooks yet, you will know him soon. He is one of the better young drivers I have run into. Just someone to watch out for!!! :-)Brian Priebe
19 1190
by  Racy-StaceyJump to last post
07 Feb 2001 08:12 PM
11 Replies and 934 Views Would my car be in STS if.....?  934  11 Started by  ImprezedRS Ok i have a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS Coupe with an auto. Now if I put on a custom made ram air induction system, pulley, spark plug wires, F/R upper strut bar, Rear sway bar, Racing springs, racing brake pads, cat back exhaust 2.5', and Apex S-AFC would my car still be in STS class or would i move to another class
11 934
by  rosssJump to last post
07 Feb 2001 01:27 PM
1 Replies and 566 Views Lowering a STEALTH  566  1 Started by  SUPER-STEALTH I have a 91 Dodge Stealth am interested in lower it anywhere from 1.5 to 2'. I would like to use a coilover set for this have been unable to locate a set anywhere. Does anyone know where i can get a set of coilovers from my Stealth or of anyone who custom makes them
1 566
by  StageOneJump to last post
05 Feb 2001 09:25 AM
2 Replies and 833 Views Removal of heater core/blower?  833  2 Started by  Autocrossing.com Looking at SM2 rules, and I correct to say that there is still no home for street legal passenger cars that have the heater core/blower motor removed Looks like I'll be in D-Mod for a long time coming. Perhaps the most ironic part is that here in Arizona, you'll suffer a lot more without A/C than a heater, yet A/C can be removed in SP/STS/STR, etc. but the heater core can't be removed until you're in Prepared/Mod.
2 833
by  thedocJump to last post
01 Feb 2001 08:48 PM
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