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1 Replies and 715 Views MSD Ignition system  715  1 Started by  Racy-Stacey Hi everyone Q: I run the MSD 6A, now originaly I had no problem. But after reading the minuttes concerning the clarification of the STS rules. I'm a little concerned that they are not allowing this mod anymore. Or am I reading it right.. Also if they are stating that the MSD is only legal if it alters the timing, then could I add a timing controler and it would become legal Would they let my current system be 'grandfathered in as am exemption' Once you install an MSD box in your car its not ...
1 715
by  Crack MonkeyJump to last post
09 Jan 2001 02:01 PM
0 Replies and 747 Views SM Saturns?  747  0 Started by  ConemowerSL2 Are there any others floating around out there, or am I going to have to be the first one ------------------1998 Saturn SL2Now with 2 Wheel Drive!
0 747
09 Jan 2001 09:41 AM
2 Replies and 743 Views WRX Intro Chat 1/9/01  743  2 Started by  AllPaws Tue Jan 9th 5-6pm PT (8-9pm EST) Mike Whelan Sr Mgr Product Public Relations, Subaru of America, chats on &91url=''&93
2 743
by  AllPawsJump to last post
08 Jan 2001 05:46 PM
8 Replies and 1123 Views Cats (no, not the furry kind)  1123  8 Started by  rosss Hi all,So, the new rules (assuming they don't get changed) say that 'Engine and transmission must remain unmodified, including emissions equipment, except as noted below:' Much to many folk's chagrin, 'below' there's no mention of the cats.So, from reading the rules, what is the opinion about moving the cats a bit I'm thinking that it'd probably be OK, since most headers will probably require a slight relocation of the cat (even if it's only a quarter inch, it's still 'moved' from stock) -- b...
8 1123
by  Racy-StaceyJump to last post
08 Jan 2001 11:55 AM
4 Replies and 877 Views Anyone know in what class a stock '91 Peugeot Mi16 would compete?  877  4 Started by  Cadre166 No aftermarket goodies just stock 405 Mi16 (1.9L DOHC 16V)
4 877
by  Cadre166Jump to last post
08 Jan 2001 09:24 AM
2 Replies and 783 Views the Neon motor mount thing  783  2 Started by  gsrroger So I was thinking about the neon drivers and their motor mount. If they want to remain fully ST legal, they have to use the stock mount that has a very short life span.I can't imagine that allowing neons to change the motor mount in question would give them an unfair advantage.I'm sure that are lots of other cars that also have well-known little issues that aren't ST legal if fixed properly. For example, the OEM clutch in the Integra GSR is very un-Honda-like in it's longevity.Some cars may no...
2 783
by  DavardJump to last post
06 Jan 2001 04:44 PM
16 Replies and 1437 Views 1.8T's in STS  1437  16 Started by  Garfield I may be wrong, but I think running a VW Golf 1.8T in STS is a winning combo.They're allowed for this year, CAN be chipped, you just can't use a bigger turbo if it's chipped.The R&D for Golf/GTI suspensions has been done. Sounds like a logical choice, huhBTW, I'm only saying this to see if anyone agrees with me, although I'm not in the market to do it myself.
16 1437
by  CamaroFS34Jump to last post
06 Jan 2001 08:33 AM
13 Replies and 1286 Views What class will 2002 WRX be in?  1286  13 Started by  ponykix I have been looking into the new 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX. 2.0 Liter turbo AWD. What class would I be able to run in with stock trim Thanks in advance.
13 1286
by  gsrrogerJump to last post
05 Jan 2001 01:30 PM
5 Replies and 973 Views Street Mod question  973  5 Started by  Big Money Mike Im putting together a 87 Firebird 5-speed right now, and am swapping out the stock 2.8 V6 for a 305. The 305 will probably get a new cam and headers done to it, other than that, it will take time and cash before I can do anymore motor work. If I have a well set up suspension, and a good driver(me) , is the lower motor power gonna matter as far as being competitive goes I know in some of the less prepared classes, a good suspension and good driver work better than a powerful motor. Does that...
5 973
by  Big Money MikeJump to last post
04 Jan 2001 09:22 AM
4 Replies and 817 Views Any Impreza drivers out there?  817  4 Started by  8Complex Hey all. Just curious, has anyone heard anything about the Anti-Lift Kit being legal in the class I know the rules state that suspension components can be changed in any way, but the connection points must remain the same - which should cover the ALK since it uses the same points, they're just different brackets. Right
4 817
by  8ComplexJump to last post
03 Jan 2001 11:07 PM
19 Replies and 1798 Views Profound Statement  1798  19 Started by  SoloVR6 I don't know how many of you have checked out the street touring group on I really hope this street touring forum isnt going to turn out like that. Too much crying about cars that are going to be class killers why this isnt allowed, why is this allowed.I am here to help others new to the SCCA who have questions, to trade set-up tips, and to BS with some friends. Am I wrong Is this too much to ask------------------Pete BertaChicago Region SCCA
19 1798
by  AliBenJump to last post
03 Jan 2001 08:40 PM
14 Replies and 1124 Views Excluded Cars  1124  14 Started by  Paxman I see a short list of sample cars on the SCCA website - like Porsches, MGB's (huh) ;-) , etc. Are the BMW M-3's included or excluded Are any BMW sedans included Or is this a FWD classJust looking for a little clarification. It appears our Region may try this.Thanks!
14 1124
by  DavardJump to last post
03 Jan 2001 01:09 PM
3 Replies and 1102 Views Official Street Modified Resources  1102  3 Started by  DG Those wanting more information about Street Modified are recommended to see the official Street Modified home page at &91url=''&93 Those looking for discussion on Street Modified are encouraged to join the SM Mailing List at Egroups - follow the link from the Street Modified website 'resources' page.Those with questions about the class are **highly** encouraged to read the FAQ (at the website) and search the Egroups message archive ...
3 1102
by  8ComplexJump to last post
03 Jan 2001 10:10 AM
1 Replies and 1091 Views Original ST1, ST2, ST3 concept?  1091  1 Started by  CamaroFS34 Does anyone happen to have a copy of or a URL to the original ST concept rules with the ST1, ST2, and ST3 classes I'm especially interested in the car (type) listings for the individual classes. I know that the Camaro was in ST3, and the ST1 class resulted in what we now call STS, but I don't know anything else about the original concept. Thanks in advance.Karen Kraus1996 Camaro Z28 1LE (FS34) &91url=''&93 -----...
1 1091
by  DavardJump to last post
02 Jan 2001 09:26 PM
6 Replies and 1082 Views Nationals Status - not yet? Where then?  1082  6 Started by  Paxman I think I've read that *only* Street Touring S will enjoy Nationals status this year, but that STS, STR and Street Mod will have Divisional and Tour Status.Local status is up to each individual Region.Is this understanding correctThanks for clarifying.......I'm typing our local Pylon Press newsletter and need to be clear as to what's what, so I inform everyone correctly.
6 1082
by  ColinLJump to last post
02 Jan 2001 07:26 PM
19 Replies and 1387 Views Hmm I think im in street mod.  1387  19 Started by  Mark Hello,I am somewhat new to autocrossing. I've only attended 1 event. I was told I would be racing in D-MOD but now I hear we have another classMy car:90 honda crx sib16a1 japanese spec enginey1 tranny with stock lsdexedy clutchsprings and shocks (koni yellows going on soon)intakeexhaustI have a nitrous kit not hooked up but I heard something that you are allowed 1 power adder Or is this another classThanks for clearing up my confusionMark
19 1387
by  Toms6893Jump to last post
02 Jan 2001 11:09 AM
3 Replies and 1044 Views I would like to be first, but I'm first= won't let me!  1044  3 Started by  RonConrad I'm probably the oddball of the group, I drive and 'Old' car. I've owned my 86 Civic Si since 10/85 and logged almost 400,000 miles with it. Here's a picture: &91url=''&93 unfortunately I live in the rust/salt belt so this car is going to retire until I fix the rust. I'm currenty buying this car: &91url='
3 1044
by  RonConradJump to last post
02 Jan 2001 07:01 AM
2 Replies and 1054 Views So, how much of what i am planning on doing to my neon is illegal?  1054  2 Started by  neonmike22 Hi everyone. I'm Mike and I drive a '98 neon coupe. Purty ain't sheI'm fairly familiar with the rules for STS, but there are a few things i'm not totally sure on. Am i allowed to take steps to prevent breaking things while racingThe first thing is motor mounts. I drag race on weekends i'm not autoxing, and i've filled my motor mounts with urethane to prevent them from breaking (again). How long can I get away with this in STSThanks for any advice!------------------Mike & Tess the Platinu...
2 1054
by  DavardJump to last post
30 Dec 2000 02:42 PM
6 Replies and 1565 Views i'm first =)  1565  6 Started by  dmark101 great, this is a cool board and it's about time!come on people, let's get this bad boy going! i've got a 1993 ford probe gt that i run in sts. i mainly run with the la based cscc group, but i also run with the san diego region as well.------------------dæmon™93pgt - president/scpocmember - scca/cal club regionwebmaster - &91url=''& administrator™ - &91url=''&
6 1565
by  Racy-StaceyJump to last post
28 Dec 2000 07:06 AM
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