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Last Post 11 Jul 2016 08:45 AM by  Mumbles the Madman
Picking Knits : Only OE sensors may be used for engine management.
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07 Jul 2016 07:35 AM
    In the Street Touring rules, in the Engine and Drivetrain section it says :

    "Only OE sensors may be used for engine management."

    Does this forbid sensors that are used for logging if intend to make manual engine management adjustments based on them in between runs?

    The Street rules(inherited by ST) say :

    "Data acquisition systems (including video cameras) and the accompanying
    sensors are allowed but may serve no other purpose during a run than
    real-time display and data recording."

    I run a 2000 Miata with an E-Manage Ultimate, so as long as I am not using the A/F target map during a run(which would probably be a dumb idea anyway), I think it should be fine. Just wanted to get a consensus on this since it contradicts itself a bit.

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

    09 Jul 2016 05:29 PM
    Yes, my interpretation is that rule only prohibits non-OE style sensors that are connected directly to the Engine Management computer. If they are only used for data logging, I believe they would be considered analogous to a gauge and therefore legal.

    New Member

    New Member

    11 Jul 2016 08:45 AM
    Thanks for responding drdisque!

    I guess I am more worried about the sentence before the OE sensor piece. This is the entire paragraph 14.10.F :

    F. The engine management system parameters and operation of internal
    combustion engines may be modified only via the methods listed below.
    These allowances also apply to forced induction cars, except that
    no changes to standard boost levels, intercoolers, or boost controls are
    permitted. Boost changes indirectly resulting from allowed modifications
    are permissible but directly altering or modifying the boost or turbo controls,
    either mechanically or electronically, is strictly prohibited. Traction
    control parameters may not be altered. Any OE OBD2 or newer communications
    port functionality must remain. The Check Engine Light (CEL) or
    Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) may be disabled via software.(1) Alternate
    software maps which violate these restrictions may not be present during
    competition, regardless of activation. (2)Only OE sensors may be used for
    engine management.

    So, I use my Emanage for logging the AFR. The EMU has a map which would be able to modify the fuel maps based on this signal(A/F Target Map). I don't use this map at all... all my adjustments are based on my interpretation of my logs, but the map exists and there is no way to remove it from the unit. If the statement labeled (1) above only applies to the restrictions before it in the paragraph(no boost level adjustments, no traction control parameters, OBD2 port still functions) then I am all set. Statement (2) comes after statement (1) in the rules, so I think everything is probably good.

    I'll go with that and see what happens, I won't be in a position for anyone to want to contest my setup(ie. haven't won a single race yet) but I'd rather know I'm within the rules so if I ever do win, my setup is beyond reproach.

    Worse case scenario, I remove the wideband before events and plug the bung just to be safe.