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Last Post 15 Jul 2016 12:48 PM by  fsparv
SSM @ wilmington summer pro
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15 Jul 2016 12:48 PM
    As much as I really really hoped to get my car out to Wilmington, it seems unlikely to happen. I had several potential transport options that seemed moderately likely, and a couple of long shot ideas, none of which panned/priced out. :( Early on SSM seemed to have had 8 folks, and now it's down to 7. Soon it will be 6 and no 2nd place tire, unless someone presently registered want's to lend a seat. I'll be happy to donate to tire/consumable costs of course...

    Mail me at:
    [a] gmail doT com

    If you are interested (or if by some amazing miracle you think you could help get my car to the event!)

    Additionally, If I can hitch a ride with someone for part of the distance, I'll happily pay for all your gas while I'm in the vehicle provided you don't mind me tapping away quietly at my laptop... (which will make the money that pays for said Gas :) )... If not I'll just drive, but we'll both be money ahead if I ride with someone.