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11 Replies and 1312 Views Z06 numbers??  1312  11 Started by  Scotty B --------------------------------------------------------------------------------So who has real *corrected* and *uncorrected* numbers on their Z06 carsMine is 342.6 hp & 346.6 tq corrected on a dyno jet...This seems low to me ------------------------------------ sbw &91url='http://www.naykidracing.com'&93www.naykidracing.com&91/URL&93 Kumho Tire/West Coast Corvettes/Fikse Wheel/Redline Oil/Speedware Motorsports 97 T1 Z06
11 1312
by  MakoJump to last post
17 May 2001 10:23 PM
1 Replies and 849 Views Don't get too far ahead of yerself now...  849  1 Started by  Scotty B Before every Chebby guy clears a spot on the trophy shelf for all the stuff he's gonna win because of the Viper restrictor...Ya better remember about the last months tech bulliten which I read to say the GTS get to install the better 01 rear brakes *AND* ABS... I don't know how many of you have raced a Viper but this is big news whether they have restrictors or not, and Bobby Archer doesn't *HAVE* any room on his shelf already but it will continue to become more crowded I predict... We just ne...
1 849
by  DHMichaelJump to last post
15 May 2001 03:04 PM
6 Replies and 903 Views Viper destroys previous Lap Records  903  6 Started by  Sunshine C5 Just had my butt wipped at Daytona. Iwas able to qualify 2nd to the viper and started right behind him ( was faster than two ZO6s) but on lap two a GT3 car blew and engine right in front of me and pieces were all over the track. No way to avoid and my oil cooler got stabbed by a bolt. I started loosing oil and alot of smoke and was unable to go fast cause my on oil was getting on my rear tires. Ended up with a 3rd.... ouchThe viper was 6 sec faster than the corvettes. 6 seconds !!!!! and he...
6 903
by  Sunshine C5Jump to last post
11 May 2001 06:16 PM
3 Replies and 846 Views How to buy a Mustang roller?  846  3 Started by  The_Winch How does one go about trying to do this
3 846
by  T2RacerJump to last post
09 May 2001 07:26 AM
6 Replies and 1158 Views OK, how many of you sissy hairdresser & banker types R goin to Thunderhill?  1158  6 Started by  Scotty B Isn't that what they said our class was, a bunch of bankers & lawyers who don't get dirty or race hard Anyway, now that I got yer attention... Who's goin to the Thunderhill doubleWe'll be there ------------------ sbw &91url='http://www.naykidracing.com'&93www.naykidracing.com&91/URL&93 Kumho Tire/West Coast Corvettes/Fikse Wheel/Redline Oil/Speedware Motorsports 97 T1 Z06&91This message has been edited by Scotty B (edited April 24, 2001).&93
6 1158
by  Scotty BJump to last post
03 May 2001 01:50 PM
6 Replies and 1025 Views PIR National 4/1 (Jim?)  1025  6 Started by  DHMichael Jim, What happened at the PIR National I was looking at the results and saw:Race Time: 00: 10: 39. 820 Race Distance: 13.590 Miles Number Laps: 9What's up with thatThanks,MichaelP.S. Who's going to be at Buttonwillow 4/28-29
6 1025
by  DataTechJump to last post
03 May 2001 11:45 AM
8 Replies and 1034 Views Which fluids?  1034  8 Started by  BrokenArrow What are the best fluids/oils/grease to use for transmission, brakes, etc. I am T-1 racing this year and want to prolong parts life as much as possible.
8 1034
by  Scotty BJump to last post
23 Apr 2001 10:42 AM
4 Replies and 886 Views Kumho V700  886  4 Started by  Ralph Giro I planning on buying a set of Kumhos V 700 for my 96 GS Vette from Tire Rack. I only race Regionals. What pressuresShould I buy them shavedHeat treatedI'll be running VIR, Sebring, Daytona and Roebling Road.I had been running a used set of 1997 BFG T/A R1's 33frt. & 32 rear.Any advice would be appreciated.------------------Ralph GiroSCCA T-1 ( Regionals )96 Corvette GS 749Gainesville, Florida
4 886
by  Ralph GiroJump to last post
23 Apr 2001 08:36 AM
3 Replies and 869 Views VIR T-1 & TCC May 12&13  869  3 Started by  Ralph Giro Anyone running the T-1 and TCC that w/e I plan to run my 96 GS. ------------------Ralph GiroSCCA T-1 ( Regionals )96 Corvette GS 749Gainesville, Florida
3 869
by  Ralph GiroJump to last post
20 Apr 2001 01:11 PM
3 Replies and 804 Views scca pro money  804  3 Started by  ronhagen@comfleet.com what's it cost to take a T1 pro, like SpeedVisionCan you make anything in that game or do you have to live off sponsorsRon Hagen
3 804
by  Sunshine C5Jump to last post
20 Apr 2001 12:41 PM
2 Replies and 787 Views New Hampshire National anyone??  787  2 Started by  BoxRacing Any SSB drivers heading to the National in New Hampshire on May5 Anyone doing the practice day on Friday...anyone on this list(trying to keeping it alive)See ya there...-BoxJonathan 'Box' BoxwellSSB Miata 01WDCR
2 787
by  BoxRacingJump to last post
19 Apr 2001 09:48 AM
18 Replies and 1314 Views where to run  1314  18 Started by  ronhagen@comfleet.com Thanks to those who responded to my interest in equipment failures. I assume someone would speak up if this wasn't what most of you think. T1's are very rare here at Gateway in St Louis. Where is there a good population to run with Memphis Blackhawk Topeka Indianapolis All these are do-able for me in a weekend. What would it take to bring you to GatewayWhat other venues/sanctioning bodies do anyof you compete inThanks again,Ron Hagen
18 1314
by  wtknght1Jump to last post
16 Apr 2001 09:41 AM
1 Replies and 856 Views Corvette Exhaust Re-Visited  856  1 Started by  y2khardtop did you guys ever get a clarrification on the 4-cat vs 2-cat system, as well as manifolds I am really curious about how this works out, as I definitely feel that running the 2001 LS6 manifolds with the 2000 2-cat pipes is a 20 HP advantage! Dave
1 856
by  wtknght1Jump to last post
12 Apr 2001 07:09 AM
4 Replies and 865 Views equipment failures  865  4 Started by  ronhagen@comfleet.com I've been running in A/S for several years and can't help but notice the lack of whining in this T1-T2 site about one part or another failing regularly. The A/S cars have a problem with transmissions that can't seem to be resolved. Between 2 a/s cars we have 7 transmissions which have to be removed, adjusted or rebuilt after almost every event.I saw the pix of your cars and thought that this is where I might like to go -- if you don't have SCCA Rules imposed failures.Any regular expensive uncorr...
4 865
by  wtknght1Jump to last post
11 Apr 2001 10:30 AM
19 Replies and 1459 Views Exploding LS motors  1459  19 Started by  TEXAST1 How many C5 Vette and T2 Camamro racers have exploded or imploded (happened to me last time) Have yall (yous guys or yous) experienced I have lost 2 motors to complete and total losses. The first one was in Feb 00' at the SWD DN. I slightly over reved (6800-7000) the motor and with in a few more laps it exploded. It idelled fine and apperaed to be OK. But BOOM! oil and debris all over the main strait.The second one was at the SWD DN Feb 01'. This one was not over reved and simply made a h...
19 1459
by  wtknght1Jump to last post
11 Apr 2001 10:25 AM
2 Replies and 832 Views Who offers contingencies for SSC?  832  2 Started by  Jeff Hi I am thinking about getting into racing this year and was wondering what Car, Tire Co.'s, etc. offers contingencies for regional and/or national(not just the runoffs) races for SSC Does Honda, Mazda, or Dodge offer contingencies Is their a website where I can find a list of co.'s offering contingencies The only place I found was the list for the 2000 runoffs. Not really a help because even if I do go to the runoffs I sure as hell won't have a chance of getting on the podium . Thanks...
2 832
by  JeffJump to last post
06 Apr 2001 08:53 PM
4 Replies and 1064 Views Pi Research Data Acquisition System 1  1064  4 Started by  squidracing Does anybody have any real world experience using this system Also, does anyone know of a used system
4 1064
by  wtknght1Jump to last post
04 Apr 2001 11:40 AM
3 Replies and 853 Views In ssc can the ride height be lowered (rules are somewhat vague)nt Thanks  853  3 Started by  jasonf nt
3 853
by  BoxRacingJump to last post
29 Mar 2001 08:09 AM
4 Replies and 938 Views Stan Wilson, looking for you....  938  4 Started by  twin_turborx7 Stan Wilson, are you here somewhereI sent you email and haven't heard back from you yet. Could you drop me a note with your phone numberThanks.~Tim
4 938
by  twin_turborx7Jump to last post
27 Mar 2001 09:24 PM
10 Replies and 1063 Views National at Summit Point (NESCCA)...Who's in??  1063  10 Started by  BoxRacing How many SSB/SSC cars will we have at the NESCCA National at Summit Point in 2 weeks (April 7th)Chime in....---------------------------Jonathan 'Box' Boxwell - (01) SSB '99 Miata.Thanks,-BoxJonathan 'Box' Boxwell &91url='http://www.boxracing.com'&93http://www.boxracing.com&91/URL&93
10 1063
by  jlipperJump to last post
27 Mar 2001 07:22 PM
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