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0 Replies and 608 Views 1000 Kilometers of GingerMan  608  0 Started by  Jeremy Sutton The Detroit Region SCCA is proud to announce the 1st annual running of the 1000 Kilometers of GingerMan, September 15th-16th at GingerMan Raceway, in South Haven, MI. For full details of the event, check: &91url=''& Running concurrent with the 1000 Kilometers of GingerMan at GingerMan Raceway will be the Detroit SCCA sponsored CENDIV regional races which will include, as a new feature, a FF/CFF East/West Challenge Series rac...
0 608
11 Mar 2001 09:29 AM
0 Replies and 624 Views Wanted: Ferrari to partially sponsor...  624  0 Started by  Rob Lay My name is Rob Lay and I'm the founder of &91url=''&93 has become the 1 Ferrari community site on the web in just over 2 months. We receive around 400 visits a day and have a user base of almost 200. This is as of now, our visit and user rates our growing every day.We are looking for a minor partnership with an existing Ferrari team, preferably one that races some in the SW division. Please e-mail me if inte...
0 624
09 Mar 2001 10:34 AM
0 Replies and 597 Views Anyone going to the regional/national at TWS this weekend?  597  0 Started by  T2Racer
0 597
09 Mar 2001 05:38 AM
2 Replies and 723 Views Where's Scotty B?  723  2 Started by  Lars Briedis Scotty, Did not see you on the results list a TMS recently Also, you live close to the recent earthquake, I hope you were not affected by it.-Lars
2 723
by  Scotty BJump to last post
08 Mar 2001 10:00 PM
0 Replies and 602 Views Fire sale on SE-R's????  602  0 Started by  DataTech From W2W......It is with deep regret that I am informing you that as of Aprl 1, 2001, the Motorsports department of Nissan North America (NNA) will no longer be actively involved in any SCCA activity. This includes, but is not limited to, the racer contingency progam (inlcuding SCCA, ARRC & NASPORT), the parts support program & any & all on-site activities related to the SCCA Runoffs. Should you have any questions regarding this decision, pleasefeel free to contact me personally at 310 771-5042...
0 602
08 Mar 2001 10:09 AM
5 Replies and 821 Views Any other Mustang/Steeda Racers in T1.  821  5 Started by  SteedaQ Are there any other Mustang people running T1 Am I the only freak trying to run with the big dogs
5 821
by  SteedaQJump to last post
07 Mar 2001 06:38 PM
1 Replies and 745 Views Who is going to Roebling Road ??  745  1 Started by  Sunshine C5 Tom Neal National this weekend at Roebling Road. Anybody gonna show up besides me I am going to test out the new ZO6 engine (finally) It would really be a shame if no one was there to spank. :-)
1 745
by  firechickenJump to last post
06 Mar 2001 07:55 PM
7 Replies and 992 Views Phoenix Results  992  7 Started by  Jim Leithauser The new year starts with great competition.Fourteen entries in SSB and a your basic dog fight deep into the field. Nice to see all the different makes mixing it up. Can't wait for round two at PIR. I sure need the laps to catch Eric, TC and Nick. ------------------Jim LeithauserSSB 74 / ITS 74
7 992
by  Jim LeithauserJump to last post
06 Mar 2001 05:47 PM
21 Replies and 1528 Views Positive T1 Talk  1528  21 Started by  TEXAST1
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I want to post a new topic. I have had a great time racing a C5 in T1. Yes I have had some problems but, I have been able to work trough them. I feel (baring stupid mistakes and unforseeables) my C5 should be farily durable this season. Ken Brown finnally allowed the diff cooler I have been begging for since 1999.Everyone knows the big ego trip you feel when your car draws a crowd at local races .When that little kid drags their dad over or insists on a picture of your car, or walks by your...
21 1528
by  SteedaQJump to last post
02 Mar 2001 09:06 AM
5 Replies and 819 Views SSB Miata drivers/builders out there?  819  5 Started by  BoxRacing List seems to have some activity.So, I just bought a 99 Miata to build and run Nationally. Anyone have any resources, websites, or just plain ol' freindly competitive advice I can start out with.First things to mind are1. what size belts folks are running to bypass the AC unit (if you are bypassing it)2. what exhaust set up's (if any) folks ran last year.Looking forward to AprilThanks,-Box------------------Jonathan 'Box'
5 819
by  twin_turborx7Jump to last post
01 Mar 2001 11:18 AM
26 Replies and 1614 Views Alright, time to check in, who's goin to TWS?  1614  26 Started by  Scotty B
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Ok, whats up Lessee a show of hands on whos goin to TWSKevin Sunshine Whoomah Belushi (whatever) , DavidMan I hope this new Cobra R works good on the high banks... ------------------ sbw &91url=''& Kumho Tire/West Coast Corvettes/Fikse Wheel/Redline Oil/Speedware Motorsports 97 T1 Z06
26 1614
by  SteedaQJump to last post
28 Feb 2001 06:35 PM
2 Replies and 664 Views Putting together a Car/Team Your input appreciated  664  2 Started by  WVRace Gentlemen (& Ladies)Just ran across this forum. Have been scouring the net for 6 weeks looking for T1 information. Have even conversed with a few of you, but so far this is the best stuff I have found.Its almost like SCCA Touring racing is a secret. That, or I am looking in all the wrong places.Anyway, I am working with a dealership that wants to get into racing. We are putting together plans for either a Camaro or a ZO6.I am well versed with ITA, Spec Rx7 and Autocross, but T1 is very ne...
2 664
by  RWPJump to last post
26 Feb 2001 05:26 PM
9 Replies and 930 Views car of choice for ssb & ssc  930  9 Started by  brotherkicksave Please help with a decision. what is the best ssb car for the money ssc please consider contingency programs tire programs everything.
9 930
by  Jim LeithauserJump to last post
26 Feb 2001 01:10 PM
6 Replies and 876 Views Whos going to CMS ( Kershaw, SC) ??  876  6 Started by  Sunshine C5 Well I didnt make Texas. I guess we tried to put 10 lbs of stuff in a 1 lb bag. When we started to pull out the motor we found wiring problems waiting to happen ( left overs from fire at Mid-O MC event). As we dug deeper, more and more problems surfaced. the wiring harness was just waiting to fail on me in many places. WE decided to complete the new transmission swap, and forgo the engine swap until after CMS. He is hoping that the grunt of the stock LS1 will be enough on this stop and go ...
6 876
by  TEXAST1Jump to last post
26 Feb 2001 10:15 AM
6 Replies and 1154 Views 2001 Neon ACR approved for SSC  1154  6 Started by  Scott Malbon I've just learned that the 2001 Neon ACR has been approved for SSC. No 'trunk kit.' Must be run as it comes from the factory. Anyone preparing one of theseScott
6 1154
by  twin_turborx7Jump to last post
21 Feb 2001 08:19 PM
5 Replies and 864 Views T2 Roebling Times  864  5 Started by  JS Anyone know the average T2 lap time for Roebling Road
5 864
by  twin_turborx7Jump to last post
21 Feb 2001 08:18 PM
28 Replies and 1722 Views z06  1722  28 Started by  TEXAST1
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I have campaigned a 99 C5 since the begining of the 1999 season. I saw Scotty B at the 1998 Runoffs while constantly looking out under the hood of my A/S Camaro or while flat on my back under it. I said to myself, 'Self you gotta spend more time racing and less time under the car.' I have raced for two complete seasons and other than selfinduced engine problems and colision errors have had very little down time. Other than changing tires and pads at the track (if your doing more than that so...
28 1722
by  TEXAST1Jump to last post
15 Feb 2001 05:01 AM
4 Replies and 1061 Views Ride available for Summit Point 12 hr.  1061  4 Started by  Edwin Robinson WANTED: Consistent, clean driver to round out four man team in the 12 hours of the point. Fully prepped and upgraded Neon along with crew. Great opportunity to get a lot of seat time for a great value..... Exact cost yet TBD. Interested parties, reply to : Edwin Robinson
4 1061
by  twin_turborx7Jump to last post
12 Feb 2001 06:06 PM
3 Replies and 879 Views 96 dodge neon 4-door  879  3 Started by  brotherkicksave 1996 dodge neon 4 door. still eligible for nationals regionals ssb ssc please help!
3 879
by  DHMichaelJump to last post
12 Feb 2001 07:10 AM
14 Replies and 1060 Views Lets see some pictures of yer Hot Rods!!  1060  14 Started by  Scotty B This IMG deal is so much fun! Here's mine!------------------ sbw &91url=''& Kumho Tire/West Coast Corvettes/Fikse Wheel/Redline Oil/Speedware Motorsports 97 T1 Z06
14 1060
by  firechickenJump to last post
08 Feb 2001 08:02 PM
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