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2 Replies and 1456 Views June Sprints online reg closes this Thursday  1456  2 Started by  Kevin Coulter Don’t forget – online registration for the 2013 WeatherTech Chicago Region SCCA June Sprints, part of the US Majors Tour, closes this Thursday, June 6, at 11:59PM CDT. This event is part of the CenDiv National program. All race groups will have a 25 minute practice, two 25 minute qualifyings, and their race. In addition, groups 1-4 (which includes T1) will have a second race.   There are also over $70,000 worth of cash and merchandise contingencies posted for the e...
2 1456
by  clubracer6Jump to last post
06 Jun 2013 06:48 PM
1 Replies and 2624 Views Former SSC Toyota's For Sale Great Cars  2624  1 Started by  mm18 Hello Everyone,   We have for sale two of our former SSC Cars.  These cars are a great way to get on track for a great price.   2003 Toyota Celica GT - $8,000 2005 Toyota Corolla XRS - $8,000   If you are interested contact me for more information. Thanks! 2012 - Celica GT at Mid-Ohio http://www.jlofoto.net//gallery/20...0603-0832/
1 2624
by  mm18Jump to last post
20 May 2013 03:18 PM
8 Replies and 1986 Views Summit Point results Saturdays race  1986  8 Started by  MGrand34 Vette-Pullano Vette-Sanders-moved down a few spots after race for passing (a Miata I believe) under yellow Mustang- Vette-Neff Evo-Moses Evo-Grand-broke late in the race while in 5th I have some video ill try to get posted up.
8 1986
by  CP ThunderJump to last post
14 May 2013 12:31 AM
0 Replies and 254 Views High Plains Raceway  254  0 Started by  kulachd Just posting a few results from last weekend High Plains Raceway, Colorado T3 SAT: 1)Leithauser 1:36.5 (BMW) 2)Spirek 1:37.2(BMW)  3)Muramoto 1:38.3 (350Z) 4) Kulach (son) 1:40.7 (350z) (running as Reg Driver)   Sun 1)Leithauser 1:36.1 (BMW) 2)Kulach (son) 1:36.8 (350Z) (Running as NAT driver) 3)Spirek 1:37.5 (BMW) 4)Muramoto 1:38.5 (350z)   Had 1 T2 and 3 T4 cars out as well
0 254
08 May 2013 11:37 PM
1 Replies and 1047 Views Trying to contact Joel Lipperini  1047  1 Started by  BillSeifert Joel, please email me at billseifert256gmail.com   Thanx   Bill
1 1047
by  BillSeifertJump to last post
08 May 2013 11:29 PM
1 Replies and 1297 Views June Sprints official schedule  1297  1 Started by  scott Sanda is here:  http://junesprints.com/wp-content/u...hedule.pdf T4 and B spec are race 1, Sunday morning
1 1297
by  Kevin CoulterJump to last post
07 May 2013 10:58 PM
20 Replies and 3617 Views VIR race update race 1 T2  3617  20 Started by  MGrand34
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
The good news with the rules changes to T2 is that my Evo went 2.5 seconds quicker than my previous best here a VIR the bad news is the vettes were closer to 5 seconds quicker. My crew stopped calling in gaps when I was 25 seconds back on lap 10. Also this is my home track and the winner has never been here before. 1. Pullano-corvette-2:05.0 2. Sanders-corvette-2:05.3 3. Grand-Evo. -2:07.4 4. Moses-Evo. -2:10.
20 3617
by  MGrand34Jump to last post
28 Apr 2013 10:42 PM
0 Replies and 646 Views June Sprints official schedule  646  0 Started by  scott Sanda is here:   http://junesprints.com/wp-content/u...hedule.pdf T1 races twice, Sat and sunday afternoon. T2, 3, 4 are race 1 Sunday AM
0 646
24 Apr 2013 03:20 PM
4 Replies and 2166 Views old ITR E36 BMW in the new revised T1 class?  2166  4 Started by  jbr3rd I’m trying to decide what to do with my SCCA race car.  I’m starting with a 1994 325is which has been running for ten years in ITR, but over the winter we freshened the motor with a strong S52 which busts it out of the ITR class.  I could have moved into one of the STO/STU classes, but now that has changed!  It looks like I can run the car in the newly revised T1 class as an E36 M3, but the car is presently about 250 overweight.  A vehicle diet is possible as the...
4 2166
by  slinkydogJump to last post
19 Apr 2013 03:28 PM
1 Replies and 909 Views Hallett Majors Day 1 Qualifying  909  1 Started by  CP Thunder T1.....no entries (Image that) T2 P1 Wolverton   1.25.3   Solstice P2 Waldbaum  1.25.6   C5 Corvette P3 Coleman     1.26.0   Mustang Vehle   Mustang    DNS  (haven't seen him yet) T3 No entries T4 P1 Czacki   1.33.1   Integra P2  Place    1.34 2   Integra P3  Lowell   1.35.8   Not sure of car P4  Shively  ...
1 909
by  CP ThunderJump to last post
07 Apr 2013 02:58 AM
1 Replies and 955 Views May 2013 Prelims  955  1 Started by  pfrichardson ...are posted:   http://www.scca.com/clubracing/content.cfmcid=44472 
1 955
by  tstilesJump to last post
06 Apr 2013 07:17 PM
1 Replies and 1928 Views Corvette C4  1928  1 Started by  96 Miata Are these early to mid 90s cars still eligible for the Touring classes What are the car age restrictions for these classes Showroom Stock used to have a six year window from the time when the cars were new.
1 1928
by  Terry HanushekJump to last post
31 Mar 2013 10:42 AM
1 Replies and 2101 Views selling 99 coupe t1 21k built by phoenix performance  2101  1 Started by  bigmoney09z06 selling my 99 coupe that was converted to z06 by phoenix performance. car has not seen a race track in 3 years sits in my garage. want to sell and buy camper. t1 swaybars front rear sachs shocks rockwell built transmission warranted for 700hp new ls6 new gm torque tube new clutch new throw out bearing titanium exhauust momo seat momo steeringwheel accusump 5point harness rearend cooler ron davis racing radiator tuned ecm for 100 octane 315 17 45 on ccw wheels kumho slicks stock z06 295 and 265...
1 2101
by  96 MiataJump to last post
25 Mar 2013 05:10 PM
1 Replies and 1067 Views Event results  1067  1 Started by  BillSeifert How do you find Club Racing Results.  The last time I got them, I went to Events of Club Racing, and clicked on past events, the results usually were there.  I just tried to find the results of COTA this last weekend.  No luck.  On my login site, there is Event Results, but there was nothing on it.  Any ideas   Bill Seifert
1 1067
by  tstilesJump to last post
11 Mar 2013 10:28 PM
11 Replies and 2701 Views ST2-GT2 instead of T-1 or T-2?  2701  11 Started by  RBK I had my first opportunity of the year to drive this weekend. I entered my 99 C5 as a T-1 (against a Ford 302 R and Viper, respectively with 440hp and 530hp), beat the ford but never saw the Viper. The next day, I raced T2 (added 75lbs with restrictor) , but was only one in class. Good news, won the race (lol). I need to find a place to race. As most know the So Cal contingent elected to leave T-2, and move en masse to NASA ST2. I plan to race NASA ST2 but would like to race in SCCA. I was lo...
11 2701
by  cdbmathewsJump to last post
08 Mar 2013 08:35 PM
2 Replies and 3043 Views B Spec rules and spec parts?  3043  2 Started by  andy02 I've looked around but can't seem to find them - where can one find the 2013 B Spec rules Thanks!
2 3043
by  andy02Jump to last post
04 Mar 2013 03:59 PM
4 Replies and 2146 Views Wheel Weight  2146  4 Started by  BillSeifert Boy, dealing with SCCA rules can be a challenge. My 99 Civic SI rules allow aftermarket wheels with a minimum weight of 15 pounds. I have looked everywhere, Tire Rack, Discount Tires, etc, and the highest weight wheel that anyone sells in the correct 15 inch size weighs 13 lbs. Now what the heck do I do. For the other old SSC cars, Mazda, Nissan, Hundai, etc, they use 17 inch wheels and there are a ton of aftermarket wheels that weigh 15 lbs. But, there none in 15 inch wheels. Bill Seifer...
4 2146
by  BillSeifertJump to last post
28 Feb 2013 11:02 PM
0 Replies and 891 Views 99 Honda Civic to T4  891  0 Started by  BillSeifert Well, I guess I'm going to change classes again. My plan this year was to keep working on my car as an STL. But the difference in my car's lap times with a stock engine and an current STL car, is a lot. I really think I'm going to make my 99 Civic SI into a T4 car. I have done the suspension and gutted the car for STL. But the only difference in the STL suspension and T4 is my current shocks are adjustable. Jason Isley showed my how to un-adjustable them. In order to be competitive in STL...
0 891
21 Feb 2013 12:42 PM
1 Replies and 1275 Views Driver position open with Scuderia Team FIAT  1275  1 Started by  Scuderia Scuderia Team FIAT has one driver spot open for a third car in the Pirelli World Challenge. But, this opportunity won't be available for long. At Scuderia Team FIAT, we believe in winning, but we also believe that racing should be fun. To learn more about our all-inclusive 'arrive &amp; drive' program, download the driver opportunity presentation at : http://www.americanspiritracing.us/f/WC_TCB_-_FIAT_500.pdf or visit our website at: http://www.americanspiritracing.us/ScuderiaTeamFIAT.html ...
1 1275
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
19 Feb 2013 11:25 AM
3 Replies and 1225 Views Martin Musials other car  1225  3 Started by  MGrand34 Thought I'd share this video produced by Car and Driver of Martins AMS shop car,. I guess after driving this his Evo must feel like a Yugo. I'm thinking T1 ! http://m.youtube.com/watchv=m7GJWyCB0MA
3 1225
by  MGrand34Jump to last post
15 Feb 2013 08:17 PM
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