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3 Replies and 1255 Views Martin Musials other car  1255  3 Started by  MGrand34 Thought I'd share this video produced by Car and Driver of Martins AMS shop car,. I guess after driving this his Evo must feel like a Yugo. I'm thinking T1 ! http://m.youtube.com/watchv=m7GJWyCB0MA
3 1255
by  MGrand34Jump to last post
15 Feb 2013 08:17 PM
0 Replies and 801 Views March 2013 Prelim Minutes and TB  801  0 Started by  pfrichardson Are posted: http://www.scca.com/clubracing/content.cfmcid=44472
0 801
12 Feb 2013 08:35 AM
3 Replies and 1413 Views T4 Car Years  1413  3 Started by  Simon Tibbett Quick question for you Touring drivers. I've been glancing at T4 as I found a 2002 Protege for VERY cheap, but, I guess there's a 5 year model rule. Since the Protege was made until 2003 that would mean it should have been done in 2008, right It's still in the GCR listed for T4, but am I right in thinking it will be excluded any time now
3 1413
by  CheyneJump to last post
10 Feb 2013 06:13 PM
1 Replies and 1210 Views racer saves girl  1210  1 Started by  qasteve Former SSB/C racer and national champion makes a save. I also saw the video on the 'Fox Report' but it is not on-line yet. Ice Save Story
1 1210
by  BillSeifertJump to last post
04 Feb 2013 10:33 PM
4 Replies and 1201 Views Runoffs  1201  4 Started by  BillSeifert Did anyone notice the Runoffs schedule. I see that T4/BSpec practices on Mon, and qualifies on Tue, Wed and Thur, and then has 2 days off before it's race on Sunday. STL does the same thing. That's the only 3 classes that I checked on. That's going to be a long, expensive week. Didn't they change the schedules last year so nobody had to stay 7 days Or did I dream that Bill Seifert
4 1201
by  BillSeifertJump to last post
04 Feb 2013 07:02 PM
5 Replies and 1337 Views Still - nothing  1337  5 Started by  RBK I said it before, we have changed. I looked forward to daily race reports from those participating in all Regions around the country. It kept us abreast of one another, more like the 'community' we like to think we are. For example, races were held at West Palm, Sebring, and Daytona, as well as Auto Club Speedway, but there is not one word written about any of them. We may not see each other, but I like to think we still wish each other well and want to know how everyone is doing, and maybe lea...
5 1337
by  CheyneJump to last post
03 Feb 2013 02:34 PM
5 Replies and 1250 Views 0 for 1 at Auto Club Speedway  1250  5 Started by  RBK No T2 cars
5 1250
by  jasonberkeleyJump to last post
29 Jan 2013 11:22 PM
1 Replies and 1372 Views COTA  1372  1 Started by  Cheyne I checked the enter list for COTA and there are: 7 - T1, 12 - T2, 4 - T3, 5 - T4, and 4 B-Spec (with 3 on the waiting list). With a total of 85 (with a couple of duplicates) for the group and 4 cars on the waiting list. Cheyne
1 1372
by  fatbillybobJump to last post
24 Jan 2013 10:50 PM
2 Replies and 1042 Views CenDiv Bonus Races  1042  2 Started by  Kevin Coulter As some of you have read, CenDiv will be holding 2 pairs of bonus nationals, at Blackhawk Farms and Road America. please see http://www.cendiv-scca.org/ for more info. All touring cars have their bonus at Blackhawk at the May event. For Road America, T1 is at the sprints - all other T cars are at the Cat National. Kevin
2 1042
by  Kevin CoulterJump to last post
16 Jan 2013 10:18 PM
2 Replies and 963 Views January track time in Michigan  963  2 Started by  prodogdriver Gingerman raceway tweeted the announcement of open track day this Saturday! (01/12/2013) 9am to 5pm $150 per driver Local weather forecast is mostly sunny &amp; 50 for Saturday then winter returns the next day
2 963
by  prodogdriverJump to last post
14 Jan 2013 12:15 PM
19 Replies and 3408 Views T2 2013 anyone?  3408  19 Started by  clubracer6 How many plan on running T2 While our C6 is the perfect T1 car, I just don't see anyone in the class and see T2 having much more potential for good car counts in CENDIV. I know many are defecting to NASA, which is not an option for me, so wondering whose going to be around in T2 I'm in, with a C5z one way or another!
19 3408
by  jasonberkeleyJump to last post
08 Jan 2013 09:18 PM
11 Replies and 2004 Views When does the rules merry go round stop?  2004  11 Started by  MJM So old T1 cars and old STO cars were supposed to be in the new T1. But now old STO cars are in the new GT. So is the new T1 going to be the same as the old T1 Or will the wings, splitters, weight reductions, tranny and ratio swaps given to speed up old T1 cars still be in playI think if the new options are in play the class is dead. Not many will spend money to modify up into a new class with hardly any cars. If the old T1 rules remain, you might just reclaim many of the club members dissat...
11 2004
by  dhrmx5Jump to last post
24 Dec 2012 01:33 PM
4 Replies and 1567 Views did the cota race just bite the dust?  1567  4 Started by  rbicomp14 hearing they cancelled all rentals
4 1567
by  MJMJump to last post
24 Dec 2012 12:02 AM
3 Replies and 1117 Views T4 in SW Division ?  1117  3 Started by  tstiles Anybody planning to run T4 in SW Division I thought my racing days were over last summer after a health scare , sold my ITA/STL Miata , but then I kept hearing stories of successful , old , one eyed drivers and said , Hey why not me. Looks like I'm going to complete a transaction on a SSB MX5 ... I'll do DE's until I get back up to speed , then hope to do a few SW Division races. Anybody else doing T4
3 1117
by  BillSeifertJump to last post
21 Dec 2012 11:20 PM
0 Replies and 1205 Views COTA race in March  1205  0 Started by  sccatech Yes, there will be a NN at the Circuit of the Americas March 8-10, 2013. If you are planning on coming please try to get your annual done beforehand. We expect 400 to 500 cars.
0 1205
19 Dec 2012 07:46 PM
3 Replies and 1493 Views 99-00 Civic Si not eligible for T4?  1493  3 Started by  Kai Noeske The 99-00 Civic Si was a popular SSC car in its heyday and there are still a good number of them across the country. I moved mine to ITS this year so don't have a personal interest in this issue anymore, but was surprised to see it absent in the new T4 list of classed cars. While I am not sure if the 99/00 Si will be competitive in T4, the following generation (02-05) Civic Si had run with the 99-00 in SSC and it currently *is* T4 eligible. Was this car simply forgotten, or was there a conscio...
3 1493
by  BillSeifertJump to last post
06 Dec 2012 02:57 PM
6 Replies and 2216 Views SSB to T4 Question  2216  6 Started by  Supershoe Currently have an 07 Civic SI and will be changing over to Touring. The TCS is somewhat confusing as to what I can or cannot do. In one section, it says I can change shocks, but in another it says that I can only do what is specified for my specific car. (which is the Honda Performace Suspension). Has anyone figured out what they REALLY mean
6 2216
by  pkeaneJump to last post
05 Dec 2012 11:03 AM
1 Replies and 1515 Views SSB Rental (T4 Next year)  1515  1 Started by  jrem72 Anyone know someone who might want to rent a SSB ( next year T4) car for a Southeast National next January to April. I would like to race a winter southeast national and want to arrive and drive Contact me at: Jrem72aol.comThanks
1 1515
by  jrem72Jump to last post
03 Dec 2012 10:11 PM
2 Replies and 1706 Views Sub / Scion BR-Z / FR-S actual weight ?  1706  2 Started by  John Walsh Has anyone here rolled a BR / FR across a set of scales Don't care what it says on the registration or on some published hooey..looking for an actual weighing ! Thanks...
2 1706
by  John WalshJump to last post
03 Dec 2012 06:12 PM
18 Replies and 2968 Views Majors?  2968  18 Started by  BillSeifert Ok, I just read the new Majors race article and I really don't understand how it is going to help, or what problem it is trying to solve. I do see that there will be lots more points, 4 conferences, but no idea where they will be, then 8, 7 or 6 races will count depending on how many races your conference puts on, but how can you compete for the National Title in your class, if you count 6 races, but someone in another conference can count 8 races. Blah, blah, blah. The region that I belong ...
18 2968
by  CheyneJump to last post
29 Nov 2012 03:43 PM
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