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0 Replies and 1720 Views FS:13 Bias ply Goodyear Rains- Unused-Cheap  1720  0 Started by  mam423 These are not a DOT tire. They are bias-ply and were used in SRF until 2016. They were bought in 2014 and stored in basement and bagged. They still have the stickers on them and would be a cheap alternative tire and they were based on a Goodyear tire for 4 & 6 cylinder stock-cars. So they can work on sedans up to 2500 lbs. These rain versions have a Goodyear style gatorback tread pattern and are sized as a 22x7x13 and mount on 5.5'-8' wide rims. I am looking to get $399 for a set of ...
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09 Oct 2016 12:39 AM
0 Replies and 1611 Views High Performance Racing Parts Special Deals Give Back To Our Customers  1611  0 Started by  eklo Maxspeedingrods as a manufacture, We are renowned for our high performance racing parts which have been top of the line for a decade. Now we want to benifit our customers with more competitive price. We offer different types of High Performance Racing Parts bottom price give back to our customers, Bring The Performance Parts Back To Your Car! If you have made your decision and you want Racing Parts then i suggest Maxspeedingrods! Link:
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25 Jan 2016 01:05 AM
0 Replies and 1250 Views Paul Young GT-3 Ford  1250  0 Started by  pdqracer Trying to contact Paul Young, GT-3 Ford Probe Michigan. Need to talk to him prior to Daytona. Know him Pass along my name and number. Wayne 919 894 1254, 901 824 9890 Thanks, see yall at Daytona!!
0 1250
01 Sep 2015 01:55 PM
0 Replies and 1178 Views Bodies For GT-1  1178  0 Started by  DavidNJ What bodies are legal Trans Am only has a few certified bodies that are very, very expensive. Meanwhile a typical super late model oval track body, very similar to ARCA, is about $3000-$4000 complete with windows. ARCA is a bit more, around $7000. I have a super late model, but my track closed. I could convert it to a road racing car for less than the cost of a 1990 SM2 Spec Miata. In many ways it would be safer (e.g. fuel cell) and easier to maintain. This is a complete tube frame with 4 do...
0 1178
28 Aug 2015 12:23 AM
0 Replies and 2304 Views Racefab TA2 GTA car  2304  0 Started by  jason1281 Check out Racefab's GTA TA2 chassis, combines TA style with GTA. Makes a great platform for TA2 instead of an old circle track car
0 2304
15 Apr 2015 09:30 PM
0 Replies and 1368 Views Looking for late 80's GT rules  1368  0 Started by  128racecar I am looking for a late 80's GCR for the GT rules set. I am considering the purchase of several different 'retired' GT cars for vintage racing with my club, and need to find what was acceptable as late as 1989 for SCCA GT racing. At the minimum, at what date did tube frame cars become legal. I currently race a early 80s GT5 tub car, and was looking to add a second car to my garage. So far, I have had no luck finding a late 80s GCR on eBay or Amazon, and hoped someone might have an old GCR they c...
0 1368
26 Feb 2015 08:01 PM
0 Replies and 1215 Views High Performance Auto parts recommend  1215  0 Started by  autopartsnew Big surprise for anyone who want to buy Auto parts, We have rods, crankshafts, turbochargers, coilovers for various kinds of cars for sale. All those aftermarket parts are of high quality and competitive price. For a quicker response you can click here: or Addition: Please PM me for the specific information, like the price etc. so I could be reply to you in time. THANK YOU!!! Aftermarket engine...
0 1215
09 Feb 2015 03:56 AM
0 Replies and 1360 Views Drivetrain swap ok in GT2?  1360  0 Started by  microsworkshop Is it legal to do a drivetrain swap in GT2 I drive a VW Corrado (fwd), and I could use a bunch of R32 parts to convert my car to AWD; it's a fairly common swap for my chassis but I'm curious if this would be legal for the class. All of the parts that would be used are legal by themselves, but I didn't know if there was anything specifically forbidding the FWD-AWD conversion. Anyone ever done something similar with their FWD car
0 1360
14 Jan 2015 08:38 PM
1 Replies and 5780 Views AE86 Production Class E  5780  1 Started by  Steve Boyeas Hi guys I've been looking at getting into Production E class. I currently have an 1985 corolla gts coupe. AKA AE86 that will be the track car. I've been going over the rules in the regulation book and they seem to be a little vague, at lest when it comes to car specifics.  What am I able to do to the vehicle engine wise, body/aero wise ect. Also what weight i'm allowed to bring the car down to I also don't know if I will need a fuel cell. (if so not a big deal)    Let me know ...
1 5780
by  SpitfireHPJump to last post
02 May 2014 10:37 AM
0 Replies and 1803 Views Fuel Cell technical questions  1803  0 Started by  tripevans Hello, I am in the process of designing my fuel system in my E46 M3.  I have removed the stock tank and am planning on putting the cell in the rear immediately behind where the old rear seats were located.   Questions: 1.should I use my original factory in-tank pump and fabricate mount on my new cell  If not, any recommendations 2.How should I mount the fuel pump inside the cell with a bladder   Thanks a lot  
0 1803
02 Mar 2014 12:29 PM
0 Replies and 2397 Views TA2 Cars in GT2  2397  0 Started by  texlbs I must be missing something obvious, but not sure what.  The TA2 cars run in GT2 for club racing and seem slower than the recent competitive cars like Porsche cup cars.  But in Trans Am pro racing the Porsche cup cars run TA3, using club racing GT2 rules, but are 10 seconds slower than the TA2 cars when I look at the results. What slows the cup cars down in Trans Am  
0 2397
09 Feb 2014 05:46 AM
0 Replies and 1465 Views need straight cut 2nd gear for sprite/midget transmission  1465  0 Started by  redsprite98 I need a straight cut 2nd gear for my spite transmission. If you have one or know of someone who has one, let me know. I know they are supposed to be available in the UK, but I don't know the dealers there, so if you do let me know.
0 1465
31 Jan 2014 10:16 AM
0 Replies and 2216 Views Need car transport from Duluth MN to Runoffs  2216  0 Started by  Scotty B Anybody have space to haul a car from Duluth MN to Rd America.. call or txt 253-278-6006 I realize transportation is not free, willing to pay...
0 2216
09 Sep 2013 07:33 PM
0 Replies and 6915 Views Talking Trans Am with David Pintaric  6915  0 Started by  David Pintaric How the Kryderacing duo of Pintaric and Huffmaster decided upon Trans Am David Pintaric wears his emotions outwardly. He is the kind of man who will happily tell you what happens to be on his mind or express how he is feeling—no matter the subject or audience. Pintaric was proud to say he got a bit choked up at Watkins Glen after winning his first Trans Am pole and will gladly talk to you about his pass...
0 6915
07 Aug 2013 06:48 PM
0 Replies and 3147 Views Why such strict rear wing rules in GT2?  3147  0 Started by  ukrbmw I've been trying to figure out what it will take to cross over and run GT2 and it seems rear wing is the only thing. For a very fast and relatively anything goes class it seems very strange to have these very tight wing rules - can't be mounted rearward of the body work, size, etc. what is the rationale behind it
0 3147
30 Mar 2013 09:39 AM
2 Replies and 3868 Views Evo X build in GT class?  3868  2 Started by  dnetcrawler Hi Everyone, I have a build that I started last year with the intention of road racing at some point. I know that I will not having any issues running in NASA ST1 class, but was wondering if there would be any opportunity for me to qualify the car for any of the GT classes. I'm really interested in doing SCCA, but I'm guessing at this point it might not be possible unless I make any major changes. The car is currently making 560whp. These are the current modifications: AMS EVO X 750XP Turbo kit ...
2 3868
by  dnetcrawlerJump to last post
08 Mar 2013 05:19 PM
12 Replies and 4702 Views GT3 Help  4702  12 Started by  RBK I have raced T-1 for many years. However, virtually all those racing T-1 in Southern California have moved to NASA ST2, and me with them (no one to race in T-2 and not competitive in T-1). I want to continue to race in SCCA. I own a 99 Corvette, now modified for ST2 (approximately 400hp/3225lbs). Can have wing/splitter, and otherwise fairly stock. It seems to me from a reading of the rules the car would be eligible and competitive in GT3. I have read the rules but admit to not being a 'technica...
12 4702
by  RBKJump to last post
05 Mar 2013 05:47 PM
0 Replies and 2318 Views Looking to trade rx8 for fm cars  2318  0 Started by  Steve hickham Will consider training my state ov the art rx8 roe a couple of fm's steve
0 2318
22 Feb 2013 05:09 PM
0 Replies and 1551 Views Autoclub National - Gt2 car counts.  1551  0 Started by  clubracer6 Looks like there were 6 or 7 cars in GT2 this past weekend! No too bad, I think this region will see next to no T1 cars that are going to move up from T1. T2 was poorly attended as well, but again, that was kind of expected given the size of the group that moved to NASA. Can't wait to get our GT2 season started!
0 1551
28 Jan 2013 03:22 PM
1 Replies and 3066 Views COTA race in March  3066  1 Started by  sccatech If you are planning to come to Austin in March for the NN at COTA you will save yourself some time if you can get your annual done beforehand. We are expecting 400 to 500 cars. If your racing budget allows it, there will be a double Rational race at MSR Houston Feb. 22-24. My understanding is that the track will be allowing COTA racers to store their cars but call the track to verify it.
1 3066
by  clubracer6Jump to last post
23 Jan 2013 10:04 AM
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