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0 Replies and 568 Views Tired of workin on yer car more than racin it?  568  0 Started by  Scotty B Spend some time racing without all the maintenance in one of the most competitive and fastest growing classes in SCCA, and a damn fast one too 99 Corvette Z06 conversion Fixed roof coupe T1 racecarThis car was leased new from Les Stanford Chev & has been a racecar for all but the first 500 miles of it¡¦s life and is possibly the most developed C5 in T1. It has NEVER been hurt beyond a cracked body panel, No bumper supports, no rocker panels, no control arms, nothing but cosmetic stuff period! I...
0 568
27 Oct 2002 01:30 AM
0 Replies and 525 Views ***1995 Camaro With CAGE For SAle!!!***  525  0 Started by  jfaphoenix32 Beautiful clean 1995 Camaro with T-2 cage for sale. This is the perfect starter car for A Sedan. Just take out the LT1 and pop in the carb motor!!! No suspension work required...Only 10000 miles. Black and very very clean. Complete with graphics.$12,995.
0 525
05 Oct 2002 06:03 PM
0 Replies and 567 Views RunOffs images available  567  0 Started by  wtracing80 I've just updated my web site (Wounded Turtle Photogrpahy at &91url='http://www.woundedturtlephotography.org)'&93www.woundedturtlephotography.org)&91/URL&93 with the 4000 images I captured at this years event. Visit the site and look around. Email me if you have any questions or want to place an order.Thanks,Dayle
0 567
01 Oct 2002 07:52 AM
0 Replies and 993 Views GT1 Camaro Body parts for sale  993  0 Started by  mashburn_vette@hotmail 93-98 Carbon/kev camaro GT1 parts for sale.Complete front end. Long hood/ short nose.Nose has frame work/air box. Good shape. $595.00Rear deck lid, with glass and spoiler.Good shape. $595.00Located in Hickory, NC.Markmashburn_vettehotmail.com828-256-5795
0 993
30 Sep 2002 04:41 AM
0 Replies and 670 Views A-Sedan Mustang for Sale $8500.00  670  0 Started by  SteedaQ 88 Notchback Asedan Car ready to go.Full Legal Cage, fire system and fuelCell.Motor and all running gear completly fresh.Spec Carb, Gt-40 heads maxed out exhaust.Tremec Tranny and Built 8.8 rear.Forgeline wheels, Sparco lightweight seat, Big aluminum radiator, all the good stuff ready to goEmail Race4foodaol.com for more details.
0 670
23 Sep 2002 10:12 PM
0 Replies and 650 Views GT1 Camaro rear bumpers  650  0 Started by  mashburn_vette@hotmail Need (2) rear bumpers for 99-2000 GT1 camaro bodies. Carbon/kev, or fiberglass.Conact Mark atmashburn_vettehotmail.com828-256-5795
0 650
17 Sep 2002 06:18 AM
0 Replies and 724 Views Blackhawk Double National Pictures  724  0 Started by  Cheyne I have put some photos that I took on Sept 1 at the Blackhawk Double National. &91url='http://www.daggettracing.com/html/photopages/02photos/Sept1/sept1.html'&93http://www.daggettracing.com/html/photopages/02photos/Sept1/sept1.html&91/URL&93 I know that Cliff Ebben won the race and secured the Central Division GT1 Championship....way to go Cliff. Also Brian Long took second and made a way cool pass on the outside of one on Dieter Fahrenbach. I don't the results from today, but it looks li...
0 724
02 Sep 2002 05:24 PM
1 Replies and 1100 Views AMC Spirit in GT1?  1100  1 Started by  stevesmithjr I have a 1980 AMC spirit. The SCCA's searchable car database ( &91url='http://toyota.shults.com/cgi-bin/scca/scca.cgi'&93http://toyota.shults.com/cgi-bin/scca/scca.cgi&91/URL&93 ) shows the Spirit (3805cc & 2537cc) from 1979- in GT3. Then it shows the Spirit (4235cc) in ITA. THEN, right under that, it shows the Spirit, with no engine size, in GT1 What class would it be in Now the car was only made from 1979-1983. The 1979 had a 304 V8, and the 1980-1983 had the 258 I6. I want to put a 1...
1 1100
by  gtpilotJump to last post
14 Aug 2002 12:46 PM
0 Replies and 599 Views $2003K challenge  599  0 Started by  GTA-Skyhawk I found a 91 GTA and love to compete with the production classes next year. GRASSROOTMOTORSPORTS have invited me for the next year event. It's going to be at Gainsville, FL. Any car can enter! I also wanted to compete at SCCA. Would a GTA fit into the category What about modifying Am I limited or just minor Thanks your your help.
0 599
11 Jul 2002 01:21 PM
4 Replies and 774 Views June Sprints and LP  774  4 Started by  usguys The 96 white CRX(pictured on this site) proved that the reliability of Limited Prep can pay off. We were rewarded with a 2nd place in FP. 13 laps at Road America takes a toll on machinery.The car is basically an ITA car with the required modifications to be legal in FP. Even ran the DOT tires. $800 for a set of AVON 14 inch slicks was to high for now. There is nothing like racing in front of 10,000 of your closes friends.REMEMBER IT IS THEM OR USGUYS.
4 774
by  tlinerudJump to last post
26 Jun 2002 01:11 PM
2 Replies and 755 Views American Sedan - mods allowed?  755  2 Started by  RSCamaro92 Obviously I have an F-body and in a few years the little 3.1 is gonna poop it. I was thinking of putting in a 3.4 and prepping the rest of the car for STX but club racing just for these cars caught my eye, and although a v8 conversion would be alot spending $ to put another little 6 in isn't really fun anyway.I know that carb'd 5.0L V-8s are the basic engines allowed, but in general what mods are allowed to the engine and chassis Is this supposed to be just a little notch above the Spec class...
2 755
by  Ken GrammerJump to last post
17 May 2002 08:23 PM
0 Replies and 1092 Views 86 Camaro 305 Motor & 5 Speed Trans For Sale.  1092  0 Started by  William Prince I have a 86 Camaro 305 Motor & 5 Speed Trans For Sale. Will seperate. Both in very good condition. In parts car now, runs and drives. Motor lightly modified I believe, no smog stuff. Trans is tight and shifts good.Sell Prices: Motor $400.00 OBO Trans $350.00 OBO. Consider package offer for both. You remove. If I remove either or both, add $100.00. Also will sell the straight body (rolling chassis) with title, great potential for A-Sedan, make me an offer.Or just buy the whole thing!Bill Princ...
0 1092
10 May 2002 03:34 PM
0 Replies and 572 Views Hallet National Results - GT1  572  0 Started by  Cheyne Anyone have the results for the National last weekend at Hallet, specifically the GT1 results.Cheyne
0 572
17 Apr 2002 07:23 PM
9 Replies and 1682 Views GT-1 Rules question  1682  9 Started by  DBurkhead In the GTCS, with respect to cars suitable for competition, 17.1.2.B.4. states, in part, Vehicle production quantities of no less that 3000 units of the specified make/model within a twelve (12) month period, all such units being approved by the EPA and DOT for sale in the United States.However, there is also rule 17.1.2.C.6: Construction of tube frame cars is permitted.I note that among the list of approved cars is the Panoz GT, which you'll have a hard time convincing me fits the first guidel...
9 1682
by  Ken GrammerJump to last post
09 Apr 2002 08:58 PM
2 Replies and 717 Views What brands of fuel cells are SCCA approved for GT3  717  2 Started by  toby911gt1 What brands of fuel cells are SCCA approved for GT3
2 717
by  Ken GrammerJump to last post
09 Apr 2002 08:52 PM
1 Replies and 733 Views Now look what they have done...  733  1 Started by  gtpilot They put all our nice GT Cars with a bunch of Old American Iron! Just kidding!! You guys are way bigger than my little GT5 car and I don't wnat to piss someone off!!! Glad we have some place to post and our forums were the low fruit... Kirk
1 733
by  Ken GrammerJump to last post
09 Apr 2002 08:50 PM
1 Replies and 699 Views Northwest Triathalon, Come an Get 'em!  699  1 Started by  Scotty B OK all you sissy T1 guys (&gals), Knuckle draggin AS dudes and butt crack showin T2 drivers… Who’s gonna come to the Northwest Triathalon and kick my sorry butt on my home tracks in front of God, Mario, Dario and the whole bunch!Check it out gang,It all starts with a long awaited return to Historic Pacific Raceways for a Double National Memorial weekend. &91url='http://www.nwr-scca.org/race/index.htm'&93http://www.nwr-scca.org/race/index.htm&91/URL&93 Then it’s a weekend off and back at it...
1 699
by  Ken GrammerJump to last post
09 Apr 2002 08:47 PM
1 Replies and 856 Views Used slicks?!?!  856  1 Started by  dkizerian Hi all...Just wondering where good places are to get some used slicks for small car... I'm either going for 13 or 14' wheels....I don't know ANYTHING about non-DOT slicks, so any other help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated...
1 856
by  wtracing80Jump to last post
29 Mar 2002 06:35 PM
2 Replies and 893 Views To P or not to P?  893  2 Started by  Rob Lay Well, I currently race SRX7 and love it. There's high participation numbers, the car is very reliable, it's cheap, and it was a good car to learn how to wrench on. Now that I have a year of experience under my belt I'm considering moving to a national class.There's a guy with a EP Fiat 124 that wants to get in the SRX7 class. Not only do I want a national class car, but racing a Fiat (who owns Ferrari) is the next best thing to my goal of racing a Ferrari.Is this just infatuation and should I...
2 893
by  Hap WaldropJump to last post
19 Feb 2002 03:03 AM
3 Replies and 1091 Views minimum rim size for a 20x9.5x13 cantelever slick?  1091  3 Started by  myronx19 Hi,I race a Fiat X1/9 in Canada. Currently I run a stock bodied X1/9, but eventually do want to use a wide body kit I have to accomodate some wider tires.The wheels I have are 6' wide, and I know a 20x8x13 fits on there perfectly.But I know that FP X1/9s are allowed wider wheels (6.5' I think, we don't run production classes here) to fit a 20x13x9.5' at the rear.Basically my question is this:If I put a 9.5' slick on a 6' wide wheel, is there a major performance deficit, and is there a danger ...
3 1091
by  FIAT90FPJump to last post
18 Feb 2002 10:24 AM
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