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0 Replies and 742 Views 12a rotary dry sump for sale  742  0 Started by  dplore I have a complete dry sump system for sale for a mazda 12a rotary. Petersen fluid systems pump, freshly rebuilt and pressure tested, petersen top of line can with baffles, custom front engine cover (Mazda factory racing cover is over $4,000 by itself), pulleys, aeroquip lines, water to oil cooler, everything. $1500 or best offeremail me for informationDarren -
0 742
11 Feb 2002 08:20 PM
1 Replies and 760 Views GT4 and GT5 Question  760  1 Started by  SlowCRXDriver Hi, I've watched both on speedvision and I was just wondering if there was a website or if someone could clarify as to what year, model and make cars are permitted in the classes (GT4 and GT5).
1 760
by  gtpilotJump to last post
04 Feb 2002 07:43 AM
0 Replies and 1922 Views E-Production RX7 bodykit pictures  1922  0 Started by  RealRideRacing Just posted pictures of the AWR Bodykit that we installed on our 2nd Gen Mazda RX7. The bodykit came off the molds from Gary Gist's runoffs EP car, designed and built by Anthony Woodford. Anthony is a former chief mechanic of Geoff Brabham's NPTI Nissan GTP car, developed the Mazda powered Formula Atlantic cars, and was a crew chief for John Overton's works IMSA Mazda GTU team. Our car doesn't run in EP, it was built for NASA's Super Unlimited Sportscar class. But the kit allows the use of much ...
0 1922
16 Jan 2002 08:27 PM
0 Replies and 744 Views racy trucks & trailers  744  0 Started by Anyone need a newer race car hauler We have 5 Ford F350s with 28' Pace trailers available.If you want to look see them at trucks medium duty, Ford, F350 and Trailers car haulers, Pace &91url=''&93 (trailers) &91url=''&93 (trucks)They are realy nice, in St Louis,and ...
0 744
07 Jan 2002 02:02 PM
0 Replies and 603 Views racy trucks & trailers  603  0 Started by Anyone need a newer race car hauler We have 5 Ford F350s with 28' Pace trailers available.If you want to look see them at trucks medium duty, Ford, F350 and Trailers car haulers, Pace &91url=''&93 (trailers) &91url=''&93 (trucks)They are realy nice, in St Louis,and ...
0 603
07 Jan 2002 02:01 PM
2 Replies and 845 Views Need Production Class Pics for this forum...  845  2 Started by  Dave Schotz Hey guys... need pics of Production Class cars in ACTION... to replace the WS-6 Firebird in the corner here... representing the Production Class Forum...Please post your pics... preferably ones that have all SCCA decals, class, and numbers... to help...Thanks!Dave------------------Weapon: True Blue 2001 CobraClass: FSCar No: Undecided
2 845
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
30 Dec 2001 09:58 PM
2 Replies and 809 Views Cage Question  809  2 Started by  MSemmes Can the cage be tied into the front shock towers (passing through the firewall) in Production, or is that for GT only
2 809
by  dploreJump to last post
29 Dec 2001 07:26 AM
3 Replies and 824 Views Car survivability in GT?  824  3 Started by  Rob Lay Ok, I'm seriously looking at a GT-2 car now that has a fiberglass body.The main thing I'm worried about are the probabilities of having damage done to the car. I race Spec RX7's now and 2-3 cars out of the 30 car field get crunched every race weekend. I just want to know if that's standard for the GT class as well. I would hope that the Spec RX7 stat is not normal because most of the drivers are inexperienced and they have cars you can replace for $500. However, I won't be able to replace my...
3 824
by  Krys DJump to last post
20 Dec 2001 06:42 PM
4 Replies and 767 Views GT Rules Stability?  767  4 Started by  Rob Lay Is GT-1 body changes the only major thing being modified in the rules this yearHow stable are the rules year to year I'm thinking about putting a little bit of money down into a GT-2 car, but it will probably take me 1-2 years to sort out and then I want to drive it another 2-3. Is that feasible
4 767
by  Krys DJump to last post
20 Dec 2001 05:43 PM
0 Replies and 669 Views Seats available at Hyundai Motorsports & Key Motorsport  669  0 Started by  Key guy Hyundai Motorsports are looking for fully funded drivers for the 2002 Grand Am Street Stock Cup Series to run their 2003 Hyundai Tiburon V6/2.7(STI class).Key Motorsport are also looking for fully funded drivers to run in the 2002 Canadian Formula Ford 1600 Championship. The recently completed 2001 racing season saw the Key Motorsport win the driver's Championship and delivered outstanding results: 3 wins, 2 poles and a total of 6 podiums in 8 races. Driver's brochure available at the following ...
0 669
26 Nov 2001 06:08 PM
2 Replies and 798 Views help,info,advice  798  2 Started by  denmar Where is everybody I'm in the process of building a first gen rx7 e/p. I need help info,advice etc. any and all we be good. Den
2 798
by  denmarJump to last post
25 Nov 2001 11:52 AM
1 Replies and 676 Views Weight "Adjustments" after Runoffs  676  1 Started by  speedturn Does anybody forsee (or wish) for any weight adjustments in any classes after the results of the runoffsSpeedturn
1 676
by  gtpilotJump to last post
11 Oct 2001 10:54 AM
4 Replies and 808 Views Any H Prod cars going to Homestead in November?  808  4 Started by  captdanh Are any H Prod. drivers going to race at Homestead in November 4 out of the last 5 races I have been to, I have been the only H Prod car. It's not as much fun being the only car in a class!
4 808
by  captdanhJump to last post
03 Oct 2001 05:18 PM
20 Replies and 2214 Views Viper & GT-1  2214  20 Started by  MIKE H
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
I read somewhere the Viper may get moved or can be moved to GT-1 does anyone know
20 2214
by  ron sJump to last post
25 Sep 2001 10:32 PM
0 Replies and 619 Views Runoffs  619  0 Started by  racin09 I would like to invite you all to join us on the webcast/chat session - Sunday at 4:00pm &91url=''& For GT1 drivers there is discussion going on the &91url=''& (GT1 Driver's Association) BBB about the wings, body styles and SB2 heads. ------------------Jill &91url=''& message has been edited by racin09 (edited September 20, 2001).&93
0 619
20 Sep 2001 09:49 PM
2 Replies and 817 Views Good GT-2 times at Laguna Seca?  817  2 Started by  Rob Lay I'm looking at a GT-2 car that has run 1:42's at Laguna Seca, how competitive is that Good national potential
2 817
by  David FergusonJump to last post
10 Sep 2001 01:55 PM
2 Replies and 907 Views Looking for Ideas for New Poll Question!  907  2 Started by  Dave Schotz Ok, GT Drivers... (or any other clubracers for that matter).Please post some ideas that you think would make a good 'Poll of the Week' Question!Thanks!Dave------------------Weapon: White 2001 Z-06 Class: SSCar No: 39
2 907
by  speedturnJump to last post
05 Sep 2001 05:53 AM
0 Replies and 717 Views Scott Murphy where are you...calling Scott Murphy!!!!  717  0 Started by  wtknght1 If anybody knows Scott Murphy (GT1 driver 80, yellow cup car), please let him know that I'd love to have his help for the runoffs. Please get in touch w/me ASAP so we can work the details. He left before we could exchange numbers this weekend at VIR.(w) 800-221-9398 (x-4626) 678-423-9459wtknght1aol.comThanks!!------------------Chris W. Inglewww.tracktapes.com2001 White Z06 T1 Racer 7Instructor, Car Guys
0 717
13 Aug 2001 06:00 AM
1 Replies and 773 Views '98 F-body brakes/power steering on a road course  773  1 Started by  98_1LE What have you done to improve the mushy pedal and weak hot lap performance of your '98 F-body brakes I mainly autox and need to stay legal for FS but would like stronger and more reliable brakes next trip to the road course.------------------&91url=''&93'98 Z28 1LE&91/URL&93 &0124; Toy&91url=''&93'87 Formula 350&91/URL&93 &0124; Daily driver
1 773
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
23 Jul 2001 10:55 AM
0 Replies and 591 Views GT1 - New body styles  591  0 Started by  racin09 New body styles are being presented as possible future cars in our GT Club races. GT1 drivers please stop by and give us your input. The comp. board is asking for our input on these points, let's not disappoint them! &91url=''&93 ------------------Jill &91url=''&
0 591
08 Jul 2001 12:06 PM
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