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2 Replies and 927 Views Started w/ SCCA in GT1??  927  2 Started by  C4RACER Hi. Not sure if there would be a better place for this topic, but I need some advice from people who have been there and done that.I've been on the path to build a race / street car out of my 1991 Corvette. Well, after getting a real road race motor, complete with dry sump and trying to figure out how to merge all this into this production car I've come to the conclusion doing a dual purpose car might be a mistake. I've been racing with clubs and doing open track events for 5 years now, and b...
2 927
by  MikeJump to last post
09 Feb 2001 04:24 PM
0 Replies and 754 Views GT1 race costs  754  0 Started by  C4RACER A related question, is what is the cost to campaign a GT1 car per raceIOW - how many races do a set of rotors and pads last, and how much $$ are theyditto on tires - can you find take offs from pro teams for cheapAnd fuel - do these cars get what, 4mpg when racing So in a race day you burn what 30 or 40 gallonsJust trying to get a feel for the costs involved and compare to other potential venues.Scott------------------'91 Corvette
0 754
07 Feb 2001 06:38 PM
6 Replies and 1237 Views Are superchargers allowed in SPO??  1237  6 Started by  sprcr21 I have an 87' Mustang which is carburated, but too overbuilt in other costly ares to be allowed into AS. The only class it is legal in is SPO. I lack a little on the power side to have a chance, so I was going to go back to fuel injected, and add a supercharger. Is this legal I can't seem to get a clear answer from anyone on this issue. If anyone knows for sure, can you please e-mail me so I don't make a $5,000 mistake. ThanksMarshall AikenAlpharetta, GA
6 1237
by  speedturnJump to last post
07 Feb 2001 04:32 AM
4 Replies and 871 Views silence is deafining  871  4 Started by  hracer#4 Where is everone on this site the old production page seems to contine to draw all the discussion ... might get a little agressive at times but at least there is an on going exchange here even Alex is silent. ------------------ken fahrbach
4 871
by  hracer#4Jump to last post
30 Jan 2001 04:49 PM
1 Replies and 815 Views GT Summit Conference II  815  1 Started by  GT1Vette Got a chance to talk to Patc Henry at the SEDIV meeting this weekend and asked her what's going on with the feedback to the last GT Summit Conference. Ends up they have gotten a BUNCH of comments (including those requesting Fuel Injection for GT2 thru GT5) and the Comp Board is preparing another proposal that will be sent out for member review and input 'soon'. Things are moving, but they want to make sure they do it right. There's an outside chance some changes will be implemented for the 20...
1 815
by  Steve BeckJump to last post
24 Jan 2001 09:02 PM
0 Replies and 742 Views Fuel test valve??  742  0 Started by  Bud Brazelton Installed a fuel DUMP valve in my GT-2, But why for GT and Production classes anyone know The tech guys are sure it applies to everyone. Don't put your fuel test valve under the hood, (fuel and hot headers don't mix well). I can control mine from the cockpit and can dump all the (ILLEGAL FUEL) before I get to tech. Can't test what they can't get!!------------------RACERBUD
0 742
24 Jan 2001 08:41 PM
0 Replies and 863 Views GP weight increase for 2001  863  0 Started by  tgr32 This topic has received a lot of attention in the past. I thought I would include a portion of a letter that I sent to the Comp Board and see if there is any interest. Here is the attachment.Subject: Weight added to the G-Production Fiat X1/9, Triumph Spitfire, and Fiat 124 Spyder by competition adjustment after the 2000 Runoffs.Please reverse the decision to add weight to these 3 cars for the 2001 season and go back to the weight as specified in the 2000 PCS. I am requesting this reversal b...
0 863
22 Jan 2001 09:58 AM
1 Replies and 846 Views Help with VTS (GTI)  846  1 Started by  apex I'm filling out a VTS as part of a request to get the Golf GTI 16v classed for limited prep. What is meant by 'Maximum Cylinder Bore' is this the max oversize the factory sold or the max possible before going into the water jacket
1 846
by  hracer#4Jump to last post
19 Jan 2001 04:25 PM
16 Replies and 1403 Views Test Run  1403  16 Started by  Erik Skirmants Figured I'd just stick my name on a post and see if anyone who has given up on the H Prod. website wants to follow. What the heck is a UBB anyway I assume I can't do a Fancy Schmancy photo unless I have things posted on a website elsewhere...Let's se if this flies.... Moderating a board with the potential for this much traffic should be fun...EEECK------------------Erik Skirmants07 EP RX7 Convert.
16 1403
by  TNS_GUYJump to last post
17 Jan 2001 11:37 AM
4 Replies and 1109 Views novice checklist  1109  4 Started by  Britbox greetingsi am attempting to develop a checklist for my 'crew' better known as wife for race day prep. and paddock stuff etc.i know some of you folks have probably developed a pretty good format that leaves nothing to chance. would anyone mind sharing if they doFrankstermindspring.com
4 1109
by  wtracing80Jump to last post
17 Jan 2001 05:18 AM
9 Replies and 1083 Views Limited Prep  1083  9 Started by  Jeff K Is the first generation (84-87) crx been classified in GP for limited prep. If anyone can point me to some valid info, I would appreciate it.
9 1083
by  Gordon CJump to last post
12 Jan 2001 06:18 AM
3 Replies and 959 Views Finjection  959  3 Started by  Mike when will all Gt cars be allowed FI i know some are (ie GT3 240sx) but none of the GT4 cars seem to be able to use it and its time to change with technology..motors would likely last longer as well as they shouldnt ever go too lean or rich .------------------Mike GibsonGT4 Nissan, 240Z convt.
3 959
by  GT1VetteJump to last post
10 Jan 2001 11:00 AM
1 Replies and 884 Views cutestuf  884  1 Started by  Racy-Stacey Can anyone tell me why the GCR lists the Ford Probe as a 4cyl 2v motor in GT3 The 2nd gen Probe GT's are V6 4v per cyl.
1 884
by  Peter OlivolaJump to last post
08 Jan 2001 01:01 PM
12 Replies and 1084 Views Tires  1084  12 Started by  Jesse Prather Tire question. The Elva weighs 1571 with 13 inch tires. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use Hoosiers but only really know about the Good Year compounds. What would be the duplicate in Hoosier from a 430 Good Year. Also suggestions on what compound I should run. A 1571 lb. Elva is a little different than a 2000 lb. MGA with 15 inch wheels. Thanks ahead for comments.
12 1084
by  Kendall_JonesJump to last post
05 Jan 2001 10:21 AM
2 Replies and 918 Views 2nd generation RX-7  918  2 Started by  Karl Bocchieri Im getting tired of ITS and I was wondering how competitave the 7 will be with limited prep rules. I have heard of a few in other regions but have never seen one up close or spoken with anyone who has made the plunge. Any coment would be appreciated.
2 918
by  Erik SkirmantsJump to last post
02 Jan 2001 04:38 AM
2 Replies and 887 Views '73 Celica classing?  887  2 Started by  celica73 OK, now maybe I can find someone with a rule book that wants to share.Is a '73 Celica eligible for any of the production classes and if so, what am I allowed to do with itI am already well beyond ITB specs (not too hard to do).Thanks,Scott Johnson'73 Celica GTS 18RG (JDM engine)'00 Celica GTS
2 887
by  ITA-MR2Jump to last post
01 Jan 2001 12:52 PM
1 Replies and 935 Views Battery  935  1 Started by  drvred I have a FP Spitfire with no alternator. Right now I use a very heavy deep cycle battery. I would like to save some weight in this area. What is everyone else using If you use a dry cell, do you need a battery boxThanks,Rick EdwardsFP56
1 935
by  Jesse PratherJump to last post
01 Jan 2001 05:51 AM
5 Replies and 1517 Views Paul Young's GT3 Probe?  1517  5 Started by  SBPGT Looking to get INFO on Paul Young's GT3 Probe. I plan on road racing after a few seasons of Autocrossing. I want to know about what he has done to the Probe for GT3. Is it still the KL-series V6, tube frame body, etc, etc,....... If anyone reading this forum can get me an e-mail address or have him e-mail me, that would be great!Thanks------------------Steve B.&91url='http://www.azpoc.com'&93AzPOC&91/URL&93 Pres.DSP/EP()
5 1517
by  ITA-MR2Jump to last post
29 Dec 2000 09:38 PM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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