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Last Post 26 Feb 2015 08:01 PM by  128racecar
Looking for late 80's GT rules
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26 Feb 2015 08:01 PM
    I am looking for a late 80's GCR for the GT rules set. I am considering the purchase of several different "retired" GT cars for vintage racing with my club, and need to find what was acceptable as late as 1989 for SCCA GT racing. At the minimum, at what date did tube frame cars become legal. I currently race a early 80s GT5 tub car, and was looking to add a second car to my garage. So far, I have had no luck finding a late 80s GCR on eBay or Amazon, and hoped someone might have an old GCR they could scan a few pages out of the GT rules section.

    Marc in Indy
    1979 Honda Civic GT5, now racing with the VSCDA