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Last Post 28 Dec 2010 02:53 PM by  KW78
2004 Ford Mustang ASedan for sale
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28 Dec 2010 02:53 PM

    This car was originally owned by a customer I supported in 2008. He started building the car from a body in white in 2003 while he was racing Nascar Trucks, and Pro desert trucks. The shop that built the car did everything first rate.

    The cage is fully gusseted, and the interior is finished and painted.
    The motor is a Nascar shop built motor. These guys do alot in this area.

    This car was brought to me in 2008 to be supported for National competition, and travel. He had a new motor, and we updated the car to the latest 2008 rules. In the middle of the summer, my customer's business folded and he quit racing.

    The motor is a 2 event (1 weekend) (see update below) iron head motor, maximized to 2008 rules. This motor would be a great candidate for a head swap to aluminum.

    * Bulletproof bottom end
    * Eagle steel crank
    * Eagle rods
    * Mahle Power pack pistons, rings, lightened wrist pins
    * Peterson Fluid systems oil cooler setup
    * Long tube headers
    * New Dr. Gas X with Stainless mufflers
    * light flywheel
    * Lakewood bell housing
    * Center Force race clutch
    * Fresh Tremec 3550 transmission
    * Hurst Short throw shifter
    * Custom Aluminum Sheet metal Valve covers
    * Modified Canton Oil Pan
    * Full Canton Oil Control
    * 3 Qt Accusump
    * Alum Radiator w. PS cooler built in
    * MSD Billet Distributor, W. Dash mounted IGN w. rev control
    * Modular 6AL w. Blaster Coil
    * March Pulley Setup, with aluminum accessory brackets
    * ATL Fuel Cell
    * Holley Fuel pump
    * AN Plumbing throughout car
    * 3 qt High pressure accusump
    * Moroso Battery Box
    * Moroso Overflow bottles
    * Road america gears
    * Pro Comp superlite gauges
    * Oil psi, oil temp, fuel psi, vacuum, water temp, tach, volts
    * Fuel sample port
    * dyno tuned carb
    * New 2010 camlock belts
    * Ultrashield Covered seat
    * Steeda 5 Link rear end system
    * Steeda front control arms
    * Bumpsteer Kit
    * Steeda pillow block mounted front swaybar
    * 4 Corner adjustible spring perches
    * Small spring setup


    * "Fire Bottle systems" on-board SFI approved fire system
    * Steeda offset rack bushings
    * Steeda Camber/caster plates w. bearing
    * Integral to the floor subframe connectors
    * Woodward Precision Steering 20 spline quick disconnect steering hub and wheel.
    * Aluminum false floor w air gap as heat shield under drivers feet
    * Ballast mounting nut plate in Right rear pass seat

    The chassis had 2009 rule updates:

    * lightened the dash chassis, but kept the cover
    * Light hood
    * Wiper made to single wiper, easy to run with or without system
    * Aux vacuum boost reservoir, braking is great
    * Stock car style steering column
    * Accessory brackets on motor replaced with aftermarket serpentine setup

    Wiring is smartly done with weather pack connectors, breakers not fuses, and a nice switch panel.

    There is a reasonable Spare package as well.

    * PS Pump
    * Water Pump
    * Rack and Pinion
    * Wheels
    * Carbotech and Hawk Brake Pads
    * Spare 12v fan
    * Rotors
    * Spare Plug and Play MSD/Coil/Rev limit Assy.
    * Headlight Assy
    * more I will inventory

    My customer did not like the idea of gutted doors, he wanted finished door panels. Also, for regionals he did not have 3 piece wheels. These are not bad, but 4# heavier than my best wheels.

    Also, headlights are wired and working for the possibility of enduros.

    Chassis was built up using steeda as a resource. This has their road racing package including Steeda Sway Bar setup, Steeda 5 Link, Eibach Springs, Eibach Adjustable Spring perches...Etc.

    I will post more as I think of it. For additional pictures, details just send me an email or call.

    This car does have a 2010 annual, and will make minimum Iron head weight (3230) with a 230# driver, even with door panels, 1 piece wheels, etc.

    So much has been invested in this car. I will make someone a smoking deal, and delivery is possible.

    Thanks for Looking,


    Update/ Status::

    I took the break in oil out, and qualified for the runoffs in this car this year.

    It now has 3 more weekends on motor. Motor is solid - no leaks, runs cool, no problems. This was a $14K pro motor for 2008.

    NOTE: I have set the limiter to 6200 and shifting at 5900. I have been fast enough to qualify AND run "break-in" rpm limits to preserve the motor.

    Also, I now have 3 track records in the car: PPIR, HPR, and Miller East course. AS cars were there competing in all of them.

    I put a 4 corner small spring setup under it (My spare suspension from my orange 04 that was on runoffs pole) and the balance is great. Power down thru and out of a corner.

    Will this car give Andy a run for the 2010 Runoffs pole? No, but it will damn sure be a top 3 division winner next year anywhere in the country AS IT SITS. Make it faster with the 09 aluminum head rule and the 010 brake rule - and it could win the 2011 runoffs. If you want to upgrade from a regional class to a v8 national effort, this car is pennies on the dollar.

    someone make an offer - lets talk. You won't be disappointed in the quality of this build. Support and fab services available to the new owner as well. Go racing with us in the RMDIV!

    email 78racer at gmail dot com