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0 Replies and 788 Views Looking for Older DSR - LeGrand or Similar  788  0 Started by  Matt Lawrence Looking for older DSR. A LeGrand Mk 18 or Mk 25 or similar to prepare to run in Solo 2 BM. Does not need to be in running condition or have motor, but would prefer something in fairly descent condition. If you know of something please e-mail me at 7mroadsterhouston.rr.com. Matt Lawrence
0 788
23 May 2006 10:33 PM
0 Replies and 1241 Views 1998 Ralt 41 For Sale  1241  0 Started by  Tex 1998 Ralt 41 16 Loyning injected Toyota. Mounted drys and rains. Spare front nose/wing assembly and rear wing assembly. Pi-2 dash. Only 6 Toyota Atlantic races and 8 SCCA races since new. Pictures and details and spares list on request. $50,000 Tex at 303-805-7238 or topgunner57aol.com
0 1241
29 Mar 2006 09:08 AM
1 Replies and 1878 Views Swift DB2 for sale  1878  1 Started by  jgaither My Swift DB2 is for sale. 1986 model. Raced mostly in SRCC events last two seasons. Five weekends on strong Butler motor. Three sets mounted wheels/tires. Good history. Logbooks from new. Never seriously hurt. Extra gears, spare head assembly, some suspension spares. Spare Falcon nose and kevlar side pods. Stack dash & receiver beacon & old software. Will sell complete or separate once the car is sold. Pole position at VIR - SRCC finale 2005 (2:02.8). Price is negotiable. Email for p...
1 1878
by  tcm69Jump to last post
20 Feb 2006 08:09 AM
6 Replies and 1557 Views DSR or SRF?  1557  6 Started by  weraracer75 I posted this in the new racer/SCCA forum, but thought it might be more appriopriate here. I know you all probably get worn out over the 'which car for a newbie' question, so I apologize in advance: I've been researching SCCA racing in general and specifically sports racers for a while now. I have come down to a choice between a DSR or SRF. Obviously, SRF's are more affordable, but I could manage a decent car in either class. I prefer the DSR because of its weight, handling and lap times. ...
6 1557
by  RadicalSR3Jump to last post
13 Dec 2005 04:44 PM
1 Replies and 1023 Views FC Debacle  1023  1 Started by  dcazin Help! I am venturing into the realm of FC Racing and wanted opinions..... I have found a Van Diemen and a Euroswift - for anyone familiar with running these cars - which would be the best to launch into this endeavor with I believe what I have found are 2 - FF2000 class cars. Thanks - for any opinion.
1 1023
by  Dick RasmussenJump to last post
04 Dec 2005 05:47 PM
2 Replies and 1013 Views FC will I fit?  1013  2 Started by  henryj63 Hi All, I bought a GT-3 Rx-3 that got me through school before I blew it up. The engine is now rebuilt and I am having a change of heart as to what class to race. Here is the problem I am 6'4' tall and my fat ass weighs 240 would I fit in a formula continental If so , what models should I look for avoid I really don't know much about them but have loved them since I was a kid. Anybody help
2 1013
by  Speed WeaselJump to last post
18 Oct 2005 12:20 PM
4 Replies and 2601 Views Spec Racer Renault to Ford Conversion  2601  4 Started by  Bernard Hello:I want my next race car to be a purpose built, open cockpit race car. Spec Racer Ford is among my choices (S2 another one). Being a thrifty guy, I noticed that Renault-powered Spec Racers are available at a bargain price. My question therefore: is it possible (financially feasable) to buy a SRR and convert it to a SRF Is it just the engine or is it moreThank you!
4 2601
by  PineconeJump to last post
16 Oct 2005 06:31 AM
3 Replies and 1083 Views FA in the northeast  1083  3 Started by  jtma508 Doesn't seem to be much activity coming from the memebers from the northeast compared to other parts of the country. I hope to be joining the FA fray next season with NHIS and LRP being the closest tracks. Any other locals on the forums And BTW, I'm looking for a DB4 or later Swift or Ralt 40/41.- Gerry
3 1083
by  lola56Jump to last post
10 Oct 2005 06:38 PM
2 Replies and 1053 Views looking for f 500 info  1053  2 Started by  sccaITSsentra hey im looking for some info on f 500 i might try that class, i love open wheel, but cant afford the bigger ones, this seams like it might be in my budget. Can you guys give me the info on cost of things like tires, consumables, parts , what to look for in buying one, what breaks, whats is good. Ive got alot of snowmobile experience, so the motors are great to me, what is the weight, tire life, engine life brake life etc whats it cost you gusy for an average weekend
2 1053
by  sccaITSsentraJump to last post
13 Jun 2005 09:22 AM
1 Replies and 1018 Views All Fuels Shall Be Purcased From the Track  1018  1 Started by  racinglawyer Fast Track. April 2005 concerning the 2005 RUNOFFS sec. 9.12 reads as follows. 'All cars shall use fuel purchased from the track as follows: All SRF, rotary engine cars, SSB, SSC, FSCCA and SRACCA cars shall use Sunoco/CAM2 93 Octane Unleaded. All T1 and T 2 cars, rotary engine cars, as well as the GT 2 Porsche Cup car and the EP Lotus/Caterham 7 American shall use either Sunoco/Cam2 93 Octane unleaded or Sunoco/CAM2 100 Octane Unleaded. Competitors must declare which fuel they are using and mix...
1 1018
by  GreenCrossleJump to last post
28 Mar 2005 06:58 PM
0 Replies and 725 Views Dec 18, 2004 Holiday Party in CA  725  0 Started by  racer_tom What: Annual Sports Racer Holiday PartyWhere: Livermore, California (east San Francisco Bay Area)When: Dec. 18, 2004How: Email me ( &91EMAIL&93racer_tomyahoo.com&91/EMAIL&93 ) with who you are and I will send you an Evite.A potluck dinner, bench racing, race videos, and a 'white elephant' gift exchange.Happy holidays,
0 725
07 Dec 2004 04:32 PM
2 Replies and 1405 Views DSR question  1405  2 Started by  FatsKARS52 I was watching the DSR RunOffs race on SpeedChannel today. It was mentioned that the Wynnfurst car was powered by a Kohler 850cc 2 stroke motor. When I Google 'Kohler engines' nothing even close to 850cc's comes up. Does anyone have a website for Wynnfurst or Kohler or any other website where I can get info about the Kohler engine being used :shrug: Thanks!
2 1405
by  racer_tomJump to last post
06 Dec 2004 03:49 PM
0 Replies and 883 Views Sports Racer information  883  0 Started by  racer_tom If you're interesting in checking out current and vintage sports racers, or already own one and and don't know about our online community, then check out the &91url='http://sports.racer.net'&93 &91b&93Sports Racer Network&91/b&93 &91/URL&93 (http://Sports.Racer.Net).We have the largest archives on the net, including chassis pages providing information and photos on over 150 different cars.We also have one of the best technical discussion forums on the web. It's specific to sports racin...
0 883
06 Dec 2004 03:45 PM
0 Replies and 943 Views Radical SR3  943  0 Started by  F3crew I heard that their's going to be a Radical spec series using the SR3 cars. Has anyone heard about this.John
0 943
27 May 2004 10:02 AM
0 Replies and 854 Views New F500 website  854  0 Started by  iamuwere Due to the excellent work of the webmaster, the F500 community has a new website. Great source for information, cars, parts, and discussion. &91url='http://www.f500.org'&93F500.org&91/URL&93
0 854
02 May 2004 03:53 PM
0 Replies and 750 Views Mid-Winter Indoor Karting Challenge  750  0 Started by  jasonberkeley Hi everyone-I was thinking it may be fun for those who don't have budget or have yet to financially recover from the past season to run at the WinterNationals, to organize a weekend at one of the indoor karting tracks with real racing karts in Indy or Vegas for all of us racing nuts.Is there any interest out thereWe could rent the whole karting center for the weekend, organize heat races and a main, etc...Make it open only to SCCA license holders, etc...Do it maybe in FebruaryWhat do you guys ...
0 750
10 Nov 2003 07:48 AM
1 Replies and 947 Views F500 Engine legalities  947  1 Started by  GreenCrossle Any opinions on the proposed legalization of the 494 RAVE Rotax and the 493 Rotax (also RAVE) Just curious....
1 947
by  NealeWestonJump to last post
15 Oct 2003 11:24 AM
4 Replies and 1020 Views Safety?  1020  4 Started by  Skant I'm considering getting into the world of wheel to wheel racing. And my research into the matter is starting to point to Formula Vee as the class to get started (and maybe even stick around a good while).I figure I'm more interested in good competition than pure speed. Besides, from what I gather FV is slow by formula standards, but not sports car standards.But that brings up a question... you've got this wee little car buzzing along at 120mph on a straightaway... there's not much car there t...
4 1020
by  GreenCrossleJump to last post
28 Sep 2003 07:28 PM
4 Replies and 1715 Views Need jack to lift DSR  1715  4 Started by  UrbanBugeye How do you lift your formula or sports racers high enough to get jack stands under them Does anyone have a source for a lift or plans to make one that slips under it and lifts it up 18' or so My DSR only has 1 1/2' in front and 2 1/2 in the rear. Cheers, Rex
4 1715
by  GreenCrossleJump to last post
28 Sep 2003 07:18 PM
0 Replies and 780 Views Runoffs Photos  780  0 Started by  vwpilot Just wanted to let everyone know that I have all my photos posted to my site from the Runoffs. There was some great racing and was a lot of fun.Photos can be seen on &91url='http://www.motorsportsimaging.com'&93www.motorsportsimaging.com&91/URL&93 and follow the Runoffs links. Enjoy
0 780
23 Sep 2003 12:13 AM
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