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Last Post 09 Jul 2015 07:25 PM by  Nick
STL exhaust too loud?
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09 Jul 2015 07:25 PM
    Hello. I'm new to Roadracing and have been working on finishing up my car.
    I'm in STL. I have a Honda Civic and I've built my own exhaust. I added a resonator where the converter was. Its more of a straight through fake converter to help get rid of the Honda raspiness. Along with 2.5in pipe, I have a Magnaflow straight through muffler.
    My question is will that be too loud? I know it is loud just running it in the garage but I have no way to measure it or anywhere to test it. I'd love to run it up and down the road but would rather not upset my new neighbors. I just moved into town.
    I'd really hate to make it to a race in the next week or two and get turned away.
    Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
    Thank you in advance for the help.