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1 Replies and 653 Views old beamer fan here!  653  1 Started by  Cory in Pittsburgh Anybody run a 320i in IT Seems like that'd be a great car for that form of motorsport. Any relevant linksCheersCory &91url=''&93
1 653
by  ingrahammJump to last post
09 Aug 2001 10:08 AM
5 Replies and 683 Views Minimum required equipment  683  5 Started by  DBurkhead What is the minimum required equipment for a legal IT race car, starting from a streetable and essentially stock car My own reading of the rules (my copy is a couple of years old and lost in a sea of papers at the moment) suggests the following:roll cagefire extinguisherexternal kill switchWhat else is necessary--not necessarily to make a competitive car, just one that you can take to the track and run------------------David L. Burkhead 'May I be just half the personmailto:dburkhua...
5 683
by  DBurkheadJump to last post
07 Aug 2001 11:13 AM
9 Replies and 760 Views Class Groupings  760  9 Started by  LEE CULPEPPER If you have had the chance already to race with SPECMIATAS please state what group of cars you feel they should be put with and whyITS & ITA & IT7 OR ITB & ITC &ITD & SSB & SSC THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT
9 760
by  AnubisJump to last post
03 Aug 2001 10:34 PM
9 Replies and 852 Views SW ITE  852  9 Started by  Max Lake Don't have all the details but the ITE rules in SW have changed. Biggest is a cap of 3 liters (or turbo equivalent), over that goes to SP.------------------Max----------Chevy 1/2 ton SilveradodoChrome shift knobMud flaps with chrome nekkid wimmin.
9 852
by  twin_turborx7Jump to last post
02 Aug 2001 07:26 PM
1 Replies and 617 Views Tell me about the old ITF class?  617  1 Started by  Rob Lay I was looking at a car's history and it was racing in ITF in the SW Div back in 1997. It looks like that class was dropped for 1998. Does anyone have any information on what the class was all about and whether ITF cars now fit into ITEThanks------------------ * 1983 Mazda RX7 (SCCA SRX7/ITA, SCCA CSP)* 1993 BMW 325is (SCCA GS, BMW CCA D)* 1986 Ferrari 328gts (SCCA TAS)
1 617
by  CBWJump to last post
17 Jul 2001 02:30 PM
24 Replies and 1621 Views ITE around for good?  1621  24 Started by  Rob Lay
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Before you spend many thousands of dollars on a car, I guess you would like to know how stable a class is. Any opinions IS there anything that isn't legal for ITE, as along as it's IT rules
24 1621
by  twin_turborx7Jump to last post
09 Jul 2001 07:53 PM
3 Replies and 704 Views what about trucks?  704  3 Started by  Cory in Pittsburgh I remember waaaaay back in the early-mid '80's there used to be a truck class in either SCCA or IMSA showroom stock racing. I thought I heard a rumor of the same happening for SCCA IT. Am I wrong Have I not explored this sight enough Seems like a fun idea for a class...CoryWexford, Pa.
3 704
by  AnubisJump to last post
05 Jul 2001 10:14 PM
3 Replies and 623 Views prepping an IT car  623  3 Started by  vrsik looking for advice on prepping an IT car. I have an 85 Jetta GL that I was thinking about turning into a racecar.the engine needs to be rebuilt and interior gutted and prepped ect. would it be cheaper to buy a car ready to race or should I go with the jetta.I'm from the greater Philly area. Are there any shops around that prep racecars I'm new to racing but serious about getting involved any advice would be appreciated. thanks.
3 623
by  Crack MonkeyJump to last post
02 Jul 2001 04:42 AM
0 Replies and 629 Views 1000K GingerMan - Supps and Entry Forms Online  629  0 Started by  Jeremy Sutton The Supplemental Regulations and Entry Forms for the 1st annual '1000 Kilometers of GingerMan' on September 15th and 16th at GingerMan Raceway have been posted online at &91url=''& The Detroit Region highly encourages your support and participation for what promises to become a successful, annual tradition. The 45 spots are expected to fill fast, so interested teams and racers should act in an efficient and timely manor. Th...
0 629
22 Jun 2001 08:42 AM
1 Replies and 1965 Views 4AGE engine rebuild  1965  1 Started by  mister2dood Anyone know of a good place to get a 4AGE (Toyota MR2) engine rebuilt, blueprinted, and balanced I blew mine up last weekend at Nelson's Ledges...I can take out the motor and put it back in, and reassemble the top end, but I'd like to get a shop to do the bottom end for me.Any info would be appreciated. I'm located near Cincinnati, OH.Thanks,Aaron GastrichITA MR2
1 1965
by  gtpilotJump to last post
18 Jun 2001 12:57 PM
7 Replies and 971 Views Are coilovers legal in IT?  971  7 Started by  Jake I was just going thru the GCR and it said they weren't. Am I reading it wrong It seems lots of IT cars have coil-over shocks: Ground Control etc.
7 971
by  HondamanJump to last post
17 Jun 2001 03:27 PM
0 Replies and 556 Views ITA/RX7 FRONT SPRINGS  556  0 Started by  FASTNBLU WHAT RATE COMBOS WORK BESTalso, are aftermarket front spoilers and stock rear wings legal for switching my pro7 over to ita------------------DARYLBRIGHTWELLita rx7 90SFR &91This message has been edited by FASTNBLU (edited June 15, 2001).&93
0 556
13 Jun 2001 12:56 PM
0 Replies and 557 Views Want to Run Talladega Super Speedway???  557  0 Started by  Ken Grammer The Alabama Region SCCA is hosting a single day Solo I at the Talladega Super Speedway on June 23, 2001. This is a great opportunity to add Talladega to your resume of tracks!The supps and entry form for the single day event are available and can be downloaded from our web site at &91url=''& ------------------Ken GrammerR.E. Alabama RegionSEDiv AS Camaro 61Starter/F&C Worker
0 557
02 Jun 2001 10:59 PM
2 Replies and 690 Views Spec 7 and Miata lap times  690  2 Started by  Walter What are the lap times for a Spec 7 vs. a Spec Miata (assuming all else the same) Any real maint. requirements or cost to run differences between the two classes
2 690
by  ITA-MR2Jump to last post
30 May 2001 10:15 PM
0 Replies and 602 Views Questions about RS  602  0 Started by  toby911gt1 I’m building an 88 Honda CRX for RS. Can you relocate the battery in RS The rules say to follow IT for safety and some other things but does not say anything about the battery. I have talked to a few people and one says yes and the other one says no. Also how many people are racing in RS When I started building the car 2 years ago there were a few cars racing. The last few races I have been to there was only one or 2 cars. Also there is no minimum weight in RS. The rules say I have to run glas...
0 602
30 May 2001 01:10 PM
3 Replies and 704 Views Getting Started  704  3 Started by  DBurkhead Hi,Just found this place.Right now, I'm a beginning autocrosser looking into possibly getting involved in IT racing.To begin with, I am doing some research on possible cars to run with. The start of that research is to list the cars in the different IT classes (from the SCCA web site) and look up their stock horsepower and curb weights. Those will change with modification, of course, but that gives me a starting point. The next step is to look up race results and check wins by the different c...
3 704
by  Crack MonkeyJump to last post
29 May 2001 08:10 AM
0 Replies and 556 Views some short movies from pocono  556  0 Started by  ITE MUSTANG The first one is the first turn after taking the green flag. &91url=''&93 The second flick is me blowing the motor while leading the field. &91url=''&93
0 556
28 May 2001 02:39 PM
0 Replies and 608 Views Gearing for Laguna Seca/Sears Point  608  0 Started by  Robert Pinkowski I have a couple of friends from the Atlanta Region who have always wanted to race at Laguna Seca and Sears Point and they made up their minds they will towing there for the back-to-back weekends in July. We're all rolling our eyes, but, hey, it's a possible once in a lifetime thing and promises to be a lot of fun.One will be bringing a Datsun 240Z and the other an Olds Achieva. Can anyone provide information as to the diff gears these types of cars are currently running at these tracks The Old...
0 608
20 May 2001 08:35 AM
0 Replies and 502 Views anyone have left over BMW race parts?  502  0 Started by  HARTGERACER anything consideredwes------------------HARTGE RACER
0 502
17 May 2001 05:02 PM
2 Replies and 744 Views rx7 rear springs?  744  2 Started by  FASTNBLU Has anyone tried 150 pound eibach rear springs on their ita rx7 or pro7------------------DARYLBRIGHTWELLPRO-7 90CSCC SCCA
2 744
by  kgobeyJump to last post
16 May 2001 11:42 AM
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