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7 Replies and 809 Views Time To Stand Up And Get Counted...  809  7 Started by  cjessup I just completed my best season of racing yetlast year in Oregon Region SCCA. There wastalk among some of the drivers to 'changethe rules' that Ore Reg has been using fora few years now for ITE. I just got my handson the SF Region rules figuring I mightveture south and try a couple race down thatway. I live in Seattle. Oregon is holdingtight. SF Region may as well dump theirsfor what it is worth (IMHO).Around here a guy with a Pro Street level,made in the U.S.A, Chev Z28 Camaro for cryingou...
7 809
by  Ken GrammerJump to last post
20 Feb 2001 09:10 PM
6 Replies and 918 Views How much will this cost to build?  918  6 Started by  905.0gt I want to build an ITC Ford Fiesta. I have 2 cars, 2 motors/trans, and all the suspension parts already. What else will I need to buy All I can think of is a cage and a fuel cell. I have a seat, belts, wheels, tires. Do you think I can be on track for $1000 Oh, I have to rebuild one motor, but I have all the parts except the gaskets. I don't want to be competitive (if I did I would buy a Honda). Anyway, thanks in advance.
6 918
by  JHHJump to last post
17 Feb 2001 09:05 AM
5 Replies and 920 Views New Saturn Race Car  920  5 Started by  planet6racing Well, I have decided to start building an ITA car. Too many lapping sessions have gotten me way too hooked! The car is planned to roll out sometime in 2003 (boy, it sure seems a long way off!).Anyway, the question I have is how do I go about getting the SCCA region/national to recognize my car as an IT car While the SC model is fully recognized, the SL (4 door) is not (yet). The cars are nearly identical, using the same space frame and powertrain. The only real difference is that one is a ...
5 920
by  PatJump to last post
09 Feb 2001 05:16 PM
4 Replies and 889 Views Why can't I give away my ITB Rabbit?  889  4 Started by  ILenhart This topic ties in the posting of older IT cars. I have an ITB Rabbit that I've posted several times (many different web sites) and displayed with for sale signs with little response. Why is the market for inexpensive IT cars so weak Is it because everyone believes they need to spend $40,000.00 to have fun Is the entry level racer who is thinking about getting his feet wet in IT racing looking for 'top of the class' cars A few years ago, it was hard to locate any IT cars for under $3500....
4 889
by  JHHJump to last post
02 Feb 2001 09:47 PM
8 Replies and 875 Views Rx-7 question  875  8 Started by  Mhanc Hey all,Will the tranny out of a 86 2nd gen fit in a 85 1st gen gsl-se Is there an advantage to using that tranny if it will fit------------------'hamster'109 CSP1985 Rx-7 GSL-SE
8 875
by  7racingJump to last post
02 Feb 2001 09:43 AM
11 Replies and 1025 Views Getting started  1025  11 Started by  Janny Hi all:I am considering the notion of taking my old 1984 GTI off the road soon, and going racing with it. Maybe not this coming year, but soon. I am a big fan of auto racing, and I have come to the point where I am no longer content to sit in the stands and watch the big boys play. I have a lot of questions, many that I can't even formulate in a coherent way, but let me get started with this:A friend who has considerable knowledge about these things suggested that with my 84 GTI, I would be in I...
11 1025
by  7racingJump to last post
02 Feb 2001 09:37 AM
2 Replies and 769 Views Rain tires?  769  2 Started by  stevei35 I'm a new driver with a CRX ITA car. I need info on rain tires. What makes and what willfit stock CRX rims. I know someone talked a little about this last week but I need moreinfo. I know Hoosiers Dirt stockers are the best but how much What else do people useLet me know whats out there!Steve
2 769
by  JimFMracerJump to last post
02 Feb 2001 08:54 AM
2 Replies and 949 Views Spec Rx-7 rental wanted  949  2 Started by  gmicheal Here's what I need: - Rental of race car for 2 SCCA schools races with support - including some insight into chassis setups for different tracks - Wear items included - I would be glad to help with changing pads, oil changes, etc. - Possibly guidance on buying, setting up Spec Rx-7What I have to trade:87 Mazda Rx-7 - Sports Package (better seats spoilers), 13B Rotary, 5-speed, sunroof, runs and drives but engine is weak (104K miles). Will also need brake and exhaust work. New BFG tires on 5-...
2 949
by  gmichealJump to last post
30 Jan 2001 08:22 PM
12 Replies and 1231 Views Spec-7 Regional Class  1231  12 Started by  David Dewhurst Dave Schotz, within the Secret Car Club of America there is a class in some Divisions/Regions which shows up very minimal & also is not in the GCR for year 2000.This class started in the SoPac in I think year 1994 and is very sucessful (Large car counts at regional races). Some of the places the class exists are: SoPac Divison, RMD, WDC Region, CenDiv. The year 2000 Spec-7 rules can be found at &91url='http://www.scca-milwaukee.org,'&93www.scca-milwaukee.org,&91/URL&93 click on 'racing lin...
12 1231
by  FASTNBLUJump to last post
30 Jan 2001 08:11 PM
12 Replies and 1184 Views Rookie IT tires?  1184  12 Started by  CMerritt I'm buying an ITS 240Z and intend to take the SFR race licensing school at Thunderhill come February and then compete in 3-4 races throughout this season. I need a set of tires, and from what I have heard Hoosiers, while fastest, are easy to flat spot and it's going to take some time for my skills to catch up to the last few percentage points where the Hoosiers will shine over other tires. So, any advice on what to get Toyos Kumhos Just go get some Hoosiers and stop whining =P. Thanks...
12 1184
by  BMWRacerITSJump to last post
25 Jan 2001 07:53 AM
4 Replies and 889 Views Help! SPO question for you IT guys  889  4 Started by  twin_turborx7 Question:I have a car that I am going to enter in SPO for a few races this year. I just got the car prepared for an SCCA school that is coming up. My question is does the car need to have the seat re-enforcement bar to be tech legal etc. The one that goes behind the seat to keep it from going back during an impact. I am getting conflicting reports.Thanks.~TT
4 889
by  twin_turborx7Jump to last post
23 Jan 2001 12:17 PM
1 Replies and 743 Views Anybody with the new GCR?  743  1 Started by  CMerritt I'm curious to see if the late model 300ZX (Z32) finally got added to ITS...anybody-Carl
1 743
by  Peter OlivolaJump to last post
19 Jan 2001 10:24 AM
15 Replies and 1298 Views New IT cars  1298  15 Started by  asedanracer Does anyone have an idea of what the next 'hot' ITS and ITA cars will be The current crop of dominant cars (RX7/CRX) are nearly 10 years old. With the exception of the E36 BMWs and a few Integra GSRs, what do you see coming out of T1/T2 to be reclassified in IT Tell you where I'm going with this. My AS car is for sale, and the plan is to spend 2001 building a car for IT. (S or A, haven't decided). What I don't want to do is build a new car only to have a more current model added to the c...
15 1298
by  TypeSHJump to last post
18 Jan 2001 12:46 PM
2 Replies and 824 Views Endurance Racing in SEDiv  824  2 Started by  Kathy & Larry Daniels Upon approval by the RE's, at the SeDiv convention in two weeks, Spec Miata will be approved to run in the ECR series next year. The first race is at Road Atlanta the first weekend in March. Larry Daniels
2 824
by  BillWJump to last post
08 Jan 2001 02:32 PM
1 Replies and 793 Views ITE part deux  793  1 Started by  Silkworm I read the below description of ITE, and understand that. My question is this:My friend owns a 88 'Vette that he wants to roadrace. He's out for T1 since it's so old, and he doesn't want to do GT1 since that's waay more prepped than he has money/time/desire to do.ITE sounds like a good fit for him, and I believe SFR has an ITE class. Since he's not building this car for any other class, will he be legal if he builds the car to the ITCSI know that sounds like a no brainer, but I want to be ce...
1 793
by  DHMichaelJump to last post
05 Jan 2001 05:22 PM
1 Replies and 786 Views Howdy folks  786  1 Started by  BMWRacerITS New member here.Right now I'm in the process of preparing an E36 325is to go ITS racing next year.I live in NC, so I'll be trying to run as many SARRC races as college and funds (aka Dad) allow.I'm coming from a couple experiences with BMW CCA Club Racing and a few years of driving schools. Looking forward to kickin' some Mazda arse ...although the 100 extra pounds they are adding to my car won't be much help.See ya'll on the track.-Bryan Watts'92 325is ITS'95 M3----------------------&91i&9...
1 786
by  Kathy & Larry DanielsJump to last post
04 Jan 2001 06:28 PM
5 Replies and 1120 Views ITE?  1120  5 Started by  Victor Penner I am currently running A 97 Type R in T2 in the NWR and after a season I have decided that the prep rules are a little too restrictive for my liking. There had been talk of the SCCA modifying the rules to allow the SVWC cars a place to run besides their race series without crushing the T1/T2 cars. I have an e-mail from the SCCA that it will not happen after all and so I was wondering if I would be allowed to run in ITE What are the rules for ITE Could I prep my car to SVWC rules and run in ITE...
5 1120
by  cjessupJump to last post
01 Jan 2001 06:11 PM
0 Replies and 1031 Views ITS Wheels, BMW 5-bolt  1031  0 Started by  BMWRacerITS Any other E36 BMW folks on the forum yetWhat type of wheels are you runningI have narrowed my choices to the Kosei K1, BBS RK, Borbet Type T and SSR Competitions. Am I overlooking and good choicesThe SSR's are by far the lightest and by far the most expensive at around $280. I may eventually order some for my race wheels because they are stronger (cold forged) and lighter than the other choices.The Kosei's are a couple pounds heavier, but only cost $140, making them much more affordable.The...
0 1031
30 Dec 2000 06:25 PM
3 Replies and 1452 Views Due to Popular Demand!  1452  3 Started by  Dave Schotz The IT forum is alive and well! Post at will! Thanks! Dave
3 1452
by  mazmarcJump to last post
29 Dec 2000 03:22 AM
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