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3 Replies and 955 Views Best car fir IT class  955  3 Started by  Tom stark I am new to scca and I am interested in improved touring class. Need to know the type of cars that do the best in this class. If you had the choice to build one or purchase one which make and model would it be. If there is a certain car that has an advantage or diadvantage I would like to start out in the right direction.I have built many high end race cars for dirt racing and would like to stop eating dirt and try some road racing. I live two hours from Elkart Lake and I assume that would be m...
3 955
by  ITA-MR2Jump to last post
04 Feb 2002 08:43 PM
0 Replies and 503 Views IT crew  503  0 Started by  lilBlueFocus I am hoping to be able to do some IT racing in the future. Any one who needs/wants a crewman in the SE region let me know. I just want to get some experience and would love to help out.
0 503
31 Jan 2002 01:00 PM
0 Replies and 559 Views Help with a cool suit design project  559  0 Started by  mkberchak I would like to request help from any one that is using or has used a cool suit while racing for research for a student design project.Thanks for the helpMichael Berchak
0 559
20 Jan 2002 10:52 AM
0 Replies and 581 Views racy trucks & trailers  581  0 Started by Anyone need a newer race car hauler We have 5 Ford F350s with 28' Pace trailers available.If you want to look see them at trucks medium duty, Ford, F350 and Trailers car haulers, Pace &91url=''&93 (trailers) &91url=''&93 (trucks)They are realy nice, in St Louis,and ...
0 581
07 Jan 2002 02:16 PM
0 Replies and 584 Views ITE camaros& mustangs have a new place to run!!!!!  584  0 Started by  coolsaleen Check out I'll say no more, than this is the coolest thing to come along since peanut butter & jelly!!!!!! It is going like crazy on the west coast, help us make it a smash on the east coast as well!!!! Merry Xmas ALL !!!!!
0 584
18 Dec 2001 06:22 PM
1 Replies and 644 Views ARRC IT results?  644  1 Started by  DBurkhead I've been doing some car research. Can anybody point me to results for ARRC races from 1998 and back I've found 1999-2001------------------David L. Burkhead 'May I be just half the my dog thinks I am.'Science Fiction -- Judo -- Space -- Science -- Cars
1 644
by  Ken GrammerJump to last post
13 Dec 2001 06:25 PM
0 Replies and 619 Views Petition to have World Challenge a national class...  619  0 Started by  Rob Lay Please send Name, Address, SCCA, Phone and Email to
0 619
20 Nov 2001 01:29 PM
1 Replies and 1985 Views CAR FOR SALE  1985  1 Started by  R2888R ITB 85 MUSTANG 1500.00 OBO 561 722 9714
1 1985
by  Black96CobraJump to last post
18 Nov 2001 10:51 PM
9 Replies and 779 Views Costs per year in IT/SRX7?  779  9 Started by  Ryan If i were to run an IT car or a SRX7 car, what should i budget per year for tires, brake pads, maintenance items, incidentals, repairs I'm considering diving in next year and wondering whether i can really afford this (i'm pretty sure i can afford a car and i may have others in on it helping me). I do graduate in May from JMU but i have speed lust now and i want to get on the track wheel-to-wheel I'm considering an ITB/ITC or SRX7..... -Ryan 95SC2
9 779
by  Crack MonkeyJump to last post
07 Nov 2001 07:22 AM
1 Replies and 737 Views ITA rule book online?  737  1 Started by  donalson where can i find the ITA rulebook online...i just found out i can mod my car ('86 toyota mr2 NA) to ITA standards and run it in CSP...i might look into this...don't know how it would work but i'd like to find out not to mention i'll have a few tracks where i'm moving...being able to use the car for track and auto-x sounds fun.mark
1 737
by  Peter OlivolaJump to last post
17 Oct 2001 04:26 PM
3 Replies and 666 Views Crewless in West Virginia  666  3 Started by  E30Ray The syllabus for the Oct. 27-28 event at Summit Point says that a crew is MANDATORY. However, I am crewless that weekend. The syllabus does say that I can borrow crew members from other drivers. So I'm asking if anyone out there will be at this event and either would like to give me a hand or would like to loan me a crew member when needed I'm not exactly sure why a crew is mandatory. I've been to plenty of events and have seen lots of drivers come alone. In any event, I don't want to be ...
3 666
by  blackratJump to last post
16 Oct 2001 01:25 PM
4 Replies and 732 Views Building an IT-S car ...  732  4 Started by  E30Ray So the building goes on. I installed the fire extinquisher and the kill switch this weekend. All the other safety equipment (roll cage, window net, harnesses) went in a week ago. The car is getting new brakes this week. I still need to remove the steering wheel lock and pull the ABS relay. After that I think I'm ready for tech. The big test comes at Summit Point on 10/26 where the car will be teched. I've got my fingers crossed.I'd like to thank all of you that made suggestions as a put t...
4 732
by  E30RayJump to last post
14 Oct 2001 06:51 AM
4 Replies and 688 Views Brakes for E30 IT-S car  688  4 Started by  E30Ray I completely used up my stock brakes at the track (Pocono) on Friday. I'm looking for suggestions for upgrading the brakes to slotted/cross-drilled rotors and possibly racing calipers and pads. This car is an 1989 325is. I use it for the track only. Its being built into a IT-S class club racer. From the GCR, it seems to stay in class I can't increase the rotor size. Any suggestions on brakes
4 688
by  blackratJump to last post
03 Oct 2001 01:25 PM
1 Replies and 598 Views Steering lock and the GCR  598  1 Started by  E30Ray Why does the GCR require the steering lock to be removed on an IT car It doesn't have to be removed on an SS or touring car, so I wouldn't think its a safety issue.Also, ABS is supposed to be disengaged as per the GCR. Why Isn't the car safer wih ABS than without it
1 598
by  Peter OlivolaJump to last post
03 Oct 2001 04:48 AM
1 Replies and 680 Views IT brake question in view of GCR  680  1 Started by  E30Ray The GCR says pads linings and fluid is unrestricted, but rotors and drums are not to be modified. I assume this means no change in size, no slotting or cross-drilling. In other words, the rotors are stock. Is that true
1 680
by  slowSERJump to last post
02 Oct 2001 08:30 AM
5 Replies and 914 Views Kill Switch Installation  914  5 Started by  E30Ray I need to add a kill switch to a 1989 BMW 325is. I wa going to mount it to the hole in the vent area behind the top of the hood. If you pop the right black vent cover, there is a hole to mount the switch. I plan to cut the battery cable and route it to the switch and then back out to the junction block. Can anyone suggest a better placement for a kill switch on an E30 Thanks.
5 914
by  DowningRacingJump to last post
20 Sep 2001 06:05 AM
1 Replies and 651 Views 3 & 5 angle valve jobs and backcut valves?  651  1 Started by  royboy Hey guys, just starting out. Trying to get info before the BIG commitment. Anyways, I couldn't find anything in the GCR about valve angles, so does that mean I can cut my valves with 3 & 5 angle seats. Would I be able to backcut my valves, too The only thing I found close involved section D.1.p in the ITCS which says, 'All engine components not otherwise listed in these rules shall meet factory specifications for stock parts. Where factory specifications are absent or unclear, e.g., cylinder...
1 651
by  Max LakeJump to last post
24 Aug 2001 07:40 AM
2 Replies and 668 Views MR2 91NA classification/reality  668  2 Started by  Tim319 this is a wannabe/newbie question, i have aspirations of getting a licensee and start racing at portland. reality is this might take a while. so primarily use of my car would be for autocross, hillclimbs, and track time. (in that order) the MR is competitive in class autocrossing (stock class anyway) what are your thoughts about it in ITA or ITS (not sure what it would be classified in)and last but not least while i am a toyota fan is the reality of getting into a SM miata a better choice.thank...
2 668
by  David WyattJump to last post
15 Aug 2001 03:08 PM
2 Replies and 605 Views ITE or Spec Miata  605  2 Started by  F-car flunkie I am wanting to get into Club racing, and have a budget in mind for purchase/prep of a car. I have always been a big fan of the F-body (camaro/firebird) and am seriously considering buying/building one of these to run locally in ITE and eventually run a couple endurance races such as the Grand Am Cup stuff. My main reason for wanting to run this 'pig of a car' is my familiarity with them. I have a long ownership history of these cars and know many of the mechanical tendencies of the chassis/m...
2 605
by  Crack MonkeyJump to last post
14 Aug 2001 08:48 AM
1 Replies and 640 Views old beamer fan here!  640  1 Started by  Cory in Pittsburgh Anybody run a 320i in IT Seems like that'd be a great car for that form of motorsport. Any relevant linksCheersCory &91url=''&93
1 640
by  ingrahammJump to last post
09 Aug 2001 10:08 AM
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