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1 Replies and 1469 Views Ignition Switch issues  1469  1 Started by  gc102750 I tried to put a Longacre Ignition switch on my 84 RX7 (IT7). I hooked the White/Red wire to brown power in wire. I hooked the Black/White to the yellow accessories wire and I hooked the Black/Yellow to the green starter button wire. When I flip the toggle switch I can tell the gauges are getting power. When I press the starter button, it sounds like the fuel pump is kicking on, but it is not spinning the starter. It almost seems like I need to hook both the Black/White and the Black/yellow to t...
1 1469
by  gc102750Jump to last post
17 Sep 2007 04:25 PM
4 Replies and 1773 Views WTB: ITA legal Miata 1.6 stuff you need to unload!  1773  4 Started by  drgoodwrench Did you have some cool stuff made for you or that you bought to run in SM, but now feel the need to purge yourself of these pieces I am building an ITA Miata ('92) specifically to run in the NASA 25 hours of Thunderhill event. Trying to keep the budget reasonable(), and looking for any suggestions from experienced SM folks on what they would do given the ITA rules. This car will never run in an SCCA event, or any sprints, just this one event then basically it will be an open track day car.Spec...
4 1773
by  drgoodwrenchJump to last post
24 Aug 2007 09:57 AM
9 Replies and 1773 Views Entry form Info for Cincinnati I.T.SPEC*tacular  1773  9 Started by  Tefkatt To all, The entry form and supps. for the Cincinnati I.T.SPEC*tacular are now posted at . Online registration is available at August 11th-12th on the Calendar. Best Regards, Todd Cholmondeley ...
9 1773
by  TefkattJump to last post
05 Aug 2007 08:21 PM
0 Replies and 1239 Views Spec Miata in Mazda Ad  1239  0 Started by  Miataracer55
0 1239
13 Jul 2007 01:07 PM
5 Replies and 1363 Views Cincinnati I.T./SPEC-tacular Aug 11th - 12th 2007 at Mid-Ohio  1363  5 Started by  Tefkatt The Cincinnati Region will be hosting the Inaugural I.T./SPEC-tacular at Mid-Ohio this August. We are inviting SM, SRF, TCC and all I.T. classes for this event. All race groups are projected to receive ( 1) 30 minute qualifying session, ( 1) 30 minute/ 17 lap race { Which ever comes first} ( 2) 45 minute/ 25 lap { Which ever comes first per race} For more information go to Check it out and tell us what you think. ...
5 1363
by  TefkattJump to last post
31 May 2007 04:33 PM
1 Replies and 898 Views USERA Double Enduro Macrh 24-25 at CMP  898  1 Started by  kgrammer March 24-25, 2007 USERA Endurance Championship...Double 3 Hour endurance races... one Saturday afternoon and one Sunday afternoon. The cost is $350 per enduro. You can drive alone or with a co-driver. Ech enduro day offers about 4.5 hours of track time per day... or 9 hours for the weekend.Open to SM, IT, SS and SRF cars.Visit or e-mail if you have any questions.
1 898
by  FrankBarbaJump to last post
03 Mar 2007 07:49 AM
1 Replies and 984 Views 1.8 litre question  984  1 Started by  tsager I'm considering jumping into SM. Don't know much about the cars. It was mentioned to me that some of the early 1.8 litre cars ('94 - '98) might have a heavier flywheel than other years (just comparing that geneation of cars). Anyone know where the difference lies and if there is a difference
1 984
by  Andy BettencourtJump to last post
25 Feb 2007 04:22 PM
1 Replies and 941 Views Carbotech Presents 2006 Winners Circle National Club Racing Points--Final 2006 Standings!!  941  1 Started by  LD71 I envy everyone headed to the Runoffs, wish I could join you. We are recognizing the winners in each class with our Final 2006 Points Standings. Chris Hammond is updating the full list of competitiors, and it will be available later in the week at: Miata had more competitors than any other class we monitor--by far! Bob Stretch won SM over Tony Coello and Blake Clements....lots of competiton all over the country! Spec Miata Sponsored by TRM Classics NamePoi...
1 941
by  Jeff RobbinsJump to last post
31 Oct 2006 12:09 PM
2 Replies and 1296 Views For Sale: 2006 Vintage Outlaw 48' trailer  1296  2 Started by  T1T2 I am selling my 2006 Vintage Outlaw 48' trailer with 6,000 miles on it. It will haul two full size cars and a golf cart. I am not sure but bet it would hold three Spec Miatas. It is white on the exterior with white finished walls and ceiling. See photos at: It has triple heavy duty axles, 2 spare tires and wheels, florecent lights, small lights also that are powered by the tow vehicle, 24' awning, 8 'D' rings, 8 loop strap...
2 1296
by  T1T2Jump to last post
10 Sep 2006 10:37 PM
1 Replies and 951 Views Carbotech Presents 2006 Winners Circle National Club Racing Points UPDATED!!!  951  1 Started by  Dave Schotz Great job everyone! Check out the Results so far updated through end of July. Larry can comment on just what race he actually is updated through. Thanks! Dave
1 951
by  LD71Jump to last post
27 Aug 2006 09:17 PM
2 Replies and 998 Views Who is JC Meitzler and how do I get ahold of him?  998  2 Started by  thefirebuilds Awesome pic of my 96SM in sportscar (page 44) this month, with my boy Roy driving it. I would love to get a digital print of that so I can blow it up and hang it on my wall! How can I get ahold of the photographer to get a copy, or is this something i should talk with SCCA about AWESOME! Made my weekend!!
2 998
by  sracer09Jump to last post
15 Aug 2006 09:40 PM
0 Replies and 827 Views USERA Portland Race to be Sanctioned by SCCA  827  0 Started by  kgrammer &91b&93FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE&91/b&93 &91b&93USERA Race 6 at Portland to be Sanctioned by Oregon Region SCCA&91/b&93 &91b&93DANVILLE, VA. (August 2, 2006)&91/b&93 – The United States Endurance Racing Association (USERA) and Oregon Region SCCA announced today that Oregon Region will sanction Race 6 of the USERA Carbotech Endurance Championship. Race 6 of the Championship is being held in conjunction with the Oregon Region’s SCCA Regional weekend August 26-27, 2006 at Portland Intern...
0 827
02 Aug 2006 12:34 PM
1 Replies and 1112 Views contact info for Sunbelt Performance?  1112  1 Started by  tom91ita all the googling just yields references to cars equipped with Sunbelt motors, etc. does anyone have a website for them tia, tom
1 1112
by  johncJump to last post
22 Jul 2006 03:32 PM
1 Replies and 1012 Views Opinion: Is Spec7 dead?  1012  1 Started by  sts2DelSol So, I just picked up a 1983 Mazda RX7 GSL - bone stock, with a recently rebuilt 12a ( Anyone here race spec7 anymore I know Colorado had a spec7 club last year. Where else in the country is spec7 still being run
1 1012
by  pgipsonJump to last post
03 Jun 2006 05:21 PM
3 Replies and 902 Views Blackhawl SM Results?  902  3 Started by  JTIPPENS Hey, how did the SM race end up at Blackhawk Come on folks, we neeeeeeed to know how Harry and Tony did. Jack
3 902
by  Jeff RobbinsJump to last post
23 May 2006 03:54 PM
0 Replies and 779 Views Points through April: Carbotech Presents the 2006 Winners Circle National Club Racing Points  779  0 Started by  LD71 With the season in full swing throughout the country, here is the update--including all races thorugh the end of April. We will have more frequent updates as the season progresses. The Championship ends on Labor Day—the Runoffs stands on its own. The points system takes into account the fact that the fields at some races are larger than at others by giving more weight to a win, and more points for beating a larger field---nobody said it’s perfect, but here it is: &91H&93 -----------------...
0 779
08 May 2006 11:49 PM
0 Replies and 700 Views Used Tires  700  0 Started by  K. Workman Does anyone have some old tires (Hoosier,Toyo,Hankook) you would be willing to part with.I need a set of four at least to run the enduro at Nelson Ledges in May.I need 205/50/15 tire size. Thanks, K.Workman
0 700
24 Apr 2006 06:51 PM
0 Replies and 771 Views Check Engine lights, check before the next race  771  0 Started by  Miataracer55 TO ALL Showroom Stock, Touring Car, and Spec Miata Racers If you are protested and get DQ’d from a race this is what you face. Background: We had two cars DQ’d from PIR double, both cars had MIL or check engine lights, both were tested after the fact by the only test legal by the EPA to meet the standard in the GCR. The Appeal result was published in the March Fastrack without anyone in the region or on our team being notified. I asked the following questions: Dear COA, Thank ...
0 771
10 Apr 2006 04:39 PM
0 Replies and 701 Views Hallett Oklahoma race  701  0 Started by  T1T2 Hello SM drivers. My name is Chris Brannon and I am actually a T2 driver that is sponsoring the SM class this year. Anyway, this weekend at Hallett, the powers that be put T2, T3, SSB, SSC and SM together. There were 30 something SM cars and Hallett is a 1.8 mile tight little track. I don't know who was more concerned about us running or the SM drivers. A 4,000 lb car running with 2,000 lb cars seemed like some strange math to me. The rumors I had heard about...
0 701
09 Apr 2006 11:42 PM
1 Replies and 937 Views Indy Region Spring Sprints SM Dash For Dollars  937  1 Started by  Racerlinn The Indianapolis Region SCCA is very excited to announce a special event that is being added to our May 6-7 Spring Sprints Double Regional weekend at Indianapolis Raceway Park. An additional feature race has been added to the Saturday afternoon schedule:The Miata Mayhem Dash For Dollars! Special Feature Event 1. On Saturday there will be a Special Feature Event - The Miata Mayhem Dash for Dollars. This event will be open to SM cars only. It is not a points event for any series.2. To enter, sign ...
1 937
by  RacerlinnJump to last post
27 Mar 2006 09:57 AM
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