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Last Post 31 May 2014 07:41 PM by  Btjzx6rr@yahoo.com
Race Engineering PRO spec miata motor for sale
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31 May 2014 07:41 PM
    New 0 mile (few year old) Race Engineering "Pro" 1.6 motor (uninstalled)

    built on a LNC bottom end.
    this looks like new, still sealed in the shrink wrap from being shipped.

    new this would be $5500-$7000 depending on the builder.

    Ready to bolt in $4750


    I have not pulled the wrap off, but it really looks like new!!!

    I took the motor off the pallet today, for a pallet repair, so I took a few pics.
    I keep a plastic bag over it as well.

    It is new. This looks like a pro motor built from a Mazdaspeed crate motor