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Last Post 21 Feb 2011 07:36 PM by  mtownneon
IndySCCA Dbl Regional Oval Race! June 18th
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21 Feb 2011 07:36 PM
    Indy Region has a one day restricted double regional planned for Saturday, June 18, at Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis (Formerly O'Reilly Raceway Park). And the race course to be used is the 5/8 mile oval - the same one many people have seen on TV featuring Thursday/Saturday Night Thunder and the NASCAR truck and Busch/Nationwide series before the Brickyard 400.

    This is not the first time that we (Indy) have ran the oval. Our last foray "over the fence" to the oval was in 1997. That year we ran not only a stand-alone regional but also ran Pro-Vee on the oval as part of a National weekend. We're considering the resurrection of this event for this summer as a specialty event, with the attraction being that it’s a single day, double regional featuring at least 3 separate races, it’s going to be offered for the low, low price of $200, and that 90-some percent of SCCA racers have probably never ran an oval race and might want to give it a try. It will probably be another 15 years before we would do it again. It’s also in June which is typically NOT a busy time in GLD, although there is a National/RR a week before at M-O.

    We expect to break down into only 3 or 4 run groups and are restricting the classes – no crazy GT or FA cars.
    So, who's game?
    Dave Dusterberg R.E. Indy Region SCCA CAM 2005 Mustang GT sponsored by Bridgestone Motorsports