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0 Replies and 503 Views Velocity Motorsports Secures 2-acre Tract of Land  503  0 Started by  Ken Erb Velocity Motorspo Velocity Motorsports Secures 2-acre Tract of LandJune 15, 2001Raleigh, NC.- Velocity Motorsports announces today that they have secured a 2-acre tract of land to build new state of the art race support facility. The location was selected to provide easy access to major highways and be within 30 minutes of Virginia International Raceway, one of this country's premier road racing circuits. The new facility, estimated to be some 6,000 square feet, will store the team's race transporter, offices, ma...
0 503
13 Jul 2001 06:53 PM
11 Replies and 658 Views We got the Harrisburg Farm Show Lot back!!!!!  658  11 Started by  CivicSiRacer For those who were wanting to give autocross a try we got our Harrisburg Farm Show Lot back (HUGE!). So starting July 29th we will be back at the coveted Farm Show Lot.Any newbie or expert wanting to come on up is welcome. Email me for more info.------------------------------------------ASCC (Appalachian Sports Car Club) 209 - STSSponsored by:KAM R(acing) Sports, Konig Wheels, PureHonda.comAutocross is: 90 driver, 5 car, & 5 CRAZY MOJO
11 658
by  davidb72Jump to last post
12 Jul 2001 12:05 PM
1 Replies and 592 Views Dyno Services Available at Summit Point July 14th/15th  592  1 Started by  HPilot That's right folks...get your car on the dyno and see watcha got!!! Were doing fun runs (2 pulls) for $40 and tuning pulls (4 pulls) for $60. Exhaust gas analysis is also available for $15. Email me at for further info. ------------------EricPhilly Region SCCAMobile Chassis Dyno at your shop or track!!!Call 1-800-PROCESS for info.
1 592
by  TonyzFBP99SiJump to last post
10 Jul 2001 04:13 PM
0 Replies and 569 Views Anyone interested in a DYNO DAY?! - Central PA area.  569  0 Started by  CivicSiRacer I'm trying to set up a DYNO DAY with a local tuning company in York, PA. If anyone living in the area (Balitmore, MD is about 1 hour south, Harrisburg, PA - about 15-20 minutes, Lancaster, PA - about 15-20 minutes) please let me know or leave your name below. We will try to set up this event sometime in mid-August or early September. Cost will depend on how many people we get.------------------------------------------ASCC (Appalachian Sports Car Club) 209 - STSSponsored by:KAM R(acing) Sports, ...
0 569
09 Jul 2001 10:55 AM
2 Replies and 586 Views prepping an IT car  586  2 Started by  vrsik Looking for advice. I have an 85 Jetta GL 1.8 8v concidering turning it into a racecar.the engine needs to be rebuilt and the whole car needs to be prepped.Would it be cheaper to buy a car already prepped for racing. Which would be cheaper I'm from the philly area are there any shops in the area that do the work.I'm new to racing but serious about getting involved. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
2 586
by  vee5Jump to last post
03 Jul 2001 03:31 PM
0 Replies and 509 Views My car at work (autocross pic).  509  0 Started by  CivicSiRacer This was taken at yesterday's event here in PA. Much props to Phuong Tao for this awesome pic. Notice the passenger's face! And notice my self painted helmet. ------------------------------------------ASCC (Appalachian Sports Car Club) 209 - STSSponsored by:KAM R(acing) Sports, Konig Wheels, PureHonda.comAutocross is: 90 driver, 5 car, & 5 CRAZY MOJO
0 509
02 Jul 2001 07:27 AM
10 Replies and 753 Views What are Philly region Nazareth events like?  753  10 Started by  MechE I'm lazy, and don't want to drive very far for a mediocre event (and I was once burned by a PCA event that was... less than ideal), so I was wondering if people would recommend the Nazareth event as worth the drive from the Boeing parking lot to the Nazareth parking lot.. (lot quality, attendance, etc.)thanks!James
10 753
by  SpyderVenomJump to last post
30 Jun 2001 08:44 AM
7 Replies and 645 Views Event Report: Philly Boeing June 17  645  7 Started by  MechE Just thought I'd stimulate a tiny bit of activity here..The small lot at Boeing was experiencing sustained rains while people were setting up. Course setup was delayed, and the course was set up tight, and short to keep people from losing it too badly in the rain. Of course once the course was set up, the sun started to make it's appearance, and the course was almost completely dry by the time the second heat (mine) ran. Runs were averaging low to mid 20's once it was dry. It was entirely p...
7 645
by  Pool-DogJump to last post
28 Jun 2001 11:04 PM
0 Replies and 533 Views Autocross School and Test/Tune pics from Saturday.  533  0 Started by  CivicSiRacer Thought I would share some pics with you guys &91url=''&93 ------------------------------------------ASCC (Appalachian Sports Car Club) 209 - STSSponsored by:KAM R(acing) Sports, Konig Wheels, PureHonda.comAutocross is: 90 driver, 5 car, & 5 CRAZY MOJO
0 533
26 Jun 2001 06:42 AM
5 Replies and 606 Views Last autocross at the Farm Show before construction.  606  5 Started by  CivicSiRacer Hey guys we have one last autocross and school at the Farm Show lot in Harrisburg, PA on the 23rd and 24th. &91url='Http://'&93Http:// ------------------------------------------ASCC (Appalachian Sports Car Club) 209 - STSSponsored by:KAM R(acing) Sports, Konig Wheels, PureHonda.comAutocross is: 90 driver, 5 car, & 5 CRAZY MOJO
5 606
by  CivicSiRacerJump to last post
18 Jun 2001 05:52 AM
3 Replies and 655 Views rx7 rear springs?  655  3 Started by  FASTNBLU Has anyone tried 150 pound eibach rear springs on their ita rx7 or pro7------------------DARYLBRIGHTWELLPRO-7 90CSCC SCCA
3 655
by  FASTNBLUJump to last post
13 Jun 2001 11:22 AM
1 Replies and 553 Views Source for Autopower Roll Cage in CT  553  1 Started by  Jake I'm looking to buy an autopower cage. I'm in CT. Where's a good place to buy one near me or mail order it from.Thanks!
1 553
by  racer-johnJump to last post
31 May 2001 01:42 PM
0 Replies and 502 Views Autocross in Harrisburg (close to it) - June 3rd  502  0 Started by  CivicSiRacer Come join us for our AutoX 5: &91url=''&93 No experienced required! If you are seeking something fun, but cheap and meet lots of helpful people come on over.All you need to bring are:-license-air gauge-compfortable clothes-water (for yourself)-food (there is a pizza place 1/4 mile down the road)-portable air (but you can fill up down the road)-make sure battery is secure-brake pedal should be firm-gas pedal should return to original ...
0 502
31 May 2001 07:25 AM
2 Replies and 674 Views Seek Photos at NHIS  674  2 Started by  stevei35 Does anyone know who the photographer wasat NHIS on 4/21,4/22/01, last month I'm trying to find him to see and buy photostaken at the school. If anyone has info on this please let me know.
2 674
by  stevei35Jump to last post
18 May 2001 11:02 AM
4 Replies and 594 Views Attn Tool  594  4 Started by  SpyderVenom Tool, are you coming out to play this weekend (5/10) at Englishtown If so, remember to bring my book. Thanks!--SV
4 594
by  vee5Jump to last post
18 May 2001 06:02 AM
4 Replies and 578 Views PCA Event report  578  4 Started by  MechE Ugh, I had a punishing Sunday at the local PCA event in Delaware County, Pa. The PCA event is held at the Delaware County Campus of Penn State, and that parking lot is smallish, gravelly, and bumpy.. among other things. It taught me a lot of things, though.. I really am not good at ultra-low speed slaloms, and I really have no talent for estimating braking distances or turn speeds on a bumpy, gravelly surface.Also, I found out that Porsches must have a tighter turning radius than my Integra se...
4 578
by  MechEJump to last post
15 May 2001 09:48 AM
4 Replies and 626 Views Anyone else attending the Novice AutoX School on Sat. May 19th?  626  4 Started by  TonyzFBP99Si I'm just wondering who I might see there from this board Does anyone have an address of the Bloomfield cart track so that I could plug it into mapquest or Yahoomaps to get driving directions. I have seen the ones at this site: &91url=''&93 but I'd like to check out my own as well. It's going to be a ~2 hour drive so I don't want to get lost! -T ------------------TonyzSi- Sponsored by: &91url='http:/...
4 626
by  TonyzFBP99SiJump to last post
13 May 2001 09:20 PM
1 Replies and 532 Views A few pictures of Summit Point 4/29  532  1 Started by  TonyzFBP99Si Here are a few pics of the event: &91url=''&93Sunday 4/29 Summit Point&91/URL&93It's unfortunate that you can't see/photograph more of the track and that the photographer (not me) didn't know the camera had a zoom lense, but there you go. -T ------------------TonyzSi- Sponsored by: &91url=''&93Comcast Cable&91/URL&93 ~~~ &91url=''&93Comcast Home&91/URL&93> 99 Civic Si ...
1 532
by  Red Z06Jump to last post
09 May 2001 09:27 AM
2 Replies and 703 Views Sam  703  2 Started by  RSTPerformance Hey Sam,Sorry about your crappy weekend I hope you get things back together for lime Rock. Is the U mass car going to get fixed Anyway best of luck and I also was wondering if you had an e-mail for the Mcneary's or a way to contact them..... Are they going to race this year Well talk to you soon and you better be at Lime Rock!!!!
2 703
by  SamITC85Jump to last post
09 May 2001 06:08 AM
0 Replies and 534 Views Get Your VW in Grassroots Motorsports  534  0 Started by  SamITC85 Grassroots Motorsports is looking for an ITA and an ITB VW to run a comparison with. They are comparing VW's in all four IT classes, they already have an ITS Golf and and ITC Rabbit so if anyone would like to bring their car down please let me know. The test will be run on the track day at Summit Point on Friday June 1. you can email me at ------------------Sam RolfeTBR MotorsportsITC VW Rabbit 85
0 534
07 May 2001 11:04 AM
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