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Last Post 27 Dec 2000 02:05 PM by  David Dewhurst
Mazda Spec-RX7
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David Dewhurst
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27 Dec 2000 02:05 PM
    Drive to & race, yup you can race prep an 1981 through 1985 Mazda RX7 to some very cost effective rules & drive the car to the track & then race the car. Most likely the most cost effective regional class in SCCA club racing. The class is called SRX7 in the Central Division and you can find the rules at [url="http://www.scca-milwaukee.org,"]www.scca-milwaukee.org,[/URL] click on racing links, click CenDiv Spec RX7 Info. 2000 was the second year for the class in the Milwaukee Region and we had 6 cars. Come join the FUN.

    CenDiv, SRX7 #14