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9 Replies and 1003 Views NorPac Divisional Series  1003  9 Started by  The_Winch From: Katie ElderNorthern PacificSolo II Divisional StewardDetails for the 2003 NorPac Solo II Divisional Series, sponsored by Kumho Tires, are confirmed after initial discussion in January. The series' ninth edition features a return to a four-event format, as Reno Region re-joins those hosting divisional events. Round 1 will be San Francisco Region's National Tour May 3 - 4 at Atwater, CA; Round 2 will be at Reno Region's Stead Air Field in Reno, NV July 5 - 6; Round 3 is slated for Northwe...
9 1003
by  WildManPietJump to last post
03 Jul 2003 02:01 PM
0 Replies and 605 Views Nevada North South Challenge  605  0 Started by  ckostelaz Gee, not much traffic on this forum, but just in case the Reno folks check in...Las Vegas region now has 100 more registrations for the North South event than Reno. What is going on Reno normally has the greater number of attendees.Rick
0 605
18 Apr 2003 07:58 PM
0 Replies and 745 Views RALLY VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!  745  0 Started by  miatagirl13 Subject: 2003 Request for Rally Volunteers OREGON RALLY GROUP/OREGON REGION SCCA NEEDS RALLY VOLUNTEERS !!!!!!We welcome anyone that wants to give us a hand and watch rally racing upclose!No experience needed.The Oregon Rally Group/Oregon Region SCCA now has volunteer sign-up online at our website at &91url=''& We always have a need for volunteers to give us a hand at all rally events. Currently our greatest need is for vol...
0 745
17 Apr 2003 09:38 AM
4 Replies and 984 Views Salem Autox -WMC  984  4 Started by  DW Anyone going to attend the Autocross in Salem this Sunday &91url=''&93 Dave 'still waiting on his new race tires' Walko
4 984
by  GlennAustinJump to last post
19 Mar 2003 06:00 AM
9 Replies and 961 Views Anyone heading to EESCC Icebreaker?  961  9 Started by  rosss Anybody heading to this weekend's (3/2/03) EESCC (Eugene, Oregon) Icebreaker event If the weather's good I might make it. I'm still on the fence though.How 'bout next weekend's (3/9/03) ORSCCA practice I'll be there for sure.Sean &91url=''& 30 DSP
9 961
by  rosssJump to last post
03 Mar 2003 01:39 PM
5 Replies and 893 Views Oregon Region GS Drivers...possibly pax drivers too  893  5 Started by  OregonSVT I'm wondering if any of you would be against me running a Dual Mode Dampener on my car Ford uses them on all the European 2.5L Duratec cars, but not on the US cars. Here is a definition of what it is/does:'A DMD has become an OEM component on the latest 2.5 Duratec Mondeo engines. It reduces vibrations in 2 frequency ranges which are known to be destructive to the crankshaft. The 'dual mode' part is derived from the second ring which is depressed on to the front of the original OEM damper to ...
5 893
by  adhowe70Jump to last post
01 Mar 2003 08:25 PM
1 Replies and 830 Views Used R-compounds  830  1 Started by  bluetiburon Does anyone know a source for used DOT-R tires that I could use for 1/2 season of autocross in Western WashingtonAlso, could you guys help me come up with a short list of cars that also have 15x6 or 15x6.5 stock wheels that I might get a line on scuffs or takeoffs from Solo1, time trial, etc through some of the local club websitesI'm pretty much on street tires this year but if I can find a set of A0008 or V700s or something that are usable I might swing it in the budget to get the experience....
1 830
by  Tim IrwinJump to last post
25 Feb 2003 11:41 AM
0 Replies and 769 Views Sacramento AutoX  769  0 Started by  Todd Z28 &91url=''& &91url=''&93 &91url=''&93 &91url=''&93 So far AAS has moved to Castle, Mather and McClellan haven't let us back yet, Crow's L...
0 769
24 Feb 2003 07:39 PM
2 Replies and 789 Views Reno SCCA Discussion Thread  789  2 Started by  EGangloff Here's a starting point for Reno SCCA folks to initiate online discussions. Feel free to post items for sale, lost & found, announcements, etc. as you like, or anything else you'd like to let others know about.Thanks,Eric&91This message has been edited by EGangloff (edited February 10, 2003).&93
2 789
by  David FergusonJump to last post
11 Feb 2003 01:54 PM
2 Replies and 769 Views Any word on the event calander for te Sacramento Region  769  2 Started by  SVTCOBRA2001 I am wondering if anyone heard the date the calander will be posted..------------------SVTCobra20012829 of 3867
2 769
by  SVTCOBRA2001Jump to last post
26 Jan 2003 12:41 PM
4 Replies and 899 Views Event Calender  899  4 Started by  bpestilence Where should I keep an eye out for next season's event calender for NWR Just keep reading the newsletter
4 899
by  kb_solo2Jump to last post
15 Jan 2003 04:14 PM
0 Replies and 746 Views SM, IT Racing for $$$ @ T-Hill labor day weekend 2003  746  0 Started by  Scott H Attention racers: Team Continental currently has an ICSCC sanctioned race scheduled for Labor Day weekend 2003 at Thunderhill Park in Willows, California. We historically have invited non-conference race classes to participate in a 'special race group' at our event. This year we would like to do something a little out of the norm, by putting together a group of cars that are fairly equal in performance (See classes below) in a unique format that offers substantial prize money to the top finisher...
0 746
08 Jan 2003 07:31 AM
0 Replies and 629 Views New Oregon Region Forums  629  0 Started by  JimD There's now a new forum available for Oregon Region specific discussions at: &91url=''&93 Jim&91This message has been edited by JimD (edited December 24, 2002).&93
0 629
24 Dec 2002 08:29 AM
9 Replies and 1033 Views Oregon Region 9/21-22 Results  1033  9 Started by  JimD Until they're posted to the official web site, you can see the results from this past weekend's Oregon Region events 9 & 10 here: &91url=''&93 Just keep scrolling, they're all on the same page.Jim&91This message has been edited by JimD (edited September 24, 2002).&93
9 1033
by  alloyJump to last post
27 Nov 2002 07:30 AM
2 Replies and 741 Views Solo II: training places near Seattle ?  741  2 Started by  adriandu Do you have suggestions for Solo II training places around Seattle There are big parking lots where I could go with my cones and practice, but I'm not sure how legal this is.
2 741
by  JimDJump to last post
27 Nov 2002 05:50 AM
2 Replies and 817 Views Looking for Annie Gill  817  2 Started by  autocrosser1 I am trying to contact Annie Gill. Does anyone have her e-mail addressSuzanne Segal
2 817
by  autocrosser1Jump to last post
14 Nov 2002 09:59 AM
3 Replies and 787 Views Sacramento Chapter events, Sac state univ...  787  3 Started by  LudemanDan Question; I'm thinking of going to CSU Sacramento. I race autox. How far are the Sacramento chapter events from the university Is it less than an hour drive Less than a half hour TIA-Dan
3 787
by  GordieJump to last post
12 Nov 2002 08:22 AM
4 Replies and 788 Views Who's going to Castle Nov. 9&10?  788  4 Started by  timmyb21 Just looking to get a rough number so we can split up the run groups accordingly. No GS cars please, I don't need anymore beatings this year. (kidding).Tim Brincefield32 GS Neon ACRFresno Chapter SCCA
4 788
by  SVTCOBRA2001Jump to last post
11 Nov 2002 12:04 PM
1 Replies and 702 Views Fresno Event  702  1 Started by  SVTCOBRA2001 Hey Ghostrider, Planning on heading down for the Nov. event..------------------SVTCobra20012829 of 3867
1 702
by  GhostriderJump to last post
05 Nov 2002 09:01 PM
1 Replies and 658 Views thunderhill 12 hour enduro  658  1 Started by  rsc Is anyone planning on running at the Thunderhill 12 hour enduro on Dec 7 this year I know this has always been an awesome race and want to know if anyone has any experience or advice.
1 658
by  rog fooJump to last post
01 Nov 2002 03:25 PM
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