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Last Post 02 Apr 2012 01:34 PM by  Fab
April 8, 2012 -- VCMC Auto-X Cup Event #1
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02 Apr 2012 01:34 PM
    This Sunday, April 8th, VCMC will be hosting their season-opening event, VCMC Auto-X Cup #1, Featuring NCT. The VCMC AutoX Cup is a 6 event series, with each competitor's best 4 events counting towards their year-end points total.

    For Novices (i.e. those with 3 or fewer autocross events prior to the 2012 calendar year), the NCT category (aka. Novice Championship Tour) remains within the VCMC Auto-X Cup. You can observe and learn from the veterans while fighting it out with your fellow Novice competitors!

    This event will be held at the newly expanded facility in Pitt Meadows, BC which now measures approximately 1000'x500' (approximately the same size as the lot at Packwood, minus the "extension" in the southwest corner, but much smoother). Please note that a strict 92db@ 50ft sound limit exists for this site, due the proximity of local residents.

    For further details and to sign up, please visit the signup and details thread on the VCMC forum at 2012 VCMC Auto-X Cup -- Featuring NCT -- Event #1

    Here's a video to get you pumped up for this event: