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1 Replies and 705 Views Going from WA to AZ or AZ to WA?  705  1 Started by  Lars Briedis Need some parts transported from AZ to WA. Cash. Contact lbriedisravens.net ordavidskloverhotmail.com Thanks!
1 705
by  Dave SchotzJump to last post
11 Apr 2001 10:51 PM
8 Replies and 846 Views Las Vegas Club Race May 19th and 20th  846  8 Started by  WildManPiet I am the NEW (as of Saturday) Race Director, and as my first task I was with the inspection team checking out the Road course (upper for now) at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Park in Pahrump, Nevada.There are a few things that need to be done to get it SCCA ready, but nothing too extreme.I just wanted to let y'all know about it so you can mark your calendars for some club racing on a really fun track!as always you can get more info at our website. &91url='http://www.lvrscca.org/'&93http://ww...
8 846
by  WildManPietJump to last post
11 Apr 2001 10:47 PM
4 Replies and 723 Views Still trying to put names to faces. Tucson, 3/25?  723  4 Started by  ITR#231 Anyone here going to be there------------------ &91url='http://www.geocities.com/itr231/HomePage.html'&93ITR231's Webpage&91/URL&93
4 723
by  autoxssJump to last post
30 Mar 2001 05:06 PM
6 Replies and 967 Views NBM LS1 M6 Are you serious?  967  6 Started by  WildManPiet I read in another section you drove your v700's from LA to Pahrump.They did well by your description of the tire condition when you returned to LA.I am just amazed by this, but I do not have enough $$$ to try it as well.------------------Region 7247 CSP1985 Pontiac Fiero Our Lady of blessed acceleration dont fail me now!
6 967
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
20 Mar 2001 09:52 PM
6 Replies and 782 Views March - El Toro Pro solo  782  6 Started by  Racy-Stacey If we do get that event. Will we be able to partisipate in a Prosolo event. Or are there special conditions for that type of event. Also if there is no prob. then will we accure points from that event toward our season points ------------------Girls do it better!! :D Wooo Hooo!! 90 Probe GL STSL. No-Buck/ SCPOC Racing teamhttp://www.scpoc.com(Real Race Cars dont have tinted windows and 1000 watt stereo systems)
6 782
by  Trys_HardJump to last post
19 Mar 2001 12:10 PM
3 Replies and 707 Views San Diego Region SCCA?  707  3 Started by  celica73 Trying to find a website for San Diego Region. &91url='http://www.sdr-scca.org'&93http://www.sdr-scca.org&91/URL&93 does not load on my browser.Maybe teh power is offScott
3 707
by  dmark101Jump to last post
19 Mar 2001 02:54 AM
9 Replies and 922 Views Anybody going to Sierra Vista on 2/18?  922  9 Started by  ITR#231 I have yet to make a SV race, so this will be my first time down there. Any info (I've been to their web site, great page)------------------ &91url='http://http:www.geocities.com/itr231/HomePage.html//'&93ITR231's Webpage&91/URL&93
9 922
by  ITR#231Jump to last post
18 Mar 2001 03:39 PM
4 Replies and 689 Views Who going to the Pro Solo?  689  4 Started by  yoshi234 I'll be there as 'the lost newbie' at El Toro ------------------yoshi00'R234&91This message has been edited by yoshi234 (edited March 02, 2001).&93
4 689
by  DavardJump to last post
16 Mar 2001 01:52 PM
3 Replies and 678 Views Att: Las Vegas crew  678  3 Started by  Papa VTEC Just wanted to thank everyone for one of the best things I have ever done. I have never met such nice people. Thank you for all of the help and advise that you all provided. It was the first time I had ever auto crossed and you all made it so much fun. Believe me you will be seeing alot of me and my little blue Civic from now on. I can tell that I am already addicted!!!! I was so nice to see the American car fans and the import car fans getting along. I am used to the drags where there is ...
3 678
by  GSBMW325isJump to last post
11 Mar 2001 06:09 PM
12 Replies and 876 Views LAS VEGAS--- AUTOX on March 10th and 11th  876  12 Started by  WildManPiet Another glorious autocross to be held at the Las Veags Motor Speedway. It will be as usual a Fun event!For More Info &91url='http://www.lvrscca.org/events01/ax20010310.html'&93http://www.lvrscca.org/events01/ax20010310.html&91/URL&93 ------------------Region 7247 CSP1985 Pontiac FieroOur Lady of blessed acceleration dont fail me now!
12 876
by  WildManPietJump to last post
07 Mar 2001 09:26 PM
0 Replies and 646 Views Dyno Day, Saturday, March 10  646  0 Started by  Autocrossing.com Just as an FYI for anyone interested, there will be another dyno day, $45 for 2 back to back baseline runs, at Technodyne. We're expecting turnout will be a little lower this time (possibly a LOT lower) so hopefully there will be much shorter wait times than at the last event. Simply put, WAY too many people showed up for the last one. Since it was only 3 months ago, I'm guessing demand isn't too high right now for another one so we might see 10-15 cars total instead of the 40 we did last tim...
0 646
05 Mar 2001 10:27 PM
4 Replies and 835 Views SOLO1 and High Perf Clininc in Pahrump  835  4 Started by  WildManPiet Well it was a cold and windy morning...The Solo1'ers got their first 20 minute practice session, as did the newbie and veterans in the High Performance clinic (autocrossers mainly) on the upper road course in Pahrump. It then began to rain...not good! The Solo1'ers got another session and we then closed for the day. How sad! If weather permits we will return tomorrow.From my little experience in this event so far, I think our Utah and Los Angeles people that visited at the autocross in Pahru...
4 835
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
28 Feb 2001 10:47 PM
2 Replies and 826 Views test day costs @ buttonwillow  826  2 Started by  SV56 Anybody notice that Buttonwillow convienently matched test day prices with Willow Springs I wonder why we paid so much in entry and regional fees for this track only to see it take advantage of members. It wouldn't be so bad if they spent some money on course maintenance. There's a nice new tower on the way, and a big maintenance garage, but the surface has degraded a lot in the last two years and in most places an off-course excursion will get you on your head or really banged up if you hoo...
2 826
by  FASTNBLUJump to last post
23 Feb 2001 07:29 PM
0 Replies and 653 Views I Need a car hauled to PIR  653  0 Started by  Scotty B Is there anyone going to PIR 3/3 that can bring my hot rod from So. CA. $$Scotty B 253-377-1111or 1-800-SCOTTYB------------------ sbw &91url='http://www.naykidracing.com'&93www.naykidracing.com&91/URL&93 Kumho Tire/West Coast Corvettes/Fikse Wheel/Redline Oil/Speedware Motorsports 97 T1 Z06
0 653
21 Feb 2001 10:24 PM
5 917
by  FASTNBLUJump to last post
16 Feb 2001 09:07 PM
5 Replies and 795 Views Divisional SOLO2  795  5 Started by  WildManPiet Wondering where the divisional races are held. I did not see any events listed on the SOPAC web site.Do we have SOPAC divisional autocrosses------------------Region 7247 CSP1985 Pontiac Fiero
5 795
by  NBM LS1 M6Jump to last post
15 Feb 2001 02:54 PM
12 Replies and 1187 Views Is there an Endurance race in Cali?  1187  12 Started by  Fiorentina 1 Wasn't there a 12 hour race at Buttonwillow Is that still happening And is there any other Endurance races in Southern Pacific areaThanks.
12 1187
by  Fiorentina 1Jump to last post
09 Feb 2001 12:49 PM
30 Replies and 2347 Views hey there fellow sopac'ers!  2347  30 Started by  dmark101
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
how's it going!let's get this board rockin' and rollin'! ------------------dæmon™93pgt - president/scpocmember - scca/cal club regionwebmaster - &91url='http://www.scpoc.com'&93www.scpoc.com&91/URL&93evil administrator™ - &91url='http://www.probetalk.com'&93www.probetalk.com&91/URL&93
30 2347
by  ITR#231Jump to last post
07 Feb 2001 10:16 PM
7 Replies and 930 Views Las Vegas Feb 34 AutoX  930  7 Started by  WildManPiet I know this is a little late...Our website is a wee bit behind, although our Webmaster has been doing a great job.Just a Tidbit of info:Autocross at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park in Pahrump.Our usual times of Registration beginning at 7:30, and the Drivers meeting at 8:45 with the first car out at 9:00.As always come early to help set up/chalk the course, and walk it. All help is appreciated.We will be racing on the paddock.SMMP is located in Pahrump on Highway 160 east of town. From Interst...
7 930
by  WildManPietJump to last post
05 Feb 2001 05:47 PM
0 Replies and 670 Views Anyone up for a Solo2 co-driver or two in Phoenix this weekend?  670  0 Started by  Jan in Omaha Greetings from the frozen North. (well... north to you guys anyway)My wife Candy and I will be in the Phoenix this weekend for a wedding and know there is some conechasing happening on Sunday. We have fanagled some personal time for ourselves Sunday morning and now are looking for a possible car to drive. (I don't think our rental minivan would cut it) We would glady cover your entry fee for the event in exchage for the seats. We have run events down there in the past and have always had a great...
0 670
05 Feb 2001 09:26 AM
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