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3 Replies and 737 Views Who's going to Meridian?  737  3 Started by  Redbird We're faxing off our registrations tomorrow '84 Z28 00 & 100 primer black w/ orange decals.This is our first ProSolo, so you'll probably find us somewhere near the rear of the pack ------------------&91b&93Redbird&91/b&93&91i&93&91b&93Bayou Motorsports&91/b&93&91/i&9387 Firebird- &91i&93Daily Driver/Autocrosser&91/i&9384 Z28- &91i&93Race Only CP car&91/i&93Delta Region SCCA
3 737
by  RUFRIDRJump to last post
22 Feb 2001 08:16 AM
10 Replies and 849 Views Hello from Dallas TX  849  10 Started by  MY LSS1 Hi ------------------&91b&93VINCE, 99 Pewter SS 1783&91/b&93Mods:G2 Lid w/K&NG2 MAFSLP Y-PipeFlowmaster Catback
10 849
by  HurricaneJump to last post
13 Feb 2001 08:30 AM
0 Replies and 758 Views Texas Residents - Act Now! to support a Bill to eliminate front license plates  758  0 Started by  Al Hanna Follow this link to review what's been posted so far: &91url=''&93 &91b&93Texas Residents - Act Now! to support a Bill to eliminate front license plates&91/b&93I have sent all supporting materials to both my House Representative, Brian McCall, and my State Senator, Florence Shapiro. I've also initiated contact with an organization that represents Texas small business in g...
0 758
13 Feb 2001 08:09 AM
10 Replies and 1029 Views Texas Residents - Update on Bill to eliminate front license plates  1029  10 Started by  Al Hanna Post 1 for review&91b&93See post 2 for update&91/b&93Texas Residents - Support a Bill to eliminate front license platesIf you are interested in seeing the law that requires front license plates amended, please read on. I am posting this on the following UBB's:&91list&93&91*&93C5 Forum :Almost Anything Goes&91*&93C5 Registry Forum :Miscellaneous&91*&93Corvette Forum :Southwest&91*&93Impala SS Forum :Misc.&91*&93Lone Star Corvette Club Forum :Vette Talk&91*& F...
10 1029
by  David DewhurstJump to last post
10 Feb 2001 12:48 PM
3 Replies and 754 Views Anyone here signed up for the Texas Triathlon?  754  3 Started by  mitchntx Just wondering. I'm not participating, but working Tech. &91url=''&
3 754
by  mitchntxJump to last post
07 Feb 2001 02:13 PM
0 Replies and 691 Views red river schedule posted  691  0 Started by  phoenix I just discovered that JohnLee posted the Red River 2001 Schedule on the Auto X and Road Race forum. It includes the first TLAC and a time-speed-distance event.------------------Jim87 Civic SI
0 691
03 Feb 2001 08:04 AM
7 Replies and 951 Views Red River Region 2001 Schedule?  951  7 Started by  Toms6893 Has anyone have this Their web site is still dated from last month and no new schedule is posted. Need to get an idea when i have to scrounge up $$$ for new tires .------------------93 Mustang GT Convertable68 ESP68 Mustang Coupe Dragcar3056 N/EAll work and no racing makes Tom very mad...
7 951
by  phoenixJump to last post
31 Jan 2001 07:32 PM
1 Replies and 776 Views Houston Region Solo 2  776  1 Started by  320-FS Houston Region Solo 2 this Sunday, Feb. 4th, at Grand Sport Speedway (blimp base) in Hitchcock. &91url=''&93 ------------------Houston Region1994 Camaro B4C320 FS
1 776
by  OBCSEDJump to last post
31 Jan 2001 07:00 PM
2 Replies and 782 Views Need F-body hedder help!  782  2 Started by  Redbird We just installed a 350 into our '84 Z28 CP car...The 'new' motor has a extra capacity oil pan on it(it sorta 'wings' out at the bottom), and now our shorty hedders are pointing right at the pan with no clearance for the exhaust.I need to know what 'long tube' hedders will fit my car, and what exhaust pipe configuration will work with themAny help is greatly appreciated ------------------&91b&93Redbird&91/b&93&91i&93&91b&93Bayou Motorsports&91/b&93&91/i&9387 Firebird- &91i&93Daily...
2 782
by  RedbirdJump to last post
28 Jan 2001 01:31 PM
0 Replies and 702 Views Lubbock ProSolo  702  0 Started by  Speed Racer I would like to know how far the Barcelona Court Hotel is from the ProSolo site there so I can make reservations. If there are any hotels/motels that are closer to the site please post or e-mail me. Thanks.&91This message has been edited by Speed Racer (edited January 28, 2001).&93
0 702
28 Jan 2001 08:46 AM
1 Replies and 815 Views Texas Residents! - Support a Bill to eliminate front license plates  815  1 Started by  Al Hanna &91b&93Texas Residents! - Support a Bill to eliminate front license plates&91/b&93If you are interested in seeing the law that requires front license plates amended, please read on. I am posting this on the following UBB's:Lone Star Corvette ClubC5 RegistryCorvette ForumC5 ForumModern Muscle Car NetViper ClubMustang Corral NetLS1.comSCCA ForumIf you are affiliated with any other boards, please quote or reference this information, then post here to let us know where. We need to reach out to a...
1 815
by  Max LakeJump to last post
27 Jan 2001 02:54 PM
0 Replies and 870 Views Formula Mazda Discussion Forum  870  0 Started by  JimFMracer Please check out the only true Formula Mazda Forum at: &91url=''&93 Complete info about the FM, Rules, Tech Tips, STAR Mazda Pro info, Race results and complete Classifieds.We get over 150 hits a day from all FM owners, drivers and teams.ThanksJimFMraceraol.comFM Forum Administrator
0 870
24 Jan 2001 11:36 AM
5 Replies and 892 Views When is that AX school close to DFW?  892  5 Started by  Rob Lay I saw something on the E.R. letter, but can't find it. Thanks.
5 892
by  Rob LayJump to last post
15 Jan 2001 10:57 AM
2 Replies and 778 Views New Track in Louisiana!!  778  2 Started by  NoSlow Looks like the SOWDIV's getting a new track! Capital City Drag Strip (just outside of Baton Rouge, LA) is currently laying a 1.7-mile road course that extends from the drag strip. The facility is schedule to open around May 2001. For a little more information, take a look at the Delta Region's RE Report at: &91url=''&93 This is great for us road racers who have had to travel 7 hours to race... Jus...
2 778
by  Bud BrazeltonJump to last post
14 Jan 2001 08:24 PM
12 Replies and 1006 Views Louisiana?  1006  12 Started by  Art-ZR1991 Hello to all, but....Anyone from Louisiana here------------------Regards, and 'May The HorsePower be With You'Art In Baton Rouge, LA, &91url=''& and ' TARGET=_blank> 1991 ZR1/LT5, all original, and Purpose built bracket race (retired) Shelby Cobra replica.
12 1006
by  Gail deLeonJump to last post
13 Jan 2001 01:22 PM
5 Replies and 931 Views No Problem Raceway Park's Website Released!  931  5 Started by  RUFRIDR &91url=''&93 ENJOY!------------------&91b&93&91i&93RUFRIDR's Signature O' Roughness:&91/b&93&91/i&93&91url=''&93'95 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX&91/URL&93 &91ESP&93Oct 3rd, 2000; 11:40pm CST, 'IT'S ALIVE!'&91url=''&93CENLA&91/URL&93/&91url=''&93SCCoLA&91/URL&93/&91url=''&93GulfCoast DSM&91/URL&93/&91url='http://noproblemraceway....
5 931
by  Max LakeJump to last post
09 Jan 2001 05:06 PM
1 Replies and 780 Views lookin for a car!  780  1 Started by  brotherkicksave lookin for info on a spec miata. one for sale or just info
1 780
by  IPRESSJump to last post
08 Jan 2001 06:28 PM
2 Replies and 894 Views Next Houston Autox  894  2 Started by  OBCSED Sunday Jan. 7 &91url=''&93
2 894
by  320-FSJump to last post
05 Jan 2001 03:52 PM
15 Replies and 1183 Views HOWDY!  1183  15 Started by  mitchntx You're right. It's great to have this place.I found it through as well
15 1183
by  RallyGuy2kJump to last post
05 Jan 2001 09:02 AM
4 Replies and 903 Views Texas Spokes Calendar 2001  903  4 Started by  sm2dan Just FYI, we've posted the schedule for Texas Spokes Sports Car Club (based on Austin, Texas) on our website.Anyone from Central Texas or visiting in the area, be sure to drop by. We're quite a professional club although we drink like fish. &91url=''& see ya in '01!Dan------------------99 Miata CSP 96 Honda F125 26 Spokes Pres '00/'
4 903
by  geckoJump to last post
04 Jan 2001 03:08 PM
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