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48 Replies and 2878 Views SW div series for 2006  2878  48 Started by  turbotoddie
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Howdy everyone, First, thank you to everyone that supported the SWDIV series this year. What I am asking for is your help in how to improve our series for next year! Please, submit any suggestions you might have so we can build our participation! Todd Farris Div Steward starting in '06
48 2878
by  davebs14Jump to last post
01 Sep 2005 11:05 AM
1 Replies and 683 Views LA Divisionals?  683  1 Started by  davebs14 Are any of the Louisiana regions interested in doing a Divisional next year Hasn't it been like 3 years or something I remember the Tropical Storm at Bell Chase :-) whoo hoo 14 in of rain :-) Just curious if we get to go back for the series next year. Maybe a May Divisional when its only 90 :-) David Hedderick Houston, TX
1 683
by  fastbird86Jump to last post
28 Aug 2005 01:46 AM
5 Replies and 825 Views Texas Region Divisional  825  5 Started by  Phillip S. Osborne Texas Region will host the third Divisional Series event in August, exact date unknown, but most likely second weekend. We are trying to get Mineral Wells for that weekend. Mineral Wells has improved quite a bit since the lot was cleaned and de-grassed last year. Using high speed blowers, we have been able to keep the surface clean and free of marbles, for the most part anyway. Motel space has improved since last year, so please make plans to attend this event. Read more info on the Texas R...
5 825
by  Phillip S. OsborneJump to last post
05 Aug 2005 10:58 PM
0 Replies and 964 Views Delta SCCA Autocross, July 10th, 2005, Belle Chase, LA  964  0 Started by  fastbird86 &91b&93Delta Region SCCA presents&91size=10&93Points Event 5: 'Got Drama' Autocross&91/size&93July 10th, 2005Belle Chasse Naval Air Station, Belle Chasse, LADriving Directions:&91/b&93&91url='http://www.delta-scca.org/redirect/bellechasse_map.html'&93YahooMap&91/url&93&91b&93 Weather:&91/b&93 &91url='http://www.delta-scca.org/redirect/bellechasse_weather.html'&93BelleChasse&91/url&93&91b&93Course Map/Handout:&91/b&93 &91url='http://www.delta-scca.org'&93Not availabley...
0 964
28 Jun 2005 03:45 PM
2 Replies and 627 Views Photos - June Divisional Autox  627  2 Started by  kenzie The photos are up of the the event. Let me know if you are interested in one. All the info is on the page below. I do have all the photos on one gallery page, so be patient with download time. http://www.towerwebdev.com/DivisionalPearsall/
2 627
by  kenzieJump to last post
27 Jun 2005 11:06 PM
0 Replies and 562 Views CENLA Region night autocross "Night Manuvers 2" July 16th,2005  562  0 Started by  fastbird86 All the info is here, so whos gonna show http://sccaforums.com/forums/141383/ShowPost.aspx
0 562
23 Jun 2005 11:26 PM
0 Replies and 644 Views [ TX ] No Front Plate - Last Shot  644  0 Started by  Al Hanna If you live in Texas, read on and spread it around. Governor Perry vetoed a $35B education budget and called a special session, so we may have another chance to get Article 9 of the original House Bill 3540 considered to help fund some of the education budget. I would suggest contacting your senator and house representative and pointing out that their own fiscal analysis showed a $5M/year savings associated with not requiring a front license plate. That fiscal note assumed the savings wo...
0 644
18 Jun 2005 03:48 PM
0 Replies and 842 Views LSR Porsche Club (Houston) Event 2 and Practice May 29-30  842  0 Started by  davebs14 Ok here's the scoop... Roger Johnson is tweaking an older course for me from the Houston 2003 divisional I believe. We'll be using that for the Event on Sunday and the practice/test&tune on Monday. Sunday event will have at least 6 runs and a 80 entry cap. $25 for PCA and BMW members and $30 for all others. Schedule HERE: http://www.lsrpca.com/ax/ax.html Pre-Register HERE: http://www.dlbracing.com/Clubs/lsrpca/Default.aspxSMI=True&EventID=1671 Monday (Memorial Day) Practice will be ca...
0 842
12 May 2005 12:53 PM
1 Replies and 762 Views June Divisional  762  1 Started by  stevemhudson Details on the June Divisional are up. http://www.spokes.org/TVTC.htm Dates are June 11-12 at the TVTC tire testing facility near Pearsall, TX. It's just south of San Antonio.Check out the site photos on the web site, acres of flat asphalt :cool: Grippy asphalt, a course designed by Roger Johnson, and the famous Spokes hospitality.It doesn't get any better!
1 762
by  ratt_finkelJump to last post
07 Apr 2005 02:41 PM
0 Replies and 513 Views For those interested in T3 racing SW Div...  513  0 Started by  Rob Lay My name is Rob Lay and I'm from Southlake, TX. I have been racing SRX7 for 3.5 years and just bought a RX8 that will be built out in the coming months. I was a class admin for SRX7 and found it is good for the racers in the class to have a mechanism for communication.We can offer tech advice, bench race, or B.S. about other stuff.Have fun! Touring 3 should be a great new class.Yahoo Group: Southwest-SCCA-T3 http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/Southwest-SCCA-T3/ Thanks,rob layWhite/Black T3 12
0 513
17 Feb 2005 11:11 AM
2 Replies and 636 Views Texas World Speedway, March 10th  636  2 Started by  JWatson http://tx2k5.aapmotorsports.com/index.phpid=61 We still have about 40 spots open. A perfect chance to test-n-tune for the regional/national. Jeff
2 636
by  JWatsonJump to last post
23 Jan 2005 04:24 PM
0 Replies and 561 Views CENLA January Autocross  561  0 Started by  ccarver &91url='http://www.cenla-scca.org/announcements.html'&93Click Here For Info on the EVO Center.....&91/URL&93&91url='http://www.cenla-scca.org/map181.pdf'&93The Map&91/URL&93&91url='http://www.cenla-scca.org/EVO181v1directions.pdf'&93The Directions&91/URL&93 &91url='http://www.cenla-scca.org/EVO181v1.pdf'&93The Flyer&91/URL&93Online registration now available.&91url='http://DLBRacing.com'&93DLBRacing&91/URL&93&91url='http://www.cenla-scca.org/regsetup.html'&93Instructions on...
0 561
20 Jan 2005 02:06 PM
1 Replies and 624 Views Interest in Louisiana?  624  1 Started by  rgathright Any way I can get involved in the Lake Charles, LA area
1 624
by  RichardMJump to last post
03 Aug 2004 12:06 PM
0 Replies and 546 Views Houston region enduro report  546  0 Started by  jhooten Houston region had their 6 hour enduro yesterday. It poured rain during the morning practice session then the cold front came through and the wind picked up to about 30 mph right down the front straight. It ws a tail wind which was most unusual for TWS.All IT classes, SP, SM, SRX7 had cars entered along with a boat load of SRF. The SP Porsche was the fastest car of the day, wet or dry, but had two flats and ended up in second place. An SRF was in the lead with two laps to go and spun off tra...
0 546
24 Nov 2003 07:49 AM
1 Replies and 566 Views Divisional Reports  566  1 Started by  Phil Osborne Hey folks, all Regions of SW Division,The season is winding down for most of us in Club Racing, Solo, and Rally. If you have stories or subjects of interest, or desire special recoginition for a friend or competitor, please send them to me for publication in OZ's Outlook, Divisional reports. All I need is a couple hundred words or so, with some bio info. Photos are always good, however they must be at least 1200 pxls or better. Racer publications will pay 10 bucks each for photos used. Send ...
1 566
by  Blackhorse6Jump to last post
22 Nov 2003 05:08 PM
2 Replies and 567 Views Cabiniss School - December 6th?  567  2 Started by  Admiral Anyone know if the scheduled STBR school at Cabiness on December 6-7 is still a go With the earlier discussions about the base commander not letting events happen at this location I wasn't sure if this was still planned. Thanks for the help!
2 567
by  AdmiralJump to last post
15 Oct 2003 01:37 PM
0 Replies and 488 Views Area 7 Elections  488  0 Started by  RichardM The ballots for the Area 7 Board of Directors representative are about to be or have just been mailed out. Because there are 3 candidates, it is important that every one vote. I hear the rally guys are trying to elect a special interest guy by being the only ones to vote. Whoops, that special interest guy is me. Actually, I used to race IT, still have a national T&S license, I Solo occasionally but sunburn too much to do it alot, and I rally having won 3rd in Group 5 at the ClubRally national ch...
0 488
07 Oct 2003 01:04 PM
6 Replies and 686 Views Beeville Course?  686  6 Started by  Admiral Anyone have an update on Beeville (old Chase Field NAS) Was wondering if that course is still in the works Thanks for any info!
6 686
by  AdmiralJump to last post
26 Sep 2003 03:42 AM
4 Replies and 611 Views test  611  4 Started by  Rx7cat testing avatar
4 611
by  jwr914Jump to last post
22 Sep 2003 08:33 PM
1 Replies and 506 Views Texas Region RallyCross  506  1 Started by  RichardM As many of you may have noticed, our last two events were postponed. The next event was supposed to be Sept. 20. But because there is a Solo on Sept. 21, we do not have any equipment. We could postpone to the next weekend, Sept. 27, but that means that someone other than me will have to get the equipment to the event. We will be packing for a ClubRally in Missouri the following weekend. And there is the problem with a site. MSR is great but we do not have enough entries to pay the fees unless ev...
1 506
by  RichardMJump to last post
18 Sep 2003 10:11 AM
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