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2 Replies and 666 Views small issues  666  2 Started by  TeamRX8 when I try to set the proper time zone in my site options it won't save, yes I'm clicking the save buttton, but it won't stick are you intentionally trying to disuade the use of jpg/gif images I don't understand why we don't have a button to wrap the image address in the
2 666
by  TeamRX8Jump to last post
14 Jun 2005 09:40 AM
0 Replies and 480 Views Searches may be not working properly  480  0 Started by  christoc Our host has complained our searching isn't working properly and may be taking up a lot of CPU time. I'll look into reindexing the posts for searching this week, that may cause searching to be off for a few days while it reindexes a couple hundred thousand posts.
0 480
13 Jun 2005 12:26 AM
0 Replies and 531 Views Deleting posts!  531  0 Started by  christoc Hehe, I've finally got the delete post options fixed, look out folks! &91um&93
0 531
13 Jun 2005 12:17 AM
2 Replies and 688 Views Testing beer  688  2 Started by  christoc &91Beer&93 &91b&93test&91/b&93 &91beer&93
2 688
by  christocJump to last post
31 May 2005 12:21 PM
4 Replies and 703 Views same res, different puter, different font?  703  4 Started by  Han Solo Any idea why the font size would be okay on a 2000 machine running at 1024x768, 32 bit and not on a XP Pro machine at the same res On my home puter I can barely see the text.
4 703
by  christocJump to last post
30 May 2005 10:14 PM
1 Replies and 553 Views Post Popup on Mouseover  553  1 Started by  christoc If you want to be able to mouse over new posts and see what they contain, from a forum page, you can enable this in your profile. It's turned on on the site, I didn't realize there was a profile setting that had to be enabled as well.
1 553
by  jcroy66Jump to last post
27 May 2005 11:51 AM
2 Replies and 621 Views Working on Email Problems  621  2 Started by  christoc I'm working to fix the forum email problems. Some email hosts are responding that they can't verify the emails coming in. I've made a DNS change to our mail information, it should propogate out later today and hopefully take care of these issues. I'll post a follow up message when I know more.
2 621
by  christocJump to last post
27 May 2005 10:21 AM
3 Replies and 689 Views Indication of when last visited  689  3 Started by  Keith Watson When I visit the forum I can never tell which messages are new. The first reason why is that the message time is always displayed in GMT. I usually remember about when I last visited but I don't convert that to GMT. I have tried going to my profile to change the timezone option but when I press the 'Save Changes' button nothing happens and the change is not saved. The second reason why I cannot figure out which messages are new is so much of the thread list is in bold text. The thread title...
3 689
by  christocJump to last post
21 May 2005 12:52 AM
1 Replies and 581 Views Posting spacing problem  581  1 Started by  davebs14 When I het enter and try to go one line down..... It moves this far..... what's wrong with my spacing and how can I fix it Didnt have this problem with the old forum and now I cant find how to fix it. David
1 581
by  christocJump to last post
20 May 2005 10:18 AM
3 Replies and 628 Views Emoticons?  628  3 Started by  JTIPPENS Umm, I have clear evidence of the onset of senility. I am unable to get emoticons to go into my posts. Jack
3 628
by  JTIPPENSJump to last post
19 May 2005 04:03 PM
5 Replies and 661 Views Can We Leave OUT the Political Ads?  661  5 Started by  Stan This was in the 'ads by google' area of the screen today. >>> Tom Delay a republican showing his true colors dontblamemeivoted4kerry.com/<<<< Stan
5 661
by  christocJump to last post
19 May 2005 03:57 PM
14 Replies and 1089 Views thanks, and a small plea...  1089  14 Started by  cmt52663 Folks,What an awesome site! Thanks very much for running it, as it is a daily benefit to me...My response time on the site however is averaging in excess of 30 secs for page load.I do site engineering, hosting, operations, and capacity planning for a living, so the first question I ask myself is - is it meUnfortunately the answer seems to be no. My ISP connection is 2.5mbps down, and .4mbps up, and I test it routinely. All other sites that I use provide acceptable performance unless there i...
14 1089
by  LynnJump to last post
18 May 2005 10:09 AM
2 Replies and 608 Views How to enable PM icon next to my name?  608  2 Started by  MrAWD As I can see for the others, they all have PM icon enabled next to their posts. I can't see mine and I am wondering is it because it is me or I just don't have it enabled somewhere Thanks Fedja
2 608
by  MrAWDJump to last post
18 May 2005 09:19 AM
2 Replies and 567 Views Can we enlarge the post reply box?  567  2 Started by  PedalFaster Pretty much what the title says -- people prone to excessive wordiness like myself feel confined by the current, small box. :) Thanks, Steve
2 567
by  christocJump to last post
17 May 2005 11:48 PM
4 Replies and 670 Views can't access PM  670  4 Started by  TeamRX8 fyi, get an error message attempting to access PM
4 670
by  christocJump to last post
17 May 2005 04:38 PM
1 Replies and 623 Views Recent thread markings  623  1 Started by  KC I see you got that up and running. Nice. :) Just that once I close the browser session, it doesn't mark all the rest of the forums/threads as 'read'. If I only read a couple posts, after a while, it's going to say that all the forums have new topics since my last visit. It does remember threads I've gone into and marks them as read, but any older ones are still looking like they're unread. Working on it --kC
1 623
by  christocJump to last post
17 May 2005 04:37 PM
0 Replies and 480 Views Problems Registering?  480  0 Started by  christoc If you're having problems registering it it most likely due to your email server with your ISP blocking SCCAForums.com email addresses. I'm looking to see if this is a problem on our end, or on the other end of these mail servers. If this has happened to you you may try registering with a different email address.
0 480
15 May 2005 02:44 PM
3 Replies and 524 Views Quote, and other visible HTML  524  3 Started by  hillman I don't know how everyone else is doing it, but when I used the 'Quote' button in this thread, the HTML is displayed. http://www.sccaforums.com/forums/135407/ShowPost.aspx I had the same problem trying to post URLs in another message. Got '
3 524
by  hillmanJump to last post
15 May 2005 10:01 AM
2 Replies and 578 Views Poll: This is a Sample Poll  578  2 Started by  christoc It RocksIt's So SoIt needs workWhy did you guys change to this crappy software
2 578
by  jcroy66Jump to last post
13 May 2005 12:16 PM
2 Replies and 566 Views Post -vs- Reply  566  2 Started by  GotCone? I think it would be much easier if the button names were more descriptive. I'm seeing lots of people hit post instead of reply as well... They are someone one in the same (when viewing a topic). If 'POST' were 'NEW POST' I think there would be less confusion. Just my $0.02
2 566
by  christocJump to last post
13 May 2005 10:41 AM
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