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2 Replies and 698 Views FireFox Fixes  698  2 Started by  christoc I posted a newer version of the Free Text Box control, I'd appreciate if you guys who were having problems with firefox would give this post a whirl. Let me know if it doesn't take care of most of the issues.
2 698
by  gorperJump to last post
12 May 2005 11:51 PM
1 Replies and 726 Views After editing post you are moved to the beginning of thread?  726  1 Started by  MrAWD I guess this is not a biggie with smaller threads, but for larger one, it gets to be annoying. The thing is that when you edit your post, you go back to the beginning of the thread instead of back to your newly edited post. Could this bi fixed Thanks for all the work! Fedja
1 726
by  christocJump to last post
12 May 2005 04:23 PM
12 Replies and 1094 Views Public Response to the new software  1094  12 Started by  christoc Since people seem to like to berate me lately, I'll make this a public response. We (Dave and I) moved the site (SCCAForums.com) to a new software package this past weekend. We also moved the site to a new web host, much faster, and better suited for our needs. Are there bugs with the new software; yes. There are quite a few, all mostly what I would consider minor. Will the bugs be handled Yes. Will the site improve Yes. Even with all the bugs the site performs 1000 times better than the ol...
12 1094
by  foxtrapperJump to last post
12 May 2005 09:26 AM
1 Replies and 742 Views Latest posts module  742  1 Started by  stsneon On the old site, I could extract the code for the latest posts box and put in on my start page/panel, but I can't seem to do it with the code for the new page. Any ideas Thanks.
1 742
by  christocJump to last post
11 May 2005 07:27 PM
1 Replies and 817 Views Review of new and "improved" format  817  1 Started by  foxtrapper Thbbt! That pretty sucinctly describes it. Unable to log in as I do not have rights to that function. Luckily, if I ignore that and go to the forums, I find my cookies are still holding me logged in. No marking of forums that have new messages since I last visited the site. In fact, all forums show to be dead, being greyed out. It's not true, some do have posts, it's just no longer reflected in the forum icons. All messages in each forum show new posts. Though that of cours...
1 817
by  christocJump to last post
11 May 2005 08:34 AM
0 Replies and 583 Views Editing posts?  583  0 Started by  CodeMonkey Are we not allowed to edit posts I can't seem to find an edit post button/link anywhere on my posts. &91Edit&93 OK, there's an edit button on THIS post, but not the other one I made which prompted me to ask the question. Weird... -Mike
0 583
10 May 2005 09:22 AM
1 Replies and 736 Views Member having problem logging in  736  1 Started by  KC from my local mailing list.... &91QUOTE&93Grant Reeve So the new scca forums look pretty and all, but I can't log in. And tryingto get it to reset my password isn't working either. And, it appears thatthey have absolutely no method of publically locating a contact method foranyone in charge there, so I can't email someone to try to get my accountfixed. Could someone who can get into the forums please email me offlistwith 'christoc's' email address or something like that that is assumingtha...
1 736
by  christocJump to last post
09 May 2005 03:16 PM
1 Replies and 758 Views All Read option?  758  1 Started by  SpyderVenom Is there an option somewhere that will mark all posts read
1 758
by  christocJump to last post
09 May 2005 01:58 PM
1 Replies and 740 Views how about an rss feed?  740  1 Started by  stsneon :-)
1 740
by  christocJump to last post
08 May 2005 10:21 PM
2 Replies and 790 Views font is too small and hard to see!  790  2 Started by  mustang67n i noticed that with the new setup thing, the font is really small and i cant read it. just a problem ive come across lol thanksNathan
2 790
by  christocJump to last post
08 May 2005 06:02 PM
2 Replies and 803 Views Stock Classes forum dead?  803  2 Started by  PedalFaster Navigating to http://www.sccaforums.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/forum/18 results in a blank page...
2 803
by  TeamRX8Jump to last post
28 Mar 2005 11:47 PM
2 Replies and 708 Views Promotions  708  2 Started by  CindyChinn Hi- I was wondering if we could get a sub-forum started that is specifially for promotion ideas, where to find sites, how to attract and keep new members.What do you thinkThanks,CindyLVR
2 708
by  CindyChinnJump to last post
14 Mar 2005 12:56 PM
14 Replies and 1081 Views Profile editing broken  1081  14 Started by  PedalFaster When I try to make changes to my profile, I get the following error: &91QUOTE&93Sorry, this form may only be submitted once per request to the Edit Profile page. Please use the link below to return. Do not use your back button. You will need to make your changes again. This error can also occur if you are trying to hack a profile. This happens on the first submit. Some other user reported it in a different forum, so it's not just me hitting it. I edited my profile successfully this morning...
14 1081
by  gorperJump to last post
08 Dec 2004 11:26 AM
6 Replies and 862 Views Formula Threads  862  6 Started by  jtma508 Why is it that when I attempt to get into the Formula threads section I get a blank screen It's the only one that acts that way. Could that be whey there is so little activity there
6 862
by  jtma508Jump to last post
12 Oct 2004 07:37 AM
8 Replies and 857 Views What's up with Deleted Threads  857  8 Started by  The_Winch So I was looking at an old thread and tried to reply to it, and it said this thread was moved to Deleted ThreadsWhy There was no notice given to anyone (including myself since I was the one who started that particular thread).Lots of problems lately with the forum software.
8 857
by  christocJump to last post
19 Aug 2004 05:43 AM
10 Replies and 919 Views Editing Messages Time Out  919  10 Started by  The_Winch Why is the forum not letting us edit our messages after just a short time after the original message was postedWhat possible benefit could there be to preventing people from improving their messages/communicationSee &91url='http://c2.com/cgi/wikiWhyWikiWorks'&93Wiki Wiki&91/URL&93 if you don't understand this concept.
10 919
by  christocJump to last post
09 Aug 2004 11:37 AM
2 Replies and 700 Views Can't reply to thread  700  2 Started by  The_Winch I can't reply to the Evo/STI thread. It says the thread isn't there, yet you can view it. However, when you click on the latest message (by viewing the SP forum and then clicking on the name of the person who wrote the last message on the thread) you get a link to this http://www.sccaforums.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php/topic/19/258/40000984 which doesn't actually exist...instead you see the top of page 40. The last message you can view is actually this one http://www.sccaforums.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php...
2 700
by  pknowlesJump to last post
09 Aug 2004 07:48 AM
1 Replies and 656 Views Topic/Reply Counters Reset?  656  1 Started by  The_Winch on the Street Prepared forum. Did we hit blow some limit with our never ending thread, or did the counters get accidentally reset some other way
1 656
by  christocJump to last post
04 Aug 2004 06:00 PM
1 Replies and 725 Views Prepared forum  725  1 Started by  Pat Kelly I can't get to the Prepared forum. Is there a problem--Pat Kelly
1 725
by  christocJump to last post
30 Jun 2004 08:09 PM
2 Replies and 776 Views STS/STX forum down?  776  2 Started by  UrbanKnight When I click on the STS/STX forum, all I get is a blank page. What gives Is it just me, or everybody has this problem too While I'm at it, anybody know what I did wrong to not get email notifications I clicked yes. :confused:
2 776
by  christocJump to last post
01 Jun 2004 12:27 PM
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