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1 Replies and 741 Views Search function needs work  741  1 Started by  neurokinetik Not sure why, but on this forum, the search function takes an incredibly long time to work (like, minutes, in most cases) and there is no way to stop it in mid-search. Also, when you go to a thread that the search brought up, you often can't go back to the list of threads that the search found. Of all the forums I am on, this is the only one that acts this way.
1 741
by  christocJump to last post
15 Apr 2004 03:55 PM
1 Replies and 754 Views sponsor link page?  754  1 Started by  WildManPiet Is there a link that lists all the sponsors for the forum and lists hyperlinks to their placeex: If I wanted to go to chasecam.com but forgot their webiste, I would have to keep clicking reload untill his snazzy banner came up.
1 754
by  christocJump to last post
04 Apr 2004 10:52 AM
10 Replies and 968 Views Serving stale pages?  968  10 Started by  PedalFaster I quite frequently find that, when I navigate to one of the forums on this site, the topics list shows only posts which are several hours or even days old; it doesn't reflect any more recent posts through either the unread messages indicator or the last post date and time.At first I thought this was a proxy issue, but I've run into it both at work and at home, so I suspect the problem's not on my end.Known issueSteve
10 968
by  christocJump to last post
22 Mar 2004 05:49 PM
5 Replies and 914 Views speeling erors  914  5 Started by  CamaroFS34 At the bottom of virtually every page.... &91QUOTE&93Please adhear to the Forum Rules Think we can get that changed to &91i&93adhere&91/i&93 to Webster's spelling of the word ;) On that note, the state listings under.... I think it's CENDIV, include 'W. VI' which appears to be the Western Virgin Islands, but I think is supposed to be WV (West Virginia). :) Karen&91i&93no, i'm not an english teacher!&91/i&93
5 914
by  christocJump to last post
20 Mar 2004 03:30 PM
3 Replies and 795 Views Ignore User?  795  3 Started by  randychase Hey,Is there an Ignore User feature Where If not, think it can get addedThanks!
3 795
by  randychaseJump to last post
12 Feb 2004 11:43 AM
1 Replies and 770 Views Software Upgrade 2/8/04  770  1 Started by  christoc The board software was upgraded today, I'll post a list of the changes shortly!
1 770
by  christocJump to last post
08 Feb 2004 03:35 PM
1 Replies and 786 Views SLOW  786  1 Started by  Tom D Why is this site so slow to load I have broadband and visit at least 10 other sites on a regular basis, this is by far the slowest.Tom
1 786
by  christocJump to last post
08 Feb 2004 01:32 PM
16 Replies and 1287 Views I hate the new moving banners  1287  16 Started by  PacerRacerGirl Just thought I'd let you guys know. I hate the new moving banners in the upper right corner of the screen on this site. :nono: Hate, dislike, etc. Please get rid of them.
16 1287
by  christocJump to last post
05 Feb 2004 08:55 PM
7 Replies and 1064 Views can't log in?  1064  7 Started by  yikes I'm having trouble logging in. I'm on a new computer, if that makes a difference.
7 1064
by  christocJump to last post
27 Jan 2004 12:20 PM
6 Replies and 1152 Views Ramblings about member ratings  1152  6 Started by  PedalFaster Not really a big deal, but I've been noticing quite a few people floating around with five star or one star member ratings who've only had one person vote on them. This doesn't seem too fair to them, or to people who have ratings that are the aggregates of multiple votes. When the new forum software was launched, peoples' scores weren't shown until they'd accumulated a few votes. Was this changed intentionallyWhile I'm on the subject :) -- a while back I saw someone ask if / how you could ...
6 1152
by  TeamRX8Jump to last post
23 Jan 2004 04:42 PM
2 Replies and 785 Views Great Idea  785  2 Started by  Jeff Robbins It sure would help us newcommers.
2 785
by  christocJump to last post
11 Jan 2004 12:37 PM
1 Replies and 806 Views Employment Forum here, Has it ever been tried?  806  1 Started by  R Chris Evans Has there ever been an SCCA Pro Race related employment/career section on this forum Not just for drivers but maybe engineers, technicians & others that make up a pro race team.Positions Available and maybe a Positions Wanted forum Do you think it would be successfulChris E.
1 806
by  Patrick WeaverJump to last post
07 Jan 2004 05:56 PM
2 Replies and 791 Views Site Changes  791  2 Started by  christoc Made some noticable changes to the forums tonight. Added a 'Views' Column to the Topic display pages, that shows you how many people have viewed each topic. They are all set to in the beginning, as people view them the totals will go up.Also added to the structure of the forum pages part of the structure of the mainpages for SCCAForums.com.
2 791
by  christocJump to last post
28 Dec 2003 04:59 AM
1 Replies and 822 Views Formula SAE catagory?  822  1 Started by  Daniniowa I was just wondering if you would add a listing for Formula SAE under the Solo 2 Class Specific of the main forum page, since FSAE has been added to SCCA as a new class.Here is a link the results from the FSAE class at nationals.Guys: http://www.scca.org/amateur/solo2/nationals/2003/results/groups/fsae.html Ladies: http://www.scca.org/amateur/solo2/nationals/2003/results/groups/fsael.html Just having a catagory for FSAE would mean a lot and bring some publicity to what we do.The main forums that...
1 822
by  DaniniowaJump to last post
15 Dec 2003 08:54 AM
1 Replies and 740 Views Two layout issues  740  1 Started by  zzyzx Two things:1) The graphics in the banner area at the top won't wrap, thus requiring the posts to take up far too much horizontal screen area. Change the table row to allow wrapping so that you don't need a 1280x1024 screen to avoid a horizontal scrollbar when viewing posts.2) The new colors have to go. Orange and blue together just don't look professional and that's why you don't see these colors used with any frequency together on websites.Thanks for listening.- Steve
1 740
by  carlakacarlosJump to last post
14 Dec 2003 04:11 PM
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