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2 Replies and 1116 Views Can't change avatar  1116  2 Started by  PedalFaster I uploaded new avatars twice yesterday. Both times the uploads seemed to be successful, but while it said it could take six hours for the avatar to appear, close to twenty-four hours later, the site's still showing my old avatar. Known issue
2 1116
by  christocJump to last post
02 Sep 2007 10:29 PM
5 Replies and 1220 Views two problems  1220  5 Started by  JTIPPENS Problem 1) The site keeps signing me out when I do not sign out, just turn off Firefox. The pattern is inconsistent, but usually happens within one day's time.Problem 2) Today, the site is taking a terribly long time to load new pages. That is not happening on other web sites, so it isn't my browser, as far as I can tell.Any answers
5 1220
by  JTIPPENSJump to last post
18 Aug 2007 12:41 AM
42 Replies and 3990 Views Ban Cole Forever, not just 2 weeks (Vote in the poll!)  3990  42 Started by  marka
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 3 )
Howdy, Chris, that's great, but for the love of all that's holy, will you just ban the ignorant f*cker forever I mean, I've irritated my share of people and so have a whole lot of other people here. But to consistently threadjack any discussion like he does, coupled with a total lack of tact, intelligence, real data, or a clue deserves some special treatment. Retire Cole's number please. Permanently. Mark
42 3990
by  sm2danJump to last post
07 Aug 2007 11:58 AM
2 Replies and 808 Views Contact button not working  808  2 Started by  JT191 I have attempted to send private messages to other members of the forum using the 'Contact' button, without any success. I click the buton with the cursor and nothing happens. I am using Mozilla 1.7.13 and have downloaded and installed the lated Java update today. This problem occurred both before and after the Java update was installed. I have also attempted the same use of the Contact button with Microsoft Explorer, with the same results. Any suggestions
2 808
by  MugenludeJump to last post
27 Jun 2007 04:43 PM
1 Replies and 1055 Views Previous/Next Buttons  1055  1 Started by  LD71 Chris, Is it an option in the software to move the Previous/Next buttons to the bottom of the page This would help in reviewing multiple threads in a section--as it is, I have to read to the bottom, then scroll to the top hit the next button. You may have addressed this qestion already, couldn't see any previous results on this. LD71 &91:D&93
1 1055
by  christocJump to last post
15 May 2007 01:10 AM
0 Replies and 757 Views Universal "Mark All Posts Read" Option  757  0 Started by  rspnalt Instead of going through each section to mark posts read, why isn't there an option from the Forum Lists to 'mark all posts read'
0 757
30 Apr 2007 09:28 AM
2 Replies and 989 Views Why different signature in "My Discussions" section?  989  2 Started by  MrAWD I see that some of my posts have been signed as MrAWD while others are Fedja J. as they should be. Any explanation for that Fedja
2 989
by  MrAWDJump to last post
10 Apr 2007 11:09 AM
1 Replies and 883 Views Okay What Happened  883  1 Started by  rtp.rick The site says I'm logged in, but the 'Unread Posts' line doesn't appear. What's the deal H's & K's,Rick Ruth
1 883
by  rtp.rickJump to last post
13 Mar 2007 07:23 PM
2 Replies and 970 Views question  970  2 Started by  murph1379 Hi, I'm trying to sign up as a new member on, but every time I click on 'National Dues - Regular', it brings me back to the same page! I've tried on both firefox and IE, on a couple different computers. Any idea what's wrong Does anyone know if there's another way to sign up Thanks, Matt
2 970
by  murph1379Jump to last post
12 Mar 2007 05:26 PM
2 Replies and 828 Views PDA skins?  828  2 Started by  marka Howdy, Anyone have any recommendations for using SCCAForums via a PDA settings that make it look ok, etc. etc. Another forum I'm on has a skin selector that lets me tell it specifically to use a skin that works well on a PDA, but I don't see anything like that here really. Thanks! Mark
2 828
by  christocJump to last post
11 Mar 2007 11:16 PM
5 Replies and 1025 Views Cannot log in using Firefox?  1025  5 Started by  autox_vette I recently switched over to using Firefox (version For some reason, I can't seem to log into the forum. It doesn't do anything when I click on the login button. It doesn't give me an error, just doesn't do anything... Am I missing some plug-in or extension
5 1025
by  autox_vetteJump to last post
28 Feb 2007 10:33 AM
3 Replies and 954 Views Avatars  954  3 Started by  Andy Hollis Trying to upload an avatar. File is like 160x160 or so. When I do so I get: Please correct the following issues:Web Address is not a valid URL Ok, so what am I doing wrong I'm browsing to a file on my laptop and uploading it. No using anything from the web.--Andy
3 954
by  christocJump to last post
15 Feb 2007 04:49 PM
3 Replies and 817 Views Time for a Great Lake Division section  817  3 Started by  jumbojimbo It's time for a Great Lake Division section.
3 817
by  christocJump to last post
06 Feb 2007 09:16 PM
2 Replies and 887 Views Unnecessary pop up box when clicking on Back button...  887  2 Started by  MrAWD Hi there, I get this error every time I try to use back button on my mouse while the list of posts is being loaded. To see it click on any user name, then click on Recent Posts tab and try to go back while there is a loading progress on the screen. To get that you need to select one of those guys with humongous number of posts, of course. Even though pop up box has correct information, it is unnecessary to show it in that particular case. Fedja
2 887
by  MrAWDJump to last post
24 Jan 2007 12:58 PM
1 Replies and 832 Views User name  832  1 Started by  bullfrg I screwed up my user name when registering and instead of registering again could I get someone change it to bullfrg. Thanks.
1 832
by  christocJump to last post
13 Dec 2006 11:05 AM
5 Replies and 722 Views Private message notification is broken  722  5 Started by  Orthonormal I've gotten two private messages in the last couple weeks, and was not notified by email or otherwise. I thought this forum used to send notifications when PMs were received. Did something change
5 722
by  christocJump to last post
12 Dec 2006 03:39 PM
10 Replies and 1068 Views Testing Filtering....  1068  10 Started by  christoc Active Topics (latest posts) currently do not show posts from the region forums. I'm working on a future modification so that people can create their own filtering. You can still subscribe to a forum if you'd like, at the bottom of each forum choose 'forum options' and you can choose your subscriptions there. You can also manage your subscriptions at
10 1068
by  christocJump to last post
11 Nov 2006 11:41 AM
4 Replies and 908 Views Proper posting techiniques  908  4 Started by  brianp Help.... I looked to see if there was any 'best practices' for posting to the site. I may just be blind and am missing it.... Is it proper to 'quote' and reply to a single individuals post, which creates a tree effect in the thread of posts Or is it more proper to start a whole new post and respond to the individual that way Every site has a certain way they like people to post to keep things clean and managable. Think this may be related to what used to be called Top Posting, Bottom Pos...
4 908
by  brianpJump to last post
31 Oct 2006 06:37 PM
0 Replies and 807 Views Software Upgraded 10/31/06  807  0 Started by  christoc Here's a list of the changes for the upgrade, nothing major, just some bug fixes. I did probably open up the region filter again on the latest posts, if so I'll clean that up from home this evening. User Experience Improvements If a gallery is in tag mode, the next/prev and album highlight image are shown when viewing a photo but don’t do anything. Subscribing to a g...
0 807
31 Oct 2006 09:52 AM
32 Replies and 2339 Views Site Software Upgraded  2339  32 Started by  christoc
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
I spent a few hours this afternoon upgrading the website software. If you notice anything that seems off please post in the Questions/Suggestions Forum. Here's a very short list of some of the new features.Bug Fixes Blog Management Process Complete FaceliftTags Forums/Blogs now support Tags. What are Tags Why should you use tags If you 'tag' your posts they'll make for easier searching/organization of posts. How do you use tags Put in the keywords for a post in the 'tag' field, seperate keywo...
32 2339
by  christocJump to last post
25 Oct 2006 01:14 AM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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